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The Guild Of The Wooden Flute Sincerely,

The GWF site is defunct. I'm not planning to re-open this page again. It's very inappropriate in my opinion to concentrate any more efforts on fictional fantasies for Might and Magic 6. September 11, 2001 is a partial reason that I've permanently closed the doors. While I feel we've tried to be inspirational and uplifting to visitors and members, I think it's more appropriate to concentrate on much more important matters. Fans always realize that there is a "line" we should not cross in our devotion. When fantasy becomes more important than reality, the "line" has been crossed over and the quality of our lives and of fantasy itself is degraded. If anybody who reads this wishes to revive the site, please contact me at my email address(it's on this site, so I won't repeat it here).
So long, and may your journeys thru the worlds of fantasy and real life never end.


DaveO, Minotaur Mage

Welcome to the notorious Guild Of The Wooden Flute site (please note that we have nothing to do with "Notorious" reputation in Enroth, we maintain that most of our members are saints, or at least heroes).

The "Guild Of The Wooden Flute" came into being not by some musical caprice or a flute appreciation trend, as our Enemy maintains. The NEED for a guild of Flute Appreciation came about from the scores of foreign adventurers who have been roaming Enroth over the past 7 years, and have completed "The Mandate Of Heaven" (quite successfully, may I add) without ever realising the true potential of this little wooden instrument most of them carry around aimlessly, only to discard it in the well in Ironfist, or the pedestal in Kriegspire.

Members of our guild have therefore decided to share their knowledge of the utility of the Flute with anyone who wishes to seek it, by describing the various usages of our Sacred Symbol.

You may also join us if you wish, membership is FREE! (well, almost free anyway).

And of course you may download the GWF anthem, Mdme Silvertongue's "Summoning of The White Goblin" For Flute And Harp in C#, (c)1071 Loretta Fleece Publications, Silver Cove (the file is in "Winzip(TM)" format).

p.s. We also do weddings!

Hey! We finally got our first contract! Check out the MM8 FAQ and come back every now and then for the latest news!

A tribute to Guthwulf

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