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Pesach Q & A

Your most frequently asked questions about Passover are listed here. Each question links to a separate page on our website containing the answer to the question. Enjoy the Q & A ! :

What is Passover ? - Summarizes the festival of Passover, stating its purpose, the highlight of the festival, and the source for celebrating Passover.

When does Passover begin and when does Passover end ? - States the historical and religious reasons why Passover begins in the evening as well as why some Jews celebrate Passover for seven days while other Jews celebrate Passover for eight days.

What is the origin of the name Passover ? - Explains the origin of the name Passover for the Festival of Unleavened Bread, since the name Passover as the name for the Festival of Unleavened Bread does not occur anywhere in the Hebrew Bible.

What is the ultimate purpose of Passover ? - Explains the importance of telling and re-telling the story of the Exodus from Egypt and doing so in various ways.

Where does it say that the Hebrews/Jewish people should celebrate Chag Ha-Matzot, also known now as Passover or Pesach ? - States the biblical origin for celebrating and commemorating The Festival of Unleavened Bread as well as identifying and connecting the associated Festival of the Lamb ("Chag Ha-Pesach" in Hebrew) to the Festival of Unleavened Bread which together, comprise the current Festival of Passover, as the one-day Chag Ha-Pesach was eventually integrated into the seven-day Festival of Unleavened Bread.

How you prepare for Passover ? - Summarizes what needs to be done to prepare the household for the Festival of Passover and presents authoritative rabbinical sources for further information on how to clean the household for Passover.

What is a Seder ? - Explains the origin and meaning of the Seder and why some Jewish household celebrate only one Seder while other Jewish households celebrate two Seders.

What is a Seder plate and what are the symbolic foods of Passover that are on the Seder plate ? - Describes the importance of the Seder plate on the Seder table as well as the symbolic foods that are placed on the Seder plate. Also describes a separate plate on the Seder table containing another symbolic food of Passover.

What is Matzo ? - Describes the role of matzo ("unleavened bread" in Hebrew) on the Seder table.

Which are permitted foods during Passover and forbidden foods during Passover ? - States which types of food and beverages fall into the accepted category of food for Passover and which types of food and beverages fall into the forbidden category of food for Passover. Also states the types of food which fall into the additional forbidden category of food for Ashkenazi Jews (Jews whose ancestors came from either Central, Northwestern, and/or Eastern Europe.).

What is a Haggadah ? - Describes the purpose of the Haggadah and how the Haggadah is organized, as well as providing a link to an historical chronology of the Haggadah.

What are the Four Questions ? - Lists the question and four clauses that make up the "Four Questions" and describes the purpose of the Four Questions in ensuring continuity of the Festival of Passover from generation to generation.

What are the Four Cups of Wine ? - Lists the symbolic meaning of each of the Four Cups of Wine as well as the additional fifth cup of wine that is reserved for Elijah the Prophet. States the purpose of the Four Cups of Wine in the light of the relationship between the Hebrews/Jewish people and G-d.

Who are the Four Sons ? - Explains the allegory of the Four Sons as a method for communicating the story and messages of the Festival of Passover to succeeding generations.

What are the Ten Plagues ? - Lists each of the 10 Plagues that befell Egypt and explains why these plagues occurred. The purpose of the 10 Plagues is explained in a way that demonstrates the closeness of the Hebrews to G-d as opposed to the Egyptians.

Who is Elijah the Prophet ? - Gives an example of the importance of Elijah the Prophet in Hebrew/Jewish history and how this importance is connected to the role of Elijah the Prophet in the Seder meal that highlights the Festival of Passover, particularly the latter part of the Seder meal when the participants begin to focus toward the future and the best of times to come on earth.

What does "Kosher For Passover" or "Kosher For Pesach" mean? - Interprets the meaning of Kosher For Passover or Kosher For Pesach in terms of Jewish law and describes what to look for when purchasing an edible or non-edible product for Passover or Pesach to ensure it is Kosher For Passover or Kosher For Pesach.

What is Chol HaMoed Pesach ? - Describes the days of Chol HaMoed during the Passover Festival, including the customs that are followed by different Jewish cultural communities, and exactly which days constitute Chol HaMoed days for Jews who celebrate Passover or Pesach for seven days and Jews who celebrate Passover or Pesach for eight days.

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