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a messy list of assorted flute-spoiler posts

The Complete Flute Quest

1. You get the flute, which can cast a series of flute spells (revive semitone, raise octave, charm harpy etc). The GWF is still trying to compile a complete list of these specialised flute spells, which will be available soon.

2. You must complete the oblisks quest, which will give you (among other treasures) an artefact called "Athena". Since Athena was the goddess of wisdom, this artefact grants the wearer (who should also be equipped with the Flute) +100 intellect, enough to play the flute.

3. You must complete Wilbur Humphrey's quest and have access to the "Queen Catherine" boat at Ironfist harbour.

4. Go to New Sorpigal (using any transportation method you wish) and click on the buoys NW of the town, near the Abandoned Temple. This will make the volcano in front of you erupt, respawn the area and also relieve tension from the SE Volcano (east of Goblinwatch). The White Goblin leaves Goblinwatch and goes to his own home in that volcano. 5. Go back to Ironfist. Take the "Queen Catherine" to the New Sorpigal Volcano (in the SE), and with a character that wears Athena, play the flute, to make the door on the north side of the SE New Sorpigal Volcano visible.

6. You go inside and talk to the White Goblin, who gives you a quest.

7. You complete his quest (to lock up Gharik's Forge), and then beacon out. But you can no longer visit the Volcano. So, you must:

8. Go to Kriegspire, where drinking from a well brings several Drakes in the NW of the area (that's true!).

9. Kill ALL the drakes and find a music scroll on one of them.

10. Place the scroll on the pedestal and play the flute (you must NOT have done the pedestal quest before that!)

11. This scroll was the music from "Summoning Of The White Goblin", in C# for Flute and Harp, by Mdme Silvertongue, (c)1071 Loretta Fleise Publications, Silver Cove.

12. The White Goblin is summoned and you thus collect your reward, which is a "See Invisible" spell, and the ability to cast Grey Magic spells (you basically get a new book added to the character with the flute).

13. Note that you may repeat the whole process for all four characters, but you have to first re-open Gharik's Forge, wait for New Sorpigal to respawn (the buoy only works once) and the do the whole quest again for each of your characters. Also note that Grey Magic is available ONLY to those who have mastered both Dark and Light Magic (ie the sorcerer and cleric class).

14. Once you have acquired "See Invisible", you go to Dragonsands, fly to the very south, and then get to see (and kill) the Megadragon, which is located at the edge of the map. The Megadragon's body gives you a key to the "Fireplace" secret dungeon in Baa Temple Kriegspire (it's that place that showed blue on your map with Master "Wizard Eye" but you could not access it).

15. Enter the fireplace dungeon (which is almost as easy as the secret NWC one) and kill all the little goblins, reaching the treasure vault in the far east room (end of the corridoor). In the chest in that room you will find all the rest of the Grey Magic spell books, except for one. GWF has still not discovered where the last grey magic spell book is located, but we are certain it can be found using the Flute.

These flute-spoilers have been written in collaboration with the older posters, now members of GWF, and most of them have been circulating around the old MM6 board since November 1998. The complete flute quest walkthrough was compiled by Steve Jaqvaar on behalf of GWF. Please contact Steve via c-mail or e-mail if you notice any mistakes or wish to add something.

I have also included here a collection of flute posts, copy-pasted from the community MM6 board. I still have to sort them out and make them comprehensive, but have been busy with other things lately, so please give me some time.
Thanks for your patience

The original Flute-spoiler thread!
(many thanks to Alter Ego for finding it)

Posted by Saladar on October 30, 1998 at 12:07:15:
In Reply to:
Re: HELP! I am stuck in the shrine of Titans posted by Ribannah on October 30, 1998 at 11:55:00:
::Help!!! I can't find the switch to the shrine of the Titans by the Magic Well in Eel Infested Waters guarded by the two Titans!!!

