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Alien13UFO: hey, aren't you......
** MinotaurMage enters.
Alien13UFO: damn, whats your name again
Alien13UFO: hey Minitaur
MinotaurMage: Hello everybody, I hope I did not miss much
Joshwar: Josh Ginter, the Warlock of the Titans
Alien13UFO: i just got here  a min ago
Alien13UFO: oh yeah
Alien13UFO: I don't really go to 3do that much any more except for my e-mail
Joshwar: I was here for a while just waiting.
Alien13UFO: when does the officially start?
MinotaurMage: Hmm. Wish I could give a good reason why I stay there, but I like the feeling of the "Community"
MinotaurMage: Right now actually. There aren''t any designated topics of discussion
MinotaurMage: Hey, Josh. Hope you got my cmail ok
** Alien13UFO exits.
Joshwar: I did.
** ksummers enters.
MinotaurMage: Well, hopefully it did not take too long to do the correct patch thing. Wierd how that is different...
ksummers: hi
MinotaurMage: Hello. I'm taking a transcript of this meeting. Hope nobody minds...
ksummers: Josh - you here?
ksummers: I don't mind
Joshwar: Hi K. You said to tell you when I start a new MM6 game to tell you when. Well, I started one yesterday and I'm not going to cheat once.
ksummers: lol - sounds good'
Joshwar: I don't mind.
ksummers: what's your party?
MinotaurMage: Yeah, I see him listed...Should see a few more come here to the meeting hopefully
MinotaurMage: Party? I assume you're talking about MM6
ksummers: ya, I was asking Josh what his MM6 party is
** Alien13UFO enters.
MinotaurMage: Ah. My first party was the default
MinotaurMage: I think the optimal party is the best way to play though
ksummers: mine too, and the 2nd one too actually
Joshwar: Silvie the Cleric, Fett the Sorcerer, Toni(a) the Cleric, and Josh the Sorcerer.
Alien13UFO: sorry bout that
** lazysod enters.
ksummers: if I play again, I will also go with 2 Clerics and 2 Sorcerers
ksummers: hey Lazy!
Alien13UFO: I think I clicked something.
MinotaurMage: I had 2 Druids, and 2 Sorcerers for my magic MM6 party
lazysod: -grin- hello all.. hello K.. good to finalyl see you again..
ksummers: Josh, who's Toni?
ksummers: yes, Lazy, it IS good to see you again too!
Joshwar: Some girl in 5th grade.
ksummers: lol
Alien13UFO: so what games you guys playin now or are anticipating?
Joshwar: MM6 for me and HoMM3
lazysod: alien: d2 ofcourse - waiting for stonekeep 2
ksummers: I'm looking forward to the new game that's supposed to be like M&M, but MP
MinotaurMage: I still have D2 running at the moment...I'll continue in the Sanctuary
ksummers: Dave, do you know anything about it?
lazysod: k: yeah.. what have you been doing lately? you've missed much
ksummers: the Sanctuary?
MinotaurMage: Only that it's supposed to be ONLY multiplayer
Alien13UFO: I don't have that game :( heard its awesome though
MinotaurMage: Arcane Sanctuary
ksummers: Lazy - been REALLY busy with work
ksummers: disappointed that I haven't been continuing my POLLs
Alien13UFO: I can't wait for Command And Conquer: Red Alert 2 to come out
ksummers: ALien, are you a 3do comm member?
lazysod: lol .. i miss the polls too - but work goes for pleasure i'm afraid.. i had three really easy weeks at work and spend roughly 30 hours per workweek online ;)
MinotaurMage: ? For a moment, I thought that game was already out, but was thinking of the older C&C
ksummers: wow, how nice for you
lazysod: could use it too - the weeks before that were too stressy.
ksummers: I will try to get the POLL thing going again after Oct 15th
ksummers: what have I missed?
Alien13UFO: yeah I am a comm member but don't go there anymore
ksummers: oh, just didn't recognize you
MinotaurMage: Not much on the 3DO front
Alien13UFO: maybe I will when mm9 comes out but until then, its just a waist of my time
ksummers: I like to play MP Heroes too, so it's a great place for me to meet up with people
Joshwar: What did I miss? I'm trying to patch MM6.
