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** MinotaurMage enters.
** MercuryMyst enters.
MercuryMyst: umm... hi
MinotaurMage: Hello
MercuryMyst: i guess you're busy so i'll leave you to your work...
MinotaurMage: We can chat if you wish
MercuryMyst: umm... o.k...
MercuryMyst: so what do you want to talk about?
MinotaurMage: So, are you a newcomer who happened to find this area?
MercuryMyst: well i've been wandering
MinotaurMage: What do you usually like to talk about?
*** MercuryMyst shrugs
MinotaurMage: I'm a computer game enthusiast, so I like to talk about my favorites from time to time
MercuryMyst: what kind of computer games?
MinotaurMage: Role playing and some strategy(real time and turn based)
MercuryMyst: cool
MercuryMyst: i don't have very many games for my computer, but i have a playstation
MinotaurMage: There's quite a variety out there. How are the playstation games? Do you like certain types of games more than others?
MercuryMyst: i have 4 right now: final fantasy 8, pong, army men sarge's heroes 2, and darkstalkers
MercuryMyst: i like rpg's and fighters
MinotaurMage: Yeah, I heard Final Fantasy is pretty good. And the 3DO game is made for the PC market as well
*** MercuryMyst nods
MercuryMyst: i've heard ff7 is better than ff8, but i can't find it anywhere
MercuryMyst: pong is boring
MinotaurMage: Well, pong is how the whole craze got started...
MercuryMyst: yeah i know
MercuryMyst: i want to get marvel vs. capcom 2 but it's for dreamcast and i don't have one of those yet
MercuryMyst: hey will you still be here in an hour or so?
MinotaurMage: That's supposed to be the best fighting game on the consoles. Do you look over game review sites on the Web?
MercuryMyst: nope
MercuryMyst: i played it in an arcade
MinotaurMage: Sure, I'll still be here. I'm expecting some other people here shortly
MercuryMyst: o.k. 'coz i gotta run but i'll be back
MercuryMyst: see ya  :)
MinotaurMage: Hello
** lazysod  exits.
MinotaurMage: Hello?
** lazysod enters.
lazysod: booh!
MinotaurMage: Moo!
lazysod: moo ? ahh .. hmm.. still haven' redone that cow level yet.. my heroes are not yet up for that task yet
MinotaurMage: I've done the Cow Level with each character except the Necro and Barbarian
lazysod: ooh .. and at which levels?
MinotaurMage: At level 30 usually, just before my third and last run thru Act 4
lazysod: ahh .. yeah .. that may be the level to try it.. i got the crap beat out of me the first time i tried it in an mp game, around level 25 or so. that was a bit early it seems
MinotaurMage: Well, I'm level 23 on the realms. Not into Act 3 yet
lazysod: ahh .. which realm is that?
MinotaurMage: I have two more Santuary runs and 3 runs thru Canyon of Magi
MinotaurMage: I'm on the US West realm. I've had 3 people join my games during my MP sessions since I began
lazysod: hmm... i
lazysod: i've got only one or two characters on west.. one.. friggingsod, my second barbarian,. he' s at level 23 orso
MinotaurMage: I just need a good weapon. I don't have much money to gamble on bows...
MinotaurMage: I did get a nice rare armor, so I'll be using it for a while
MinotaurMage: Lose any hardcore players yet?
MinotaurMage: And have you tried single player hardcore?
MinotaurMage: Raining pretty hard outside here in Arizona
lazysod: well .. i lost an open and a realm barbarian with the same name. barbarella.. the realm version died at level 30, nearly 31, while exploring the outer cloister in nightmare mode
lazysod: i've done all kinds of hardcore, realm, open, single, multi.. 5 players games even .. all fun.