: I remember wondering about that switch, jumped to it but didn't make it, and then forgot all about it. I wonder how many secret places we still haven't discovered!
: - Rib -
Gee, Rib, are you serious?! He gave my chain a good yank last nite. Take a look at Captain Black's post. Pretty funny business. Saladar
Ribannah 12:10:56 10/30/98
And the next thing you'll tell me is that you never found the White Goblin?? (nt)
Saladar 12:15:51 10/30/98
What White Goblin, where? I was sure I looked everywhere, he musta been using the Hind Sight spell, or is it the Fore Sight spell? No, I know, it's the Aft Sight spell, and me with tunnel vision! nt
BekkiM 12:15:50 10/30/98
Isn't that where you get the grey magic skill? (nt)
Saladar 12:18:57 10/30/98
I'm pretty sure that's what the flute is for! I saw this posted a month or so back by the guy with all the rotten tomatoes dripping off him... (nt)
BekkiM 12:21:45 10/30/98
No, I think the flute gets you into Loretta's cellar to find her treasure--you know, they DO say music hath charms... ;D (nt) And, please, please, please, no tomatoes!
Saladar 12:31:29 10/30/98
Eggs, that's it, old and ripe! Seriously, BekkiM, I'm sure you're suppose ta fly around that dead tower in Sweetwater, tootling the flute for all your worth, and after 2378 and one/tenths of a toot, you're magically transported to the Land O Grey, a whole new world with lots of stuff, maybe even Roland! Or was that Gerund? no, um, past participle... ah I have it, Plu Perfect! (pat myself on the back, thankyou, thankyou) nt

Ribannah 12:35:50 10/30/98
No-no-no, you have it all wrong. You need the flute in the Sewers of Free Haven, remember Hamelin? (nt)
Saladar 13:07:36 10/30/98
But, do I want all those squeakers following me everywhere? It'd get mighty crowded in a tight corner, not to mention odiferous. Maybe I'll give it himself, Slickertongue, now he might like the company! nt
Ribannah 13:15:54 10/30/98
Actually, you get this quest from Slickertongue himself! You need to be 'treacherous' though before you get the quest. This is one level below notorious. (nt)
Saladar 13:27:37 10/30/98
Oh, I see, it's a trick quest, cause he knows you'll never get rid of those bald-tailed wonders and you'll lose all your friends, how devious is that, that Snidely Whiplash wannabe. Why I oughta...(nt)
BekkiM 12:45:09 10/30/98
Rats! I KNEW I had forgotten something! (nt) _____________

There you have it. :)

Smarties Message Board: Lobby
Subject: Re: know what you mean about H, btw what
Date: (12/27/1999 08:59:33)

:False Spoiler???? Did someone give you the wrong information concerning the Flute Quest? Wow! Shame on them!
:Here boy, let me direct you to the right one...

No, thank you. I know the trick already. You need to install MM8, 7, and 6 altogether just like World of Xeen to get it done.

hey, not everybody here knows about that quest yet!
And as a matter of fact, the above-mentioned individual's mother happened to be a good personal friend and extremely musical. Nobody knows how her offspring ended up being you-know-what.
As for the cobras, how could I have forgotten? (I know how, have not played the game for months!)
Of course you can enchant cobras using the Flute, and even hydras in Paradise Valley, if you are good enough. But I guess people would need a lot of training for that ;)

don't listen to Chlala and all the others, they are only jealous because they were not accepted to our Guild, and thus trying to undermine the unique capabilities of our Sacred Symbol.
This unique MAGIC Flute (yes, MAGIC!) can:
1. offer hours of entertainments to a weary adventuring party
2. summon the White Golbin, in a ritual described in "the Summoning of the White Goblin", available NOW from Loretta Fleece Publications for ONLY 999.
3. open the secret door to the New Soprigal Volcano at the end of the game.
4. entertain rats in Free Haven sewers.
5. be assessed by the very musical harp owner at Ironfist.
6. decorate Elara's mantlepiece.
7. lure the Kriegspire Drakes, offering a key to another secret dungeon.
8. Teach a Golden Golem to sing (see other board)
9. many more things I happen to forget.
10. Last but not least, posting a question about the Flute offers the poster a UNIQUE CHANCE to become a life-long member of "The Guild Of The Wooden Flute".
Please ask our High Priestess and Ceremonial Adviser (gamegurl) about application details.
Welcome to the flute spoilers!

