The Jewish arts have always produced excellent Jewish artists. Israeli Jewish art in particular has produced some exceptional masters of the craft. Below are examples of Passover paintings by Baruch Nachshon, a gifted Chassidic artist :

Pesach and the Shoah Hallel Shehechianu
Pesach and the Shoah Hallel Shehechianu

 Tikvah Ohr U'Brocha 
  Tikvah   Ohr U'Brocha  


Baruch Nachshon, was born in 1939 in Haifa, Israel, at a time when Israel was known as Mandatory Palestine (from 1917-1948).

Nachshon's reputation has been growing rapidly as a painter of beauty, feeling and depth. He is a deeply religious person and his works reflect his love of Israel's landscapes and his own mystical religious visions. Nachshon's canvases express a yearning for fulfillment and redemption in the spirit of Judaism's ancient traditions. "The Jewish past has been well-represented in art," says Nachshon. "so has the present. But no one has represented the future - the Messianic Age." This is the task he has undertaken. His images, colors and shapes communicate a spiritual dimension: they are permeated with light and celebration.

For more information and paintings by the artist, just click to his official website at: Baruch Nachshon.

Enjoy the beauty of mystical Jewish art !

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