MinotaurMage: I'm not sure what to expect from MM9, but Legends of M&M is not leaving me optimistic
ksummers: don't patch!
Joshwar: Why?
ksummers: ask Dave
MinotaurMage: NO!!! Don't use the bug exploits!
ksummers: why isn't Ledgends leaving you optimistic?
Joshwar: What?
MinotaurMage: You could just patch to version 1.1
Alien13UFO: I know for a fact that legends will NOT work on my comp
ksummers: why not alien?
Alien13UFO: I am hopefully getting a new comp for christmas though
Joshwar: That's what I'm doing at the moment. Version 1.1
MinotaurMage: Just the way they changed the orientation of the game to ONLY multiplayer when initiially they had plans for a single player capability as well
Alien13UFO: cuz my computer is too old
lazysod: -grins- i'm guessing LoMM will need some pretty hefty system.. i'm afraid that even my machine may need some upgrading before m&m 9..
ksummers: ya, that's too bad
ksummers: do you know when it's supposed to be out
ksummers: (I hadn't heard the MP only thing, btw)
Alien13UFO: its a 96 and doesn't even have a 3d accelerator or a pentium 2!
ksummers: wow, dump the dinosaur ;)
ksummers: brb
MinotaurMage: Hmmm. I'm using my P-233 to play D2 Multiplayer. It's ok, as long as I can take the lag...
Joshwar: Aren't I supposed to do 1.1 then 1.2? or just 1.1?
MinotaurMage: It's yo9ur call on whether to patch to 1.2 Josh...It DOES put in the dungeon bugs, but I think the fixes are worth it
lazysod: dave: doing d2 multiplay on a p233? how much memory is in the thing? 
MinotaurMage: 128K
lazysod: -lol - i guess that would be M?
MinotaurMage: Yeah, 1.1 first and then 1.2 Josh
MinotaurMage: Wierd how doing 1.0 to 1.2 causes an error
MinotaurMage: On the Dragon Edition anyway
ksummers: back
Joshwar: What are the dungeon bugs anyway?
MinotaurMage: Is there a different loading screen on DE, Josh? I saw a nifty .PCX file from sifting thru the MM6 data contents
** Adrian-Tepes enters.
MinotaurMage: Just the Shadow Guild(Frozen Highlands), and Kreigspire Castle(Jeweled Egg door)
*** Adrian-Tepes floats in looking around the pale room
ksummers: ya, they're bad bugs
ksummers: especially the Kriegspire one, imo
MinotaurMage: Maybe my cousins just like to keep the Egg for themselves...
*** Adrian-Tepes raises a brow and drops to the ground
Joshwar: Well, tell them I'll sick the titans on them if they don't give it up.
ksummers: lol
*** Adrian-Tepes looks at the colection of people and nods walking to a wall and leans against it folding his arms acrossed his chest
ksummers: love those titans
MinotaurMage: ]But for the armor fixing and the no experience cap, it's worth the minor hassle to do the workaround
Adrian-Tepes: collection*
ksummers: adrian, are you a 3do comm member?
Joshwar: experience caps?
MinotaurMage: Though I think the exp cap is now 16 million times 256
Adrian-Tepes: hmmm..?
ksummers: I'll take that as a no
Alien13UFO: hey minitaur, you should get a better message board. Like E-Z board or something. Its a lot better in my opinion
MinotaurMage: Yeah, before the 1.1 patch had a cap of 16 million experience for characters
Joshwar: I see.
Adrian-Tepes: No
ksummers: Dave, how high have you gone in XP/levels in MM6?