Steve Jaqvaar
Musical and Ritual Adviser of The Guild Of The Wooden Flute,
Analyst of Religious and Mythological Phenomena with Specialty on Grey Magic Investigations on Boards

The dragon itself is at the top of the screen (ie, fly up as high as you can), in the SE corner of the map. The problem is, the rejuve stream has a very limited range (limited by Might - so unless you've got a might around 300, you'll need to do step one), and when 'activated' by your presence, the Dragon immedaitely moves away, out of the area you can move into, and starts launching his deadly area affect instant kill attacks (ie - have several folks cast fly, or use an NPC). You need to get him out to a more reasonable location. And for this, you have the flute. The best location is the entrance to the pyramid (best accoustics). Have the character with the highest personality play the flute. The dragon will become active, and head towards the party. How long he will remain active depends on the personality *ie flute playing skill* of the character. So give a few toots, and then get ready! Now follow the steps below.

:You should have the following in your inventory:
:34,768 bottles of Rejuvenation
:1 vat preferrably made from the skin of a Gorgon
:1 blaster rifle with no charges left
:1 emptied and scrubbed cobra entrail
:1 rare See Invisible scroll to be found in the S/E volcano in New Sorpigal.

:Attach the blaster to the entrail. Pour contents of all Rejuvenation potions into vat. (Don't forget to close vat, don't want to get any of this stuff on you). Carefully cast one Fireball, um, no, Firebolt, that's it, at the uppermost section to right of the vat closure, then push the free end of the entrail into the opening. Sew the entrail to the opening with leftover Gorgon strips. Now you're ready.
:Save. Give the blaster end to your Archer (or whoever has the best Accuracy). Give the vat to your Knight or Paladin, (or whoever has the best Might). The other two grab on to the bulk of the entrail for stability. Beacon to Dragonsand. You did set a beacon, didn't you?

: :Use the See Invisible to sight your quarry. Then quickly, aim the blaster, squeeze the vat until empty of contents, and, voila, turn that dang Mega Dragon into a drooling baby.
:At this point, the Mega Dragon becomes so darn cute you will be hard pressed to effect its dispatch into the great beyond. Let me caution you that it would be most unwise to tarry with your task uncompleted. The effects of the Rejuvention Deluge is only temporary and all too soon the Mega Dragon will morph to its former self and, believe me, it will be mighty disgruntled in your general direction.

:::****BUOY SPOILER*****
:::2. You must finish the obelisk puzzle quest. In the chest you will find a relic called "Athena". For those of you who don't know Ancient Greek Mythology, Athena was the goddess of wisdom.
:::6. There you must disembark and play the flute. It only works if your char. is wearing the "Athena" amulet. Otherwise he/she is too stupid to do it and will only play a simple tune.
:Athena is a ring (relic), not an amulet. It is not one of the three artifacts in the Obelisk treasure. Igraine & Guinevere are the rings & Morgan is the amulet.
:I did however have a party where Athena had been found randomly and followed your short nothing happened. Is there some other step, however remote that I may have missed?

Well, I would like to thank Flamestrike for trying out my Buoy quest for me. I had never actually tested it myself, I just came up with it, so now we know what to NOT do with the buoys and the flute.
And Elara, no need to try that one, but here is what you could do for us:

1. You go to the far wester well in Kriegspire. There you drink from the well. It will give you temporary extra levels and also create a number of monsters (I think Drakes) in the far North-West area of Kriegspire (you can see the red spots on your map).
2. Go kill the Drakes, and on one of them you will find a scroll of sheet music. Place it on the pedestal near the Drake's corpse (also in NW Kriegspire) and play the flute.
3. This should, if done on a solistice, summon the White Goblin, which is a lot mightier than normal goblins, just like Q is much tougher than his cousins at the Arena.
4. Kill the White Goblin and on him you will find a key.
5. Take "Queen Catherine" to the volcano in SE New Sorpigal and open the volcano.- enjoy!
ok, it has nothing to do with buoys, but we could try it ;)
...and flamestrike, I am sorry to have wasted your time, the "spoiler" was meant only as a joke, I did not mean to fool you or anything. After all, you should understand that as a Musical Advisor for the Guild of The Wooden Flute, I am desperately trying to find ways of using our treasured symbol creatively, or else we will end up throwing it to the rats (literally).
I was only trying to keep my job :)

::1 rare See Invisible scroll to be found in the S/E volcano in New Sorpigal.
the entry to the SE Volcano in NS requires the wooden flute, which many parties find really early in the game but never learn to use properly.
Please join the "Guild Of The Wooden Flute" to find out how to take full advantage of this unique intrument's potential.
You can apply now, and save on your first year's subscription.

Send SAE and the enrollment fee of ONLY 1000000000 to:
Guild of The Wooden Flute,
c/o Loretta Fleece Inc.,
1, Fleece Str.
Silver Cove SC1-34QX

of course there IS a big secret behind the bouys, but it is impossible to find answers on this board with all these newbies confusing each other with contradicting rumours. Here is what you must do, and as I said, this is a big spoiler, so don't try it before you have finished the game 7 times like I have:
1. You need a special wooden flute, which everybody keeps wondering "what is it for?"
2. You must finish the obelisk puzzle quest. In the chest you will find a relic called "Athena". For those of you who don't know Ancient Greek Mythology, Athena was the goddess of wisdom.
3. You must be really late in the game and have access to "Queen Catherine". Not the queen, the boat at the harbour.
4. You go to New Sorpigal and click on the buoy. This makes the volcano at NW New Sorpigal erupt, but also relieves tension from the Volcano in the NE.
5. You then go to Ironfist and take the boat to "Volcano". Make sure it is the right volcano (NE N.Sorpigal).
6. There you must disembark and play the flute. It only works if your char. is wearing the "Athena" amulet. Otherwise he/she is too stupid to do it and will only play a simple tune.
7. When the player with intellect 100+ plays the flute, a door opens at the north side of the volcano. Enter and enjoy!!!!
:Click on the buoy in New Sorpigal and enjoy the show...john
It's not just a show, I believe. If you've cleared the NS map, clicking on the buoy not only sets of the volcano, but I've heard it respawns the area. Why you'd want to kill more goblins is beyond me, but there you go.

I think Lyra's question, though, was whether there was a larger secret than that one buoy. Something along the lines of the obelisks, where clicking all of them gives you the location of (and access to) great treasure. Like if you click every buoy in the game, you're transported inside the blue obelisk, where the white goblin grants you grey magic if you play Greensleeves on the flute, accompanied by the beat of the temple gongs... LOL

As far as I know, there's no such secret in the buoys.
The ship figures heavily for those trying to get Grey Magic in MM6.
You have to have the flute equipped by a Sorcerer (with at least one promotion) or a Druid. The character plays the White Goblin summoning tune (press Alt-0123 with numlock on).
If you have a high enough intelligence and sufficient Identify Red Herring skill, the White Goblin will explain how to get Grey Magic.
You forgot that the flute-player must be equiped (as a wand) with the left handed spanner available at the underground lair (beneath the fountain) at Abdul's in Dragon Sands (also accessible using the outhouse key from the Varn Pyramid).
Message Board: mm6
Subject: The gong is nothing but a noise maker! Zoop Date: (07/16/1999 14:38:32)
The flute on the other hand can sooth the soul of the wildest rats and creatures. It can bring harmony to the evils of the worlds who are in ear shot of its beautiful music. Give it a try and join in the fun.

Subject: Your Loss Pal. The Soothing Flute Music Gives Your Party....
Date: (07/15/1999 18:05:10)
.....Extra Endurance, Intelect, Personality & Luck. Not to mention a Better Reputation for being such Talented Musicians.