MinotaurMage: Hardcore is interesting. You can restore characters if you do the single player hardcore, but I think it's better to stay faithful to the way it was meant
lazysod: nods... i had a backup of my original hardcore barbarian on open - but restoration would be cheating. so i won'
MinotaurMage: Do you pass on items from a dead hardcore character to their successors?
lazysod: -shakes head- nope.. not possible.. that's doable in mp games where the others can loot you after death - if you set the flag, but no way to get items of a dead player after exiting the game
MinotaurMage: By the way, what do you think of the screenshot idea on the GWF page?
lazysod: -blushes- must admit that i haven' really looked them over yet
MinotaurMage: I've got 2 there. I'll be adding some more soon(probably pics of my MM8 game and some others come to mind...)
lazysod: -smiles- i'll go have a look soon then and tell you what i think.. feel free to poke my nose about it on the icq or such.. i'm known to have a hole in my mind the size of texas
MinotaurMage: Ok. 
lazysod: so what has happened to the looting data now you have the engine?
MinotaurMage: I've updated my site with the MM8 info as well just recently. I was computing percentages, and have one detailed looting run left
MinotaurMage: And already from my calculations, it looks like the looting the same as in MM7
lazysod: well .. i saw a mention about the updated page yes.. i was just wondering if you were doing some more research on it or not.. i mean - shouldnt be really necessary with all the data on hand
MinotaurMage: There' s really nothing more to add. I'll put on the actual percentages and compare with my results. And I don't know if I'll ever find exact percentages for the artifacts and relics
MinotaurMage: And of course, the graphic charts and such...Then silence until I get more D2 set characters done or MM9 comes out
lazysod: nods.. i dont know.. it's been ages since i played m&m .. must say i've not returned to any of them after  stashing 8 in the closet after finishing it for the 5th time. 
lazysod: -smiles- mm9.. hmm.. wonder when that may come and how it may look
MinotaurMage: I've yet to finish MM7 or MM8(but I'm close to done in MM7)
lazysod: well.. i know you will keep gaining xp.. but it goes down so quickly.. i mean, when you get about 50 percentm of what you should be getting it isn' fun any more
MinotaurMage: Druid sounds ok at best(maybe I'm too biased against the Necro). Necro to me is the worst to play if you make him a summoner
lazysod: hmmm.. i quite like necro play.. i've got barbarians for when i want to fight myself, and necro' for when i want to sit back and relax. especially in the higher levels that works quite good
MinotaurMage: I'm still leaning towards Paladin/Sorceress/Amazon. Any of those 3 choices are good(Barbarian is a bit rough for me to play for some reason)
lazysod: hmmm.. i tried paladin.. ended up at level 53 and a lot of wrong skills.. never really tried a new paladin from the bottom up. tried the other classes too, but nothing really works for me, except hte barby and the necro
MinotaurMage: And I've played each variant of a character up to level 23(except my Polearm barbarian)
lazysod: wow.. that i would never be able to do.. i' get bored out of my skull.. i had a polearm hc barby.. shrug.. i guess i played too fast.. he died and it was all my fault
MinotaurMage: I've finished with Bowazon(first), Maul Barbarian, Spearazon, Cold/Lightning Sorceress, and getting close to finishing with 2 necros
MinotaurMage: One's the classic summoner route, and the other is a fighter who uses NO summoning
lazysod: phew.. i've finished with a paladin twice (normal and nightmare), a barbarian once, nearly twice, a necro once, a hardcore barby once, and that was about it
lazysod: whew.. the non- summon necro.. that must be hard
MinotaurMage: And of course all the characters that are at level 23 and getting ready to move into Act 3
MinotaurMage: Well, he does use Bone Spear all the time so mana potions are a necessity. He's going to learn Poison Nova and Bone Prison(for bosses)
** HodgePodge enters.
lazysod: so how do you play with all these characters then? 
lazysod: hello hodge
MinotaurMage: Hello HodgePodge
HodgePodge: Hi, I Didn't Miss the GWF Meeting This Time 8)
MinotaurMage: Lazy, I'm a fanatic with my D2 time...