Adrian-Tepes: whatever 3do is
ksummers: they make games  (
*** Adrian-Tepes nods
MinotaurMage: Level 175 from dumping ALL my excess gold into the Kriegspire well
Adrian-Tepes: I roleplay in real LU rooms
Adrian-Tepes: not games 
ksummers: lol, I used that well, but only for a few levels
ksummers: could only get enough gold if I kept going to NWC and depositing in back
ksummers: bank
MinotaurMage: Kinda like all the gold and experience I got from the LoG well in MM7
*** Adrian-Tepes rises off the gorund and floats out into the air
ksummers: haven't finished MM7 yet
Joshwar: K, have you gotten back to MM7?
Adrian-Tepes: ground*
MinotaurMage: I'm getting close(was in Titan Stronghold)
Joshwar: darn!
*** Adrian-Tepes feels his back rip out into black feathered wings
MinotaurMage: Killing Josh's evil brethren...
ksummers: I killed the red dragon on Emerald Isle though!
ksummers: and saved before looting
ksummers: got some killer chain armor
*** Adrian-Tepes takes off from the tiny group of bandits
Joshwar: I couldn't sadly.
MinotaurMage: Yep, I did that and the Wrmothrax both at level 5
** Adrian-Tepes exits.
Alien13UFO: I got through the titans stronghold and killed everything in it
ksummers: and I've spent a couple "months" since then
Joshwar: I did that too. Poor titans. : (
Alien13UFO: I don't go for score though
ksummers: but I'm finding it more difficult to get where I have to go to get what I want
MinotaurMage: Good work. Still think MM6 had the best approach instead of "nerfing" the skills and character classes
MinotaurMage: I NEVER go for score
ksummers: neither do I
MinotaurMage: Just fun and finishing the game
ksummers: and I like MM6 better than MM7 so far
ksummers: me too
MinotaurMage: Which is why I've played my D2 single Bowazon to level 30
Joshwar: I don't go for score either.
ksummers: don't play D2
ksummers: lazy, you still here?
Joshwar: I don't play d2 either
MinotaurMage: It's basically the same as D1, just with more things added
lazysod: yep.. lurking a bit if you don't mind.. i'm trying to write a c program..
MinotaurMage: Sorta like an expanded edition of Hellfire
ksummers: got a question though . . . if you can pay attention for a sec
lazysod: k- sure.. shoot.
ksummers: I was hoping to get some ideas for MM6 POLL questions while I have you guys herre
Joshwar: Favorite monster!
Alien13UFO: have you ever beat hellfire? I never could beat the guy in the crypt
MinotaurMage: He's easy!
ksummers: (didn't I do favorite monster?)
Joshwar: Not that I know of.
ksummers: I may not have
lazysod: pooowwaa.... hmm.. how about favourite place in the land to fly over, or favourite goose egg to tell newbies?
MinotaurMage: It depends on the class, but Lightning Wall is all you really need
ksummers: ooh, good ones
MinotaurMage: He'll just stand there and take the damage without coming out of his little area
ksummers: *writing down the ideas*
ksummers: any ideas Dave, alien?
** Siuan enters.
ksummers: Hey Siuan!!!
Alien13UFO: oh yeah, by the way, I can't play diablo anymore cuz the cd got scratched :(
ksummers: -*kisses her*
MinotaurMage: How about obscure ways to use spells? Or "potion recipes" from mixing the various scroll messages you get in the game
Alien13UFO: ummmmmm any ideas for what?
ksummers: MM6 POLL questions
ksummers: Dave, not exactly sure what you mean there
Alien13UFO: how about favorite tows to use the armagheddon spell in?
Alien13UFO: or favorite things to turn to stone?
MinotaurMage: Or "Fun with Dark Containment"
Joshwar: How about how many times you would commit suicide in the game?
ksummers: never tried turned "things" into stone - does that work?
MinotaurMage: Yep
ksummers: gimme some examples Dave
MinotaurMage: Just lasts a brief time
ksummers: (answers to your questions)
ksummers: commit suicide?
MinotaurMage: Casting DE on Goblins is a favorite tactic. You see them shrunk and stoned 
Joshwar: Go into battle when you were pretty sure you would lose, but didn't.
ksummers: Siuan, you here?
ksummers: (I see you, but don't see you talking)
MinotaurMage: Ah, I remember that feeling in VARN
MinotaurMage: But I survived
Alien13UFO: that place is HUGE!!!!!!!!!!!!