Message Board: mm6
Subject: Re: That flute is EVIL..... EVIL i tells ya Date: (07/14/1999 22:37:32)
the flute is an inanimate object. inanimate objects are not good or evil, they just are. it is all in the usage of the flute to determine if good or evil comes of it.

Recearch Result of The Flute
Message Board: mm6
Subject: Recearch Result of The Flute
Date: (07/13/1999 03:52:15)
My advanced special studies concerning the Flute has come to a point that some kind of literary report is necessary.
Some of the information is familiar to all of the memebers of the GWF, but may I make an observation that I wish to do a proper investigation and not to leave any detail unoticed.
The Flute consists wooden tube with holes and valves. Playing the Flute is easy. Almost anybody can do it. To start to play the Flute may feel a little bit difficult but once you get into the swing of it's easy and rewarding. Once you hear the sweet tone of it you won't forget it ever and the joy of the Flute will fill your heart.
To play the Flute all you need is a PC and Might and Magic 6 installed.
How to get a perfect Flute:
First you have to find a proper flute.
Chimes of harmony won't do nor the bell from Nicolai.
Though the bell sounds nice and later when you are a little more advanced you may learn to play the Flute and the bell simultaneously. The proper Flute can be found from Castle Ironfist submap. The Dragoon Caverns are located south from C. Ironfist. You may find a Harp there but beware and leave that thingy alone. It's no good instrument, but if you wish, you can give it to Besper (Ironfist village) and while being there try speak him sense and convert him to take the joy of the Flute ;-)
Attention: You might need to do some preparations to survive in Dragoons caverns.

How to play:
When you take the Flute and right-mouse-click the player, you can hear the sweet unforgettable melody. How to get other kind of sounds is yet unrevealed to us but my studies concerning this particular feature continues...
The Flute we love is wooden, but I have found references to an other kind of Flutes made of metal. But my stuedies have shown that most soft and beatiful tone can be achieved by using the wooden Flute from The Dragoon Caverns.
I have found proofs that this tiny instrument has charmed not only the Might and Magic 6 players but also musicians and others as well (May I say that they YET haven't found the joy of the *wooden* Flute but they still play the metal one...)
"Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About the Flute But Were Afraid to Ask"
Note: if you find indistinctness and even mistake don't hesitate to correct them!
The Flute studies continues,
Official Researcher and Librarian,
The Guild Of The Wooden Flute

By DaveO, posted at 11/21/99 on the MM6 Message Board

What follows is not true, but that is only due to the
fact that the game developers lacked the time to
implement this...

Ok...You see the obelisks are greatly misunderstood.
Everyone thinks of them as only part of one quest,
however the obelisks are ACTUALLY 15 parts of a
massive flute. If you play the Flute at midnight
or afternoon at the treasure area for the obelisk
treasure, it will summon massive magical forces to
bring all 15 parts of the Flute together into the
Fantastic Flute. Legends say that the notes from
this Fantastic Flute are what inspire us here on this
planet to utilize and explore a limitless imagination.

By DaveO, posted at 11/15/99 on the MM6 Message Board

Let me see if I can remember how my wonderful spoiler
post went...It won't be 100% the same as the initial
post, but it was a pretty fun try at a "spoiler".

I finally figured it out. The Flute is an intelligent
life form with the purpose of making adventurers
acquire all of the musical instruments in the game
(the Flute, a Gong, the Chimes of Harmony, the Horn of
Ros, Tanir's Bell, the Harp(plus maybe a few I might>br> have forgotten)) in order to perform a musical concert
at the wonderfully acoustical VARN pyramid.