MinotaurMage: Characters are easy to build up to level 23 in my opinion, and it's easy to make short sessions(a few hours or so)
lazysod: -grins- well dave .. i see.. so am i, but still i find it hard to do more then 5 chars at a time.. --grins-- just the same with community akas really :)
HodgePodge: I came here last night because I wasn't sure which day the meeting was supposed to be held.
MinotaurMage: Yeah, I'd be confused too I suppose...19 characters with more to come(eek!)
lazysod: that's what i mean.. i wouldn't know who' be carrying what sword, what quest and what whatnot. 
lazysod: hmm -- hodge.. seems i' m not the only being badly informed then -- gives dave a teasing poke
MinotaurMage: Heh, I usually quit at a good point. And I don't memorize who has what
HodgePodge: There were two people here, Fredrick  &  Sil(somethingorother).
MinotaurMage: Yeah. I did send out a secondary email(sorry about the first one)
lazysod: email? what adres have you on me hten? i didn' even receive the first
MinotaurMage: No, I sent you the notice thru ICQ
lazysod: -grins- yeah .. after rose told me about it i guess. ah well.. i' here now
MinotaurMage: And I was going to ask for updating email addresses, but it looks like only 3 of us will be chatting here
lazysod: -decides to pull the apostrophe key out of the keyboard because it 'sticks' 
lazysod: hmm.. not sure.. i guess rose will come online any minute now and join in . ofcourse, that'll be the four of us then.. but with a bit of luck k comes too. that makes five
MinotaurMage: LOL. I almost had to get a new keyboard when I got a bit of milk in it
MinotaurMage: At least keyboards aren't too expensive to replace
lazysod: hmmm..  a while ago i was pissed, angry.. and poured a bottle of beer over the keyboard, on purpose. needless to say it was wrecked
lazysod: but i meant ' stick ' as in ehm.  how to explain.. if you press it and then e it comes  
MinotaurMage: Yeah, it's not meant to take that sort of abuse. I would not be surprised if both of my keyboards outlast my computers
** lazysod exits.
MinotaurMage: Thought with some gaming system requirements I may need to get an upgrade within a few years
HodgePodge: I can only stay for a few more minutes, then I gotta go. I hope some more people stop by.
MinotaurMage: Me too, but thanks for coming.
HodgePodge: Where did lazysod go? All of a sudden he was gone.
MinotaurMage: Let me know what you think of the screenshot thing on the GWF page too
** lazysod enters.
MinotaurMage: He probably went to the Community to fetch rosemaria
HodgePodge: Welcome back Lazy.
** rosemaria enters.
rosemaria: Hello 
HodgePodge: Hello rosemaria
MinotaurMage: Greetings and salutations
lazysod: -grins- frupping bad windows.. i hate a seperate window.. accidently closed the outer window and with that the chat closed too... 
lazysod: hello rose..
MinotaurMage: At least you did not blue-screen...
HodgePodge: I liked the screen shots on the GWF page. I can't get my computer to make screenshots to send to you.
lazysod: blue screen? hmm .. if it would have done that the neighbours would have woken up
rosemaria: what did I miss ? 
HodgePodge: I pressed the Alt key & the Print Screen Key like you said but it didn't work.
MinotaurMage: Hmm. That's odd. Any computer should be able to do it
MinotaurMage: You need to then "Paste" the picture into an image editor(like Photshop or even Microsoft word would work)
HodgePodge: Oh, okay, I'll try that tomorrow when I play M&M. Do you have any preferences as to which game you get screenshots from?
MinotaurMage: Alt and Print Screen just takes the picture. Paste is how you get the picture to show
** MercuryMyst enters.
MinotaurMage: No preferences. And silly screenshots are welcome too
MinotaurMage: Welcome back
HodgePodge: Welcome MercuryMyst
MercuryMyst: hi i'm back sorry i'm late
lazysod: hello mercurymyst.. --frowns-- an unknown name.. should i know you?