MinotaurMage: Yep, I hated that dungeon the most
Joshwar: Me too. I still do whenever I play.
ksummers: I loved VARN the most
Alien13UFO: there is like a million guys in there
MinotaurMage: And for some reason liked the Firelord dungeon a lot
ksummers: hated Kriegspire the most
Alien13UFO: my brother killed everyone in VARN
lazysod: hm.. k-  how about strangest bug encountered while cheating?
ksummers: I did too
Alien13UFO: took him forever though
MinotaurMage: I did VARN, but it took three game days to clear
ksummers: heh heh, gimme an example Lazy
lazysod: alien: i did so too .. i killed everybody in the whole game
lazysod: k: well.. i wandered into an 'assert' message when i had my team of 4 flying knights shoot arrows with the speed of a gatling gun... :)
ksummers: loved it
ksummers: ? lazy?   what's an assert message?
Alien13UFO: WoW thats pretty fast! whew
MinotaurMage: That's an error code
ksummers: oh
ksummers: the only dungeon I didn't clear was Kreigspire
ksummers: just goot the good stuff and RAN 
MinotaurMage: I've never seen a problem or error crop up in MM6 playing(even inability to go to an area)
lazysod: k : you're no programmer i see.. an assert message is a programmers way of making sure something doesn't happen... like making sure the sum of 1 and 1 is 2
Joshwar: I didn't clear Castle Darkmore last time.
ksummers: ok, ya, I'm NOT a programmer  lol
ksummers: (dave, how can I get a transcript of this?)
** Siuan exits.
Joshwar: Copy and Paste
Alien13UFO: I am going to be a programmer
MinotaurMage: You could try putting Stealing into MM6 Lazy...
Alien13UFO: but not yet
lazysod: dave : i found plenty.. got stuck in some walls - flipped out of the game a few times, and quite some more weird thigns.. non showstopping though, like the arena bug in m&m 8 that kicked you out of the game.
lazysod: alien : what are you goign to code in?
MinotaurMage: Or rather back into the game
MinotaurMage: Just copy and paste the contents
lazysod: dave: grin- but i hated that skill.. hmm.. though i'd love stealing the purses of these pesky peasants again..
MinotaurMage: That's how I do it
MinotaurMage: Or you could also change the monster database quite significantly for a challenge
MinotaurMage: Or even the Loot Generator
** Joshwar exits.
MinotaurMage: All sorts of possibilities...
ksummers: how much of the game can you really change with the programming?
lazysod: hmm.. changing the monsters.. that would be something to do..  do you know how to do that on m&m 8?  then it would finally get challenging..
lazysod: k - in programming everything is possible.. we could even make it x- rated :)
ksummers: LOL!
lazysod: m&m 6.1 - the procreation years ;)
ksummers: could you, say, add a white goblin in the volcano off NS?
ksummers: ;)
ksummers: lol lazy!
Alien13UFO: wow.
Alien13UFO: lol
MinotaurMage: Yep
Alien13UFO: brb
ksummers: now THAT would be fun . . .
MinotaurMage: Just edit the picture file. No problem...
ksummers: create a new version of MM6
lazysod: sure... but i'd rather add a shovel quest - dig a hole between the teleporters on the mountain in ironfist and find the secret teleport to vori ;)
ksummers: MM6: the wooden flute 
lazysod: hmm.. -grins- i'm still no member - i like the bell better.
lazysod: m&m 6 : the plane of the wrong bell 
ksummers: will we EVER be able to get to Vori?  maybe in MM9???
MinotaurMage: Well, in order to do that you either need a hex editor or Stormcat's MM7View program
lazysod: hmm.. a hex editor i do have.. i've got stormcat's editor too - but that's an old version.. 
ksummers: lazy, you're not in the GWF?!?
ksummers: lol
lazysod: k: nope.. never got around to it.. i might as well apply though - but i wouldn't be any better a guild member then the most of them
MinotaurMage: He's an honorary member. Especially since he and ropsemaria get along so well
ksummers: I wonder why someone hasnt' edited the game in a big way and let other people play it to see what they think
ksummers: or is that a copyright infringement?