Posted by kyberkisu at on November 14, 1999 at 02:49:09:
In Reply to: crystal skull/flutes? posted by toni on November 13, 1999 at 22:13:15:

keep the flutes might be able to summon the white goblin and his mighty orchestra with the flute ;)

Posted by The White Goblin at on October 07, 1999 at 11:15:06:
In Reply to: Re: Where can I find a flute? Somebody buys them for 5000 gold in Darkmoor. (nt) posted by Isachsen on October 04, 1999 at 01:55:47:

It's for the all-goblin orchestra. So visit me under the hill in New Sorpigal, if you can.
And don't give the thing to that traitor Silvertongue, he wants you to use it in the Erathian sewers but DON'T DO IT.

Posted by gamegurl at on April 23, 1999 at 15:01:10:
In Reply to: The good old flute posted by Dave Caspermeyer on April 23, 1999 at 13:10:20:

I don't know why you all(some) want to throw that lovely flute....ROFL.....we raised you better than that(LOL)

Once and for all gamegurl assumes the podium....
clears throat..hmmmm hmmmm, The flute is a meditation tool for the Cleric! Used in conjunction with the chime of Harmony...well need I say more....Nirvana...teen

Posted by gamegurl at on April 19, 1999 at 09:19:23:
In Reply to: Help me meditate! posted by Brenner on April 19, 1999 at 08:24:17:

: Help! I don't remember where to acquire the meditation
: skill. Tell me where! (please!)

No one believes when I say the trill of the flute is a focus for Meditation skills(maybe because I made it up) lol forgive me Brenner.....I just love that Flute.
Here is your clue, buy meditation at Guilds of Self, achieve expert rank at NS and MAster at Silver Cove.
Go forth in peace...:)

Posted by LadyHawke at on April 08, 1999 at 10:54:33:
In Reply to: flute posted by fionn on April 08, 1999 at 10:48:49:

You can:
* Play a nice tune
* Throw it at a peasant
* Carry it around forever and take up valuable space in your inventory
* Charm rats
* Equip it as a weapon and die a quick, painful death at the hands of the first goblin that comes along
* Put it back where you found it
* Drop it in the empty well behind Castle Ironfist
* Annoy regular posters on this board by asking about it, over and over again
* Try to sell it to a merchant and get laughed out of New Sorpigal
* Absolutely nothing

Posted by papaj at on March 25, 1999 at 06:38:29:
In Reply to: Re: What's the flute for? posted by Merkin on March 24, 1999 at 20:28:52:

At sunset i have my party set behind the temple in
New Scorpical. the sunset is so beutifull. The breeze
blows across the water and up the cliff and gives
us a sense of serinity.

then my arch mage picks up that dang flute and starts
squeeking on it. Its like running your nails on
a blackboard. she keeps it up till i jump off the
side of the cliff and knock myself so i can sleep.

at sunrise my arch druid picks up the gong and starts
banging on it to wake me up. I would sell the gong
but the other three have to much fun driving me crazy.

papaj who knows what he would like to do with that

Posted by Elara at on March 10, 1999 at 22:29:36:
In Reply to: Flute posted by gamegurl on March 10, 1999 at 19:25:24:
This is a repost from my alter ego Mutie:

Posted by Mutie at on November 22, 1998 at 20:03:11:
In Reply to: How to get Grey Magic posted by Tennessee Ernie Ford on
November 22, 1998 at 19:41:29:

You can get around all that by climbing the blue obelisk in Goblinwatch,
put out the torch on top. This opens a direct portal to the ruined
Sweetwater Dragon Tower. I'm not sure of the exact date or time, (what
the hey, there's only 525,600 minutes in a year, how hard can it be to
figure out when?) but if it's the exact moment of synergystic confluity, and
you have the flute in the highlighted chraracter's inventory, no need to
tootle it - a red herring that, then the whole party will be spanged in an
instant to the Tower. Immediately, you must cast Fly (so you don't fall to
your deaths) and click on the n/w or maybe it was the s/s/e window, to be
portalled directly to the Marphlengaian Grey Magic Master,
Arbodwengariorn. He wil put you through all the paces required for Grey
Magic Mastery, as well as, upon completion of your studies, give you a
return trip to the blue obelisk. Careful landing on that thing, though, it's
kinda pointy.