MercuryMyst: stupid computer wouldn't let me on...
*** HodgePodge Smiles & Waves Goodbye.
rosemaria: Hi LM
HodgePodge: I gotta go now but it's been real. See you all soon. Bye.
MinotaurMage: You're not late...A lot of people I chat regularly with just showed up a few minutes ago
rosemaria: Bye HodgePodge
MinotaurMage: Thanks again for coming!
MercuryMyst: oh... o.k
** HodgePodge exits.
*** MercuryMyst curls up in a chair
MercuryMyst: umm...
MinotaurMage: Did you ever finish your MM8 game, Rose?
lazysod: -chuckles-
rosemaria: *blushes* no.....
MinotaurMage: Don't worry. I've yet to finish my MM7 game, and my brother bought that for me two years ago
lazysod: ahhh ...dave.. be ashamed..m&m 7 was the shortest ever.. 
MinotaurMage: I'm close to finishing, but Diablo 2 is my main obsession at the moment.
MinotaurMage: I thought MM8 was supposed to be shorter than MM7 was.
lazysod: hmmm.. well .. single path m&m 7 is probably shorter. if you do both paths its larger i guess. not sure.. both took me a week
rosemaria: I haven't played MM7 yet and am probably 2/3 done with 8
** MercuryMyst exits.
lazysod: -shrugs- compared to 3 months for m&m 3
MinotaurMage: I remember MM3 and Worlds of Xeen(fond memories of course)
lazysod: -smiles- yeah.. me too .. still play them on occasion.. did you ever play Swords of Xeen?
MinotaurMage: Yeah, I finished that one too
MinotaurMage: Though it was the weakest "link of the chain"
MinotaurMage: You'll get up to around level 50 in Swords
lazysod: well.. as far as i see it it' not in the chain so to say.. it' a game by fans.. 
lazysod: so it's unbalanced, short, and really tacky at times. but still i loved it
MinotaurMage: Not an epic game like Xeen was(I got to over level 200 on this)
MinotaurMage: It's ok. It beats Descent to Undermountain(which I was a sucker to buy)
lazysod: nods.. ooh yeah.. i puzzled my way through all the depths of any dungeon and puzzle in 3 .. 
lazysod: dtu?? --pardon while i seek  a bucket to hurl-- runs off into a corner 
MinotaurMage: I still have the game in the closet. But I did finish it, so at least I don't have to worry about playing it again
rosemaria: *groan* I picked that out of a bargin bin over the holidays. $6
MinotaurMage: And of course the MM6 limited edition that has MM1 and MM2. I seriously need to plan on when I'll restart at the beginning(and do a good quality walkthru of the series up to Xeen)
MinotaurMage: You also bought Descent to Undermountain?
MinotaurMage: Either of you heard news about whether Warlords Battlecry is any good?
rosemaria: *nods* but I had trouble installing it for some reason. the version I have says Win 95 and I'm running 98
lazysod: hmm.. i have m&m  1 and m&m 2 on the quintology disc that has 1 thru 5 and swords
lazysod: warlords battlecry.. not sure.. heard at least one person very happy with it. 
MinotaurMage: I asked in the appropriate newsgroup, but never got a response
lazysod: -chuckles- but that's the problem then isn't it? with current news groups nowhere is 'appropriate' .. - -rolls eyes-
lazysod: be right back .. need to shake the weazel
MinotaurMage: Count yourself fortunate you never saw DTU in action(bad graphics, gameplay and bugs)
rosemaria: ROFL...mental image alert
MinotaurMage: And I probably should resume my HoMM3 playing soon so that I have a chance to finish it before the D2 expansion comes out
rosemaria: I'm still working on my HC barbarians, one on east and one open
lazysod: mental image?
lazysod: ooohh yes.. i might be getting the HoMM 3 complete box tomorrow.. 