MinotaurMage: You're better than most. I've seen a lot of people disappear right after they join the GWF
ksummers: lazy is?
MinotaurMage: I don't see how it could be...
MinotaurMage: You can add MM7 or MM8 characters to MM6 with no problem
lazysod: k : i guess that is a copyright infringement - at least when you post the results somewhere, like a patched exe..
MinotaurMage: Might be interesting...
lazysod: k: lazy is what?
ksummers: hm . . .  well, even doing it in "secret"
Alien13UFO: its not as long as you don't seel it. by the way. Im back
Alien13UFO: sell it
ksummers: "better than most"  about leaving after becoming a member?
lazysod: wb alien...
lazysod: alien: Welcome Back
MinotaurMage: Welcome back
Alien13UFO: oh. didnt know
MinotaurMage: Gotta get used to the Usenet lingo
lazysod: k : well.. i've been to a few meetings - i guess dave is pointing to that.. 
ksummers: is rose comin?
Alien13UFO: I have been to all of them since I have been a member. well, I missed like, 2
lazysod: k: don't know.. as far as i know she won't be online before 1am mt, that would be in two hours.
MinotaurMage: Well, I'm glad for the turnout. Usually we only get 3 people to the most, and the more people that come to these meetings means better chance to keep in touch with each other in my opinion
ksummers: in two hours it will be about 5pm mt
ksummers: glad to be here, now that I have the chance AND the address!
ksummers: had to "format c:" not long ago
ksummers: lost everything
ksummers: including web addresses
MinotaurMage: Yes, I apologive for that. I'll make sure I put that on all notifications of meetings
lazysod: -grins widely- hmm.. i'm glad to be here too - as it is i only found out about this meetnig about 5 minutes before it started ;)
ksummers: so I could actually GO to the last meeting
ksummers: but didn't know where it was
MinotaurMage: EEK! What happened?
ksummers: ;)
lazysod: k: formatting c? that's a monthly business here..
ksummers: well
ksummers: I had installed a few "free" ISP's
ksummers: and they made the whole system crash
ksummers: it was terrible
ksummers: now I'm using Windows 2000
ksummers: I couldn't get 98 to work anymore
ksummers: go figure
MinotaurMage: Hmm. Could have been something else too. I've had problems with dying hard drives the most
ksummers: the hard drive is ok, I think
ksummers: it very well could have been something else
ksummers: but I'm not a big "computer" expert
MinotaurMage: I've been using Win. 2K to play D2. And I have yet to see a crash or Blue Screen of Death unlike 98
ksummers: ya, I like 2000 so far
MinotaurMage: And networking is so effortless under Win 2K
MinotaurMage: I'm really liking that feature
lazysod: dave.. i've got win98se running for quite some time now.. havent' seen a blue screen in ages.. 
ksummers: is the blue screen of death where it's scanning the hard disk?
lazysod: dave: networking effortlessly? does that include getting two network cards to run properly in the same pc?  then i would finally have the cable modem online for both pc..
MinotaurMage: I usually see Netscape crash constantly under 98, but no crashes under Win 2k
Alien13UFO: i get the bsod a lot.
lazysod: have to admit to that.. both netscape and ie crash down a few times under 98..
lazysod: alien: what are you doing ? have you installed a lot of rogue drivers?
ksummers: rouge?
ksummers: I had to get my computer friend to help me
ksummers: I really don't know much about computers
ksummers: just gaming  ;)
ksummers: I'm an accountant
MinotaurMage: I know quite a bit, as I used to build machines from the "ground up"
Alien13UFO: brb. gotta check my mail
ksummers: I actually used to build computer and networks
MinotaurMage: I still do, but maybe once a year now...
ksummers: but this was back inthe days of . . .
ksummers: ready for this?
ksummers: 425's/433's . . .
ksummers: and Novell was king
MinotaurMage: CPUs?
