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April 12, 2003


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This website is dedicated to the Top Secret S.I. Role playing game.  It was discontinued a long time ago, but me and my players still play it to this day.

Do take some time to explore the many areas that I call my universes, do visit the other ring members of other fine TSSI sites, and of course, don't forget to sign the guest book so that I know that you were here.

May the Administrators Smile upon thee.

Valkyrja Klydesdale



This Site is Proud to be Canadian!

The Realm's First Recognition, not an Award, but a pretty impressive badge of honor to display on my site. 

A great many thanks go to
Dave McAlister of  Modus Operandi and to the other Web Ring members for the support throughout the years.


The Author of this site
 is proud to be Albertan!

This space for Rent.



Also Borrowed form Modus Operandi:
Top Secret/S.I. is a role playing game produced by TSR Inc (a subsidiary of Wizards of the Coast Inc) who own all trademarks and copyrights associated with the game. The use of these trademarks without appropriate annotations is not intended as a challenge to that status. Furthermore, the information that can be found on this web-site is the work of the appropriately named author and is not approved or sanctioned by TSR Inc.

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Top Secret\SI Webring site owned by Valkyrja Klydesdale.
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