lazysod: not that i'd play it, but just to have it
rosemaria: I knew the game market was lean lately but not -that- lean
MinotaurMage: You don't have HoMM3, Lazy?
lazysod: i think the problem with games lately is the big, bigger, biggest... most games take teams of 40, 50 to develop.. that' s fucking expensive.. so if you make a game and can't sell it your instantly bankrupt .. so i think that brakes game makers
lazysod: and nope - i have only a copy of the original games disc.. not the expansions
MinotaurMage: I have HoMM3 and the expansion. I stopped at the final mission of the second campaign if I remember correctly
lazysod: hmm.. i guess i played the first mission, and that' about it.. my brain lacks a strategic thinking unit , amongst many other thigns
MinotaurMage: I kinda liked the Stronghold town due to its ability to get built up quickly(and with some fast creatures)
MinotaurMage: I guess that rules out Starcraft for you too, Lazy
MinotaurMage: Well, Warlords and Baldur's Gate 2 are the only titles recently I've heard that are good(although this Alice game has some rave reviews)
lazysod: starcraft.. nods.. tried it.. got beaten the crap out by the computer after mission 6 orso.. but i -am- going to buy warcraft 3.. just because i love the orcs
lazysod: ooh .. yeah .. alice in wonderland with a carver knife.. gets  some very good reviews.. might think about that. 
MinotaurMage: Heh. I doubt I'll buy it. Blizzard's going down in their quality in support
rosemaria: *nods* I have no comparision really, but I can agree it could be much better
MinotaurMage: And I thought briefly about trying 
MinotaurMage: I thought briefly about trying Wizards and Warriors, but I'm not sure if it's worth the effort
lazysod: hmm.. who knows? w&w might be fun.. although i'm afraid it's just a good looking thing without a story or game behind it
MinotaurMage: Most of the complaints I heard have been about the interface, but if it makes a low cost then it might be worth my time
rosemaria: *sigh* I'm still waiting on Wizardry 8
MinotaurMage: And I did not get Crusaders of M&M even though it was $10
MinotaurMage: Isn't Elder Scrolls 3 supposed to come out this year too?
rosemaria: haven't heard of that one
lazysod: wizardry ... hmm .. never rally played these.. i;ve got nemesis here.. don't know if it belongs to the series. but it was too slow on my old computer. might try it again now
MinotaurMage: If no fantasy game breaks out, there's always hope that the Lord of the Rings movie will do well
MinotaurMage: Nemesis sounds like Zork
MinotaurMage: But I could be wrong...
lazysod: -ahhh-- yes.. that movie. 
lazysod: nemesis -- nope.. nemesis is not a zork game.. uhm.. a movie like variant on the wizardry series.. i' have to look for the box. it' pretty old now.
MinotaurMage: BTW, the word muggle in Harry Potter books was a common term in the 20s for marijuana
lazysod: say what? i've never read any harry potter.. in fact, i hardly read anything at all. love tolkien, eddings and pratchett though, and salinger as well. muggle.. hmm .. sounds like huggle -- feels like boggle - uggle - ?? 
rosemaria: trivia moment or did I miss something?
lazysod: -grins- i was just about to think the same
MinotaurMage: Well, I don't see the slang or terminology of a book to be a big deal(even if it has other meanings)
MinotaurMage: But, with that knowledge school boards and religious groups will now try harder to ban the book
lazysod: -shrug- banning a book because it in some strange way refers to marijuana? 
MinotaurMage: The cost of the whole LOR movie series was over $270 million
rosemaria: Ah...yeah...they were already going toward that for some other reason
lazysod: hmm.. i heard about a potter book yes.. i see i must keep a more open eye on events. so what' the deal with that book?