ksummers: ya
ksummers: lol
ksummers: 4 MB RAM
MinotaurMage: I have a 667 MhZ P3
ksummers: I have a 550Mhz
ksummers: P2, I think
ksummers: HD's were 130MB
MinotaurMage: And I'll "milk it" until I think I REALLY need to upgrade
ksummers: so we're talking a while back
ksummers: me too
lazysod: k: rogue drivers - drivers for hardware that is no longer present. they tend to destabalize the system.. -sigh-  and here i am with my measly p3 450 with 256 megs..
ksummers: geez
MinotaurMage: My 667 has 256K
ksummers: no, don't think so (rougue drivers)
lazysod: my 450 as well.. 
ksummers: brb
lazysod: megs that is.. and 32 on the video card..
MinotaurMage: Coulkd always format the drive and do a clean installation
MinotaurMage: Though that's usually a last-resort option
lazysod: dave: yeah .. i do that quite often.. everytime the system slows down i'll do that.. just for the fun of it.. have all isntallation discs on the harddisk anyway.
MinotaurMage: Well, did any of you happen to hear about Intel loosing a LOT of money on their stock value yesterday?
Alien13UFO: Im back
** nelle_m enters.
lazysod: hello nelle.
lazysod: wb alien.
nelle_m: hi lazysod
MinotaurMage: What's the difference between this chat channel and the E-Z board one, Alien?
lazysod: dave: nope.. i don't follow the stock markets.
Alien13UFO: i said the message board
Alien13UFO: ez board doesn't have a chat. I like this chat though
Alien13UFO: but I don't like the board
nelle_m: so how is everyone?
MinotaurMage: Ah...Sorry.
Alien13UFO: you wanna see my might and magic ez board to see the dif?
MinotaurMage: I don't see much traffic at the GWF/GMG board or my board either for that matter
ksummers: phone call.  sorry guys, I should go.  see ya next time!  :)
MinotaurMage: I'm familiar with EZ boards, Behemoth was kind enough to give me one of my own
lazysod: see you soon k..
** ksummers exits.
lazysod: no need to whisper nelle.. i'm from holland.. yourself?
Alien13UFO: thats mine
nelle_m: i'm from uk
Alien13UFO: I live in the USA
nelle_m: where in USA?
MinotaurMage: Only one post so far, but my board does not have many posts either so I should not try to make you feel bad
Alien13UFO: New York
Alien13UFO: yeah. I don't have a site to go with mine but I do for both of my other ones
Alien13UFO: so they have more posts
** nelle_m exits.
MinotaurMage: Ok. Well, I feel a need to take out the Summoner from D2 so I'll make sure I keep everyone informed of the next meeting
MinotaurMage: Thanks everyone for coming, and as always feel free to email or cmail me suggestions
lazysod: gmm... so that's the end of this meeting already? we haven't event talked about the guild yet..
MinotaurMage: Well, um what would you suggest?
Alien13UFO: ok. cya everyone
lazysod: glad to have been here though.. 
Alien13UFO: yeah me too
** Alien13UFO exits.
lazysod: hmm.. don't know dave.. i'll see that i'll sign up so i learn earlier about the meetings - then i might find something to talk about
MinotaurMage: D'oh!
MinotaurMage: Well, I'm always looking for ways to have others participate and do things
lazysod: hmm... that would be the way to revive the guild - getting them back together.. lemme think about it.. i'll let you hear when i find something.
MinotaurMage: But I certainly can't do it alone, as my sporadic updating of the MoW shows
MinotaurMage: Ok, thanks. I really appreciate that.
azysod: where are the rest of the site operators then? (i would assist - but my html knowledge is too small and i'm not too rich on time either)
MinotaurMage: There's only me and Steve Jaqvaar and maybe Steve Soap, but I'm not sure how often he does updates to the site
lazysod: hmm.. that's 2.5 people.. that should be enough i guess. but again - my knowledge of pages is too small yet - i don't know how much work it takes to do an update
MinotaurMage: I've done MoW updates myself of course. I could always put a bit more time into the Guild itself I suppose
lazysod: i don't know.. first the sheep must be back at the flock ...
