Passover / Pesach cooking abbreviations - Ok, for those of you who want answers to what those cooking abbreviations for those Passover / Pesach recipes mean, check out the table below. Disclaimer: Make sure you double-check all recipes with your physician; especially the recipes that have any of the following abbreviations in them: DF, EF, GF, SoF, SuF, VG, VN, WF. We aren't responsible if you don't!


Abbreviation Meaning
amt. amount
approx. approximately
B.P. baking powder
blk. black
bn. bunch
btl. bottle
bu., bush. bushel
C Celsius
C., c. cup
c/l centilitre
cn. can
ctn. carton
cu. cubic
da. day
dash, speck, a few grains less than 1/8 of a teaspoon
d.b. double broiler
da/l decalitre
deg. degrees
DF Dairy-Free (no milk-based products in recipe)
di/l decilitre
doz., dz. dozen (12)
dp. drop
ds. dash
ea. each
EF Egg Free
env. envelope
F Fahrenheit
f.g. few grains
fl. fluid
fl. oz. fluid ounce
g or g., gm., gr. gram
gal., Gal. gallon
gals. gallons
GF Gluten-Free (no gluten-containing grains in the recipe)
h/l hectolitre
hr. hour (60 minutes)
gms. grams
k or k., kg. kilogram
k/l kilolitre
kgs. kilograms
L, l. litre
lb., # pound
lbs. pounds
lg., lge. large (29 oz.)
liq. liquid
med., md. medium
mg. milligram
min. minute (60 seconds)
ml., mL, m/l milliliter
mo. month
mod. moderate
(opt.) optional
OZ, oz. ounce
ozs. ounces
par-boiled partially boiled
pinch amount between tip of finger and thumb
pk. peck
pkg. package
pkt. packet
pn. pinch
pt. pint
qt. quart (4 cups)
qts. quarts
sec. second
sm. small
SoF Soy-Free (no soy-based products in recipe)
spk. speck
sq. square
SuF Sugar-Free (no added sugar, honey, syrup, molasses, etc. - product is sweetened by fruit or other ingredients that are naturally sweet). This code is used only for recipes where sugar would normally be added.
t., ts., tsp. teaspoon
T., TB., Tbl., Tbsp., Tblsp., tb., tbl., tbsp., tblsp. tablespoon
veg. vegetable
VG Vegetarian (lacto-ovo)
VN Vegan (no animal products, though some recipes will contain honey)
vol. volume
WF Wheat-Free (may include gluten containing grains such as spelt or kamut)
wk. week
yr. year

Want to convert weights, temperatures, and volumes? Check out our Passover / Pesach Cooking Conversion Calculator and our oven temperature conversion table to find out what the exact measurements are!

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