MinotaurMage: Well, more "fuel for the fire" with the satanic accusations
lazysod: -now thoroughly hates the apostrophe key and decides to remove it with a hammer-
MinotaurMage: Beats me. I probably should read at least the first one. To me, I think it's just lite fantasy
rosemaria: *rolls eyes* Anytime you have something succeed so well, people line up to tear it down
MinotaurMage: And don't forget the inevitable lawsuit too
lazysod: lawsuits-- ears perk up.. ahh .. thats my specialty
MinotaurMage: There was already one lawsuit over the Harry Potter books
rosemaria: lawsuit because??
MinotaurMage: Some author challenged plagurism(sp?) of their work
MinotaurMage: But the lawsuit did not succeed
lazysod: ah well.. that's pretty normal too isn' t it? lawsuits for that.. the same happens eveyrwhere where people make something.. others see it, like it, and claim it.. just like software
MinotaurMage: Yeah, though I'd be not surprised to see more D2 clones than the original Diablo got(Darkstone, Nox, etc)
lazysod: nods.. although i do expect a few spin offs. might be fun.. revenant was quite good for instance
MinotaurMage: Never played that one. I did buy Darkstone, but it was just not good enough(maybe I expected too much)
lazysod: darkstone.. the title rings a bell.. but i can't picture it anymore
MinotaurMage: You had 4 characters in that game, and you wandered around to do quests like in Diablo(but with a 3d perspective)
lazysod: ooohh.. now i remember.. tir was raving about it.. never played it myself
MinotaurMage: It was too clunky, and if you got mobbed with a fighter character you were dead
lazysod: ahh ... hmm.. really don' t know.. i've not seen or played it.. did you ever play Thief?
MinotaurMage: No. Only 3d game I've played is Drakan(rpg game anyway)
lazysod: ahh ..thats another one i've never played
MinotaurMage: Though Drakan is more of an action/Tomb Raider game
lazysod: thief is cool though.. a bit of thinking, sneaking around. and throwiing unconcious guards into a well - 
MinotaurMage: Fun and bloody action, but short(a good Diablo alternative though)
lazysod: hmmm .. bloody action.. i like that.. that' why i loved doom so much. 
MinotaurMage: Any other ideas for GWF page besides my screenshot idea?
lazysod: shakes head -- not really. 
rosemaria: Nothing comes to mind at the moment, sorry.
MinotaurMage: Thanks anyway
lazysod: -sighs- so what has the action been for the gwf lately? i've seen ribannah return to the comm, but as usual she doesn't speak to me. 
MinotaurMage: I'll have fun with the screenshots for at least the next few months
rosemaria: hodgepodge has been fielding questions in MM6
MinotaurMage: Very little action. That's a problem too, but I'm not sure what can be done to remedy that besides another M&M game
lazysod: another easter egg.. yes.. that might do it. although i really don't know what and if any 3do is planning for m&m 9.
MinotaurMage: Hmmm, that covers a bit of ground. I'd say several eggs
lazysod: several eggs? you know more about m&m 9 then then i do?
MinotaurMage: No, like I said...No news at the moment
lazysod: ahh .. misread that then.. thought you meant m&m 9 would feature several new easter eggs
MinotaurMage: Beats me, and I honestly don't know when MM9 is due for release
lazysod: -shrugs- me neither. although i'm guessing early this year.. may or june or so a** FrederickTW enters.
FrederickTW: Well, I know, I know... I am late again
MinotaurMage: Hi, Frederick
FrederickTW: I could not have come earlier
FrederickTW: Hello
FrederickTW: How many people were there originally?
MinotaurMage: That's ok. We saved a seat for you
FrederickTW: Did I miss Steve and Ribannah??
FrederickTW: Thanks
FrederickTW: =)
MinotaurMage: They did not show up
FrederickTW: oh...
FrederickTW: this is the first meeting I actually attend
MinotaurMage: HodgePodge did drop by though
FrederickTW: because I show up at different time or something
FrederickTW: oh, strange
FrederickTW: last night she did when I called her
lazysod: hey frederick.. 
