Greetings, if you are looking for our Jewish Calendar - Hebrew Calendar web page, do not throw a fit Animated Ranting Face. It has not vanished into thin cyberspace air. It merely was complaining ("kvetching" in Yiddish) to me of being tired of living at the same web address for such a long time. It said it needed a change of pace. So our Jewish Calendar - Hebrew Calendar web page gave me two weeks' notice, gathered its belongings, not forgetting to ask for a reference of course, and subsequently moved on up to a more upscale web address on our website. You can now find our Jewish Calendar - Hebrew Calendar web page by clicking on the following link:

Jewish Calendar - Hebrew Calendar

Over at the above-mentioned "Jewish Calendar - Hebrew Calendar" link, you will discover a much-happier and more relaxed "Jewish Calendar - Hebrew Calendar" web page, which is basking in the glow of its new location. So do yourself a favor and check out what it has to say about the Jewish / Hebrew calendar! :)

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