Posted by BekkiM at on December 17, 1998 at 09:52:19:
Go to the Blue Obelisk (it's in map Z27--you have to teleport there by touching a buoy in the Free Haven harbor--but only at midnight, during a full moon, on the
Winter Solstice, buck naked, while simultaneously tooting your flute and bonging the gong--hey! get your mind out of the gutter!), but watch out for the dancing
zombies when you get there--their spells of unspeakable zaniness are impossible to cure unless you can drink from every town fountain in order the stat increase they
provide (alphabetical by stat) within a single day.

At any rate, turn left, go past the strip mall, avoiding the devil Furbies, then fly straight on 'til morning. You'll need a "harpy thought", which you get in the valley of
death--kill five Harpy Witches (no more, no less), burn their hearts in a purple flame, cast enchant item, and, presto-chango, a harpy thought. Have your wizard
equip the harpy thought as a helm (remember, it's a harpy THOUGHT!) so he can open all the doors (he'll need to be a level 50 master in Diplomacy.
The White Goblin is at the end of the hall, second door on your right past the men's bathroom.

Posted by Ribannah at on December 01, 1998 at 07:23:13:

In Reply to: other game secrets? posted by RC Ganser on December 01, 1998 at 05:46:02:

OK, there goes:

- Q, guarding a very strange artifact - the Kriegspire tower, which is not a dragon tower, but check the text on its window panes - the White Goblin, under the hill of NS, who knows more about Enroth than any of us - several secret treasure rooms, eg in Free Haven sewers and Gharik's Forge - the Shrine of Titans, Alamos map - a floating tree, near Blackshire (very recent discovery) - a well that changes gold into experience (something for king Midas, right?), again in Kriegspire - the truth about the flute (Silvertongue's quest, and you thought he was harmless!) - a ghost ship at sea, seemingly inaccessible - a buoy that, upon touch, respawns an entire submap - a cooking pot, New Sorpigal map, that does even better, calling forth hordes where there were none - a magical blue obelisk inside one of the dungeons - not one, but two secret teleporter rooms - and, finally, the chance of a lifetime to become a member of Baa

I probably forgot a few. Also, there are hidden wands, scrolls etc. all over Enroth.

Enjoy! Let us know what you find!

- Rib -

Posted by A_Brain_Unveils_Hidden_Secrets_And_White_Goblins at on December 01, 1998 at 11:33:03:

In Reply to: Game secret posted by Aro on December 01, 1998 at 11:14:29:

I'll leave the White Goblin up to your fertile imagination. If you hunt around on the old, old message boards, I think you can figure it out.

The ghost ship looks and seems interesting, and enough people talk about it - but like the teeth, I believe it was left out/never finshed/put in as a deliberate teaser/in-joke for those who played other MM games (?)/teaser for MM7 (??). Never been able to do anything with it....

Haven't looked at the broken Kriegspire tower - it Used to be a dragon tower, but it was damaged in a battle with the Dragon Riders. (info found in dragon rider cave) More flavor/something they never made a quest for-but-left-in-cause-it-was-cool.

: What about: : -a ghost ship : -white goblin : -Krieg. tower

Posted by Beowulf at on March 02, 1999 at 19:52:20:

just finished the game and would like to know why the heck i've been toting this damned flute around with me forever - is it actually used anywhere??

Posted by Merkin at on March 02, 1999 at 20:12:19:

This board contains many recent posts regarding the use of the flute. While not critical to the outcome of the game, it can provide moments of amusement. BTW was your party *cursed* when you got the flute? My flute was a *Holy* one...hehe

the flute is cool, what have u got against it? *g*

Posted by katorn at on March 03, 1999 at 07:47:00:

In Reply to: Re: flute posted by gamegurl on March 03, 1999 at 07:04:54:

what does the flute do anyways? I really dont have time to check the previous threads since i am at work and my modem died at home!!!!

: : It's a red herring as they say...

: : You can play it but that's all....

: Yes play it, a meditation chant for the Priestess. : *g*

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