FrederickTW: we had a talk with Sil and her
FrederickTW: more so with Sil
rosemaria: Hello
FrederickTW: ah, lazy!! hello
FrederickTW: helo rosemaria
lazysod: more strange names. 
FrederickTW: any secret plans for the guild?gain
FrederickTW: let's see... what can I offer... perhaps if you need a decent web designer... just send me an email =)
FrederickTW: I like to do it but I don't know what to do it for
MinotaurMage: I did add M&M screenshots, but if others have good ideas I'm willing to try those
rosemaria: Hi, don't believe we've met yet Frederick
FrederickTW: well, now we did
FrederickTW: I am a wizard =)
rosemaria: *grin* 
FrederickTW: *smile*
lazysod: a wizard.. hmm.. what kind of wizard? 
rosemaria: Cleric class here, healer 
FrederickTW: oh, well I have a cru... on a cleric... sorry lol
FrederickTW: I go to school... so there are those that I call "evil saints"
FrederickTW: ok enough about that
FrederickTW: we had a whole conversation of 2 hours on that last night with SIl
FrederickTW: Sil
FrederickTW: so how many people were there originally?
MinotaurMage: Sil and I collaborated a few times
lazysod: shrug -- i've not been there yesterday . 
FrederickTW: sorry we didn't invite you
FrederickTW: it was Sil and I, talking about clerics lol
FrederickTW: I do that sometime
FrederickTW: I start talking about it and now I tell Steve and Sil my stories of love
FrederickTW: lol
FrederickTW: Well, I just got back
FrederickTW: I will need to take a shower, and that is about 30 minutes total
FrederickTW: I will teleport back asap
FrederickTW: bye!
lazysod: bye -- grins
rosemaria: talkative fellow, why haven't I seen him on the boards?
lazysod: nods.. i was thinking the same
lazysod: and i' m still wondering who that mm was earlier
rosemaria: I thought it was Lady Midnight but I guess it was a stray
MinotaurMage: I'm not sure what time zone Frederick is in
MinotaurMage: The other person sounded like a stray to me. We talked for about 15-20 minutes
lazysod: i don't know if it was lm.. don' know fredericks time zone either.. not mine i guess. at least i don' usually shower at 03:15
MinotaurMage: That sounds a bit erotic there in taking a late shower (wink, wink)
lazysod: -lmao-
rosemaria: *chuckles* He did say he returned from somewhere didn't he?
MinotaurMage: *Come one and all to the late night body wash* 
lazysod: -roflmao-
lazysod: -humm- i'll go elsewhere for that if you don't mind dave..
MinotaurMage: Um, I thought he did. 
MinotaurMage: Ok
rosemaria: And I'd follow him *pointing to Lazy*
lazysod: --mmmms-- -smiles at rose- 
MinotaurMage: Aha! Gotta have a little fun every now and then...
rosemaria: little?
rosemaria: *grin*
lazysod: -grins ear to ear- 
MinotaurMage: Well, it's getting pretty late here(and I know it's real late over where you're at Lazy)
FrederickTW: ok I am back
FrederickTW: hey, you guys were talking about me!
FrederickTW: "talkative fellow"??
FrederickTW: lol
FrederickTW: well, yeah, I talk too much, perhaps
FrederickTW: but I type fast
rosemaria: Ooops...busted
MinotaurMage: That was a quick shower
lazysod: -grins and rolls eyes-
FrederickTW: lol
FrederickTW: you're funny!
