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There are many individuals,websites,photographers,historians,teachers,books,authors ect who have made this site what it is. I want to thank you all and credit you all for your work. I will do everything possible to.If I leave someone out please e-mail me and I'll add your name and link to your site.

I want to ask you all to ponder this thought.......All over our country Civil War Battlefields are being Deystroyed by urban sprawl.These Pieces of "Hallowed Ground" were men gave "Thier Last Full Measure" are being plowed and developed into homes,restaurants,racetracks,ect. We need to stop it before our heritage is gone! Please support Civil War Preservation,Join an organization who fights back! Power comes in numbers. I will be posting organizations soon. Stay Tuned!

A little about myself....My name is Frank P. Marrone Jr. I am a Civil War Buff,Historian and Re-enactor.At an early age my parents Frank and Randy Marrone took me to Gettysburg. Though only five I remembered it. I lost my love for history during my High School years but in 1994 when the movie "Gettysburg" came out, my love for the Civil War was rekindled! Now I desire to learn all I can.

The Contributors

Several of the photos on this website were from The National Park Service. Thank you for your care of these lands and the information you provide to us that allow us to study our history.

I want to thank the 23rd PA and all the members of the 23rd PA Re-enactors. Thanks for the Photos and information.

Paul and Tori Riegert Paul n' Tori Thanks for all the proofreading.You guys make me look better and smarter than I am.

Linda Ervin Three Days at Gettysburg Linda this is one of the most informational sites on Gettysburg I have ever seen.I highly recommend it!

Remember the fate of these precious fields are up to you and me!

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" Frank,This site makes me proud to be an american!!!God Bless the Red White and Blue"Nina Johnson--Wildwood ,IL

"If you want to learn whats going on in Gettysburg past and present, you must simply visit here!!!"Shea Lewis--Riverside,CA.

"Thanks for the Great Justice you have done us all!!!!!"Jim Pegg--Miami,FL

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