Our Passover Site Links - Here is a list of the sites we think are worthy of a visit. Some of these sites may list other Passover sites, or simply other Jewish sites based on other topics:

The Jewish Ring
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Jewish Web Webring
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The Jewish Webring Exchange
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Sephardi Jewish Webring
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See Live Pictures of the Western Wall in Jerusalem, Israel!

ARMDI: American Red Magen David Adom for Israel - ARMDI, American Red Magen David Adom for Israel, the only authorized fundraising organization in the United States for Magen David Adom (MDA) Israel's National Emergency Medical (EMS), National Blood Banking and Disaster relief service, needs your help now.

Chadiscrafts.com : Passover Crafts and Links Page - The Passover page at Chadiscrafts contains fascinating Passover crafts including decorated Elijah or Miriam Cups, clay on glass kiddish cups, Passover pillow cases, chocolate (yes, chocolate!) seder plates, and a whole lot more!

Department for Jewish Zionist Education - This is the Pesach Resource page of the Department for Jewish Zionist Education, The Jewish Agency for Israel.

FriendsWithDiabetes.org - For the Jewish diabetic, the mission of "Friends with Diabetes" is: (1) To offer quality education about controlling diabetes and incorporating it into the Jewish tradition and lifestyle; (2) To actively demonstrate how simple it is to live a normal, healthy life with diabetes; (3) To spread awareness on the prevention of the epidemic of insulin resistance and type II diabetes; (4) To help clarify Halachos (Torah laws) involved in diabetes care; (5) To offer support with the day-to-day issues of living with diabetes; (6) To pair up partners and Friends With Diabetes; and (7) To inform the community about updated innovations and diabetes technology. "Friends with Diabetes" is under the rabbinical supervision of Rabbi M. M. Weismandl shlit"a of Nitra - Monsey. Endorsed by many other leading Rabbonim. Includes links to scales, information on carb counting, recipe calculators, and other nutrition data.

Ha Reshima - The List - Your complete source for Jewish resources on the web.

Israel News Faxx - Israel News Faxx provides breaking news about the Middle East.

Jewish Federation of Greater Seattle - The official website of the Jewish Federation of Greater Seattle.

JOI.org : The Jewish Outreach Institute - Since 1988, the Jewish Outreach Institute has been a leader in the development of Jewish community-based outreach programming. Through our national conferences, publications and informational resources, JOI has helped foster the creation of scores of Jewish outreach programs from coast to coast. Our research has garnered national attention on the opportunities for including the intermarried in the Jewish community.

Nu?! The JAFI Portal - JAFI (The Jewish Agency For Israel) sponsors a portal of Jewish websites.

Shamash : The Jewish Network - Shamash is a high-quality Jewish information and discussion portal. They provide a broad array of state-of-the-art education and community building resources to Jewish organizations and individuals for the benefit of the Jewish community.

The Beehive AwardsThe Beehive Awards - The Beehive Awards are a comprehensive program for general Web excellence focused on useful content.


World Zionist Organization - Hagshama Department - Website of the Hagshama Department of the World Zionist Organization. Hagshama means either "realization" or "fulfillment" in Hebrew. The goal of the Hagshama Department is to ensure that young Jews between the ages of 18-30 fulfill their Zionist potential by helping them to create meaningful personal connections to Israel and deepen their understanding of Israeli society.

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