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Season One: The GemCaptor Chronicles

Season One is of course how the entire Kayo Gem adventure began. Here, Ceaira and Aquilia are introduced, as well as the concept of the Kayo Gems. The plotline? Ceaira and Aquilia will team up with Sakura, Li, Meilin, Madison, Kero, and Yue to get all of the Kayo Gems back before they destroy Reidenton! All the episodes of Season One will be posted here. So please enjoy!

Episode One- Wrapped Up in Trouble

Episode Two- Storm Arising

Episode Three- The Mysterious Jewels

Episode Four- Fire and Ice

Episode Five- Nemesis of Her Nightmares

Episode Six- Laws of Gravity

Episode Seven- After the Darkness . . .

Episode Eight- Rainy Days

Episode Nine- Comrades In Arms

Episode Ten- Out of Bounds

Episode Eleven- Arachnophobia

Episode Twelve- Gliding on the Wings of Truth

Episode Thirteen- Welcome Back Meilin

Episode Fourteen- Unnecessary Practice

Episode Fifteen- Even the Optimistic Get Depressed

Episode Sixteen- The Imaginary Knight

Episode Seventeen- Surprise x2

Episode Eighteen- Arcane Faces

Episode Nineteen- Forgive and Forget

Episode Twenty- The Stars Have Been Cast

Episode Twenty-One- A Time to Remember