FrederickTW: well, yes
MinotaurMage: Hope you're not dripping all over your keboard
FrederickTW: I am in the 3DO time zone, messageboard time 
FrederickTW: no, no I am not
FrederickTW: normally I like taking hour long showers, but this is an exception
FrederickTW: and I returned from school
FrederickTW: lol talkative fellow
lazysod: ahh .. board time feller.. -9 from me then
FrederickTW: reason you have not seen me on the board is that I am on around 3-6 pm board time
FrederickTW: and that might not be your time
MinotaurMage: Hmm. So does that mean you're in California with the lousy weather, power outages and such?
lazysod: nods.. i' m often online around 22:00 - 01:00 board time, and later around 05:00 to 07:00
FrederickTW: and also  I have too little time =(
FrederickTW: yeah, lol
FrederickTW: talkative fellow.... I hope that's not bad =)
rosemaria: of course not, we like talkative
FrederickTW: yeah, well, I have to rely on this skill I mastered at school
FrederickTW: currently I am trying to "charm" a cleric
FrederickTW: and it difficult
FrederickTW: lol
MinotaurMage: Well, the weather did filter down over here to Arizona. Now we're getting rained on quite a bit
lazysod: charming a cleric? --laughs-- that's hard indeed- -- looks at rose with a teasing twinkle-
FrederickTW: well, somehow I get people into talking about love all the time! SteveJaqvaar has sent me a whole page of advice already!
FrederickTW: and now Sil!
lazysod: -grins- hmm.. hardly ever talk to them .. what boards does that happen?
FrederickTW: rosemaria, you are not too talkative
MinotaurMage: Don't ask me. It's been a LONG time...(and probably even longer for the future)
FrederickTW: well, it's called school
FrederickTW: you go there every day
FrederickTW: well, you people will probably be somewhat surprised to know my age
FrederickTW: steve even though I was 41
MinotaurMage: I'd guess late 20s, but I'm probably wrong
FrederickTW: and I have to say "exacly the opposite! I am 14!"
FrederickTW: but don't think any stereotypical teenagers!
FrederickTW: I am a good fellow
FrederickTW: =)
MinotaurMage: Ah. I know there were other young members at the Community
rosemaria: sorry, I've got three comversations going
FrederickTW: yes, yes.... well I hope nobody goes agist on me
FrederickTW: ageism
FrederickTW: rasism, sexism, ageism are all bad
FrederickTW: evil
FrederickTW: ok
rosemaria: *shakes her head* 'course not. I'm an old fart
FrederickTW: well, I must go soo
FrederickTW: n
lazysod: -grins- shrug.. i agree on that one..
lazysod: an old fart??? 
FrederickTW: what rosemaria? you are what??
MinotaurMage: I'm worse...I'm a dirty old fart...
FrederickTW: oh god...  Idon;t know what you are talking about!
lazysod: lmao .. oh no.. hmm.. i guess in 50 years i'l be an old fart. for now.. i'm a young fart
rosemaria: LOL....
lazysod: -starts singing ... he's a dirty old fart -- can' t keep his pants clean himself.. - 
lazysod: -whha.. whoops.. now i'm loosing it.. time to head for bed
FrederickTW: well, same here... *looking scared*
FrederickTW: bye
MinotaurMage: Yeah, I'll put in some D2 Realms time since it's getting late
FrederickTW: goodbye nice tlking
lazysod: smiles.. was good being here.. i'll be off now then.. see you all soon...
FrederickTW: thannks for saving me a seat in this empty hall
FrederickTW: just stop calling yourselves farts, ok?
FrederickTW: thank
FrederickTW: s
FrederickTW: bye
MinotaurMage: Thanks for coming everybody. And I'll certainly do better on my announcements for future meetings
FrederickTW: wait, minotaur, are you DaveO
FrederickTW: ?
rosemaria: *grin* You got it.
rosemaria: Bye now Frederick
MinotaurMage: Yes, it is I.
FrederickTW: bye 
** FrederickTW exits.
rosemaria: I'm heading out too Dave. That's for the chat. 
MinotaurMage: You have nowhere to run Sheltem...(Oops a MM5 moment there)
** rosemaria exits.
lazysod: sheltem? corak!
lazysod: there.. out of here .. right now.. see you around dave.. bye!
** lazysod exits.