MinotaurMage: Well, again the problem is that many leave after joining the GWF. I could give you my email list, but I'm not sure how much I should do to ask older members to come back
lazysod: well.. it was fun being here.. next time i'll try to -be- here a little bit more.. i was too distracted by my c-program today.. see you around dave.. 
lazysod: hmm.. wait.
MinotaurMage: It's their decision, and I'd certainly would like to see this last 10 more years at least
lazysod: oh - i guess you should ask all members that left at least one question - do they still want to be part of the gwf? if they say no they should fade away .. ofcoruse - it would help to spice it up a little to keep them from saying no
lazysod: 10 years of gwf?? that would be something.. especially with the fast aging of computer users.. the old members would really be 'ancient' in the end
MinotaurMage: Well, I've always tried to make a point that I appreciate contributions from others. 
MinotaurMage: I don't see why not? The old computers still have message forums dedicated to them
MinotaurMage: And we're talking from the TRS days here
lazysod: the trs? or is that TSR? 
lazysod: be right back.. need to take a leak ..
MinotaurMage: TRS-80 was the model of one of the first computers
MinotaurMage: Though it's pretty primitive in retrospect. Basically the 8-bit machines(Commodore, Apple, Atari, and TRS) lasted from the late 70s(77 I think was the beginning) to around 1984 or so
** Charun enters.
lazysod: ah... hmm.. i didn't start withy computers until 1990 when i started studying computer engineering.. so i'm a kid when it comes to comptuers i guess. the first computers i had being three c64s
lazysod: hello charun
Charun: Hello
lazysod: charun.. strange name.. are you on the 3do community?
Charun: No I'm not.
lazysod: hmm.. i guessed that much - i guess i know most of the names on 3do.. where are you from then?
Charun: Why do you ask?
Charun: What do you mean where am I from?
lazysod: hmm .. just interested.. this started out as a gwf meeting - and as far as i knew all of the members of the gwf are 3do members as well.. 
Charun: gwf?
lazysod: well - where do you chat or go otherwise?
Charun: At LiveUniverse.
lazysod: ah.. the page that hoists these chatboxes.. hmm .. i don't know them really well.. are they any good? 
Charun: Sometimes yes,sometimes varies.
Charun: I just got on.
lazysod: ah.. -grin- it's the same with all chatboxes i guess .. some of them are good - some are not.. most of them suffer from netconjestion once in a while.
MinotaurMage: Is it like the E-circles on the LiveUniverse stuff? I never explored past this area
Charun: What?
lazysod: well - i've gotto go.. my c program calls me.. it was good to be here. see you all soon
MinotaurMage: E-circles is like an area where you can move to different areas, like chatting pages and other things
MinotaurMage: Thanks LS
Charun: Perhaps we will.Valete.
** lazysod exits.
Charun: I guess you could say that it's an E-circle.
MinotaurMage: Well, it was nice meeting you. Perhaps in this small world we shall meet again...
Charun: Whats gwf?
MinotaurMage: Guild of the Wooden Flute
MinotaurMage: It's based from a computer game
Charun: Oh
Charun: Which one?
MinotaurMage: I'd like to think of it as a fun place for friends to share their experiences
MinotaurMage: Might and Magic 6 
Charun: Where is there a wooden flute in MM6?
MinotaurMage: It's part of a quest in one of the dungeons in the game
Charun: Oh
Charun: Oh that flute
Charun: Where do you drop it off?
MinotaurMage: Though it does not have a use in the game, a lot of people have come together to create a guild so that the flute does have a use
Charun: I haven't figured it out
Charun: Does it have a use now?
MinotaurMage: Well, there's a guy who wants a harp. Along the way, you find a flute and the guy who wants the harp says he does not want it of course
MinotaurMage: Yes
MinotaurMage: In Might and Magic 8, the Wooden Flute does indeed have a use
Charun: What is that?
MinotaurMage: It lets you into a special dungeon in the game
Charun: Ok
MinotaurMage: In fact I and a few