Passover recipes or Pesach recipes ("Pesach" or "Pesah" is the transliterated Hebrew word for "Passover") on this web page are grouped into 15 categories. Each category contains 9 recipes, except for the Ashkenazic Passover category, the Sephardic Passover category, and the Charoset / Charoses category which each contain 10 recipes. Our Passover recipes library is the culmination of all recipes sent to us for inclusion by our visitors over the years. You'll find dessert recipes (including many for cakes that result in great desserts for lunch or dinner throughout the festival, not only for the Seder meal or meals), easy recipes, appetizers or side dishes, and main dishes. You'll also find a traditional cookie recipe, one for a traditional sponge cake, a chocolate cake, recipes for kids, for breakfast, and crepes. Keep in mind that "traditional" refers to Pesach recipes that are traditional to a specific Jewish community for the Passover / Pesach festival.

From any combination of the recipes for Passover / Pesach in our library, you can create one or more menus to last the duration of the festival. Passover foods created from recipes in our library can be combined in many ways to create a Passover Seder meal that is unforgettable (in a positive way of course!).

For the diet-conscious and health-conscious, our library also has fat-free, low-fat, no-cholesterol, low-cholesterol, vegan and vegetarian Passover / Pesach recipes. We have traditional Ashkenazic recipes (Ashkenazim are those Jews whose ancestors came from either Central, Northwestern, and/or Eastern Europe), Sephardic recipes (Sephardim are those Jews whose ancestors came from either Spain and/or Portugal), and even recipes for the post-Passover / post-Pesach Mimouna festival that is celebrated by Moroccan-Jews in Morocco, Israel, and wherever else Moroccan-Jews have settled worldwide. And to top it off, we have many varieties of charoset recipes (also spelled: charoses, haroset, charoseth, haroseth, and haroses) from different Jewish communities.

Specific Christian denominations who celebrate a Christian Passover (and often refer to the Passover of the Jewish people as the Jewish Passover) can also use the recipes in our recipe library to create foods for their Christian Passover Seder supper or dinner; after all, one of the themes of the Passover / Pesach festival is that it is a celebration of community!

If you like cooking, then you'll most likely enjoy cooking and creating any of our Passover recipes / Pesach recipes. We've got a mixture of the traditional and the innovative to cater to any taste! Enjoy! And L'Chaim ("To Life" in Hebrew, a traditional declaration that is said when one is proposing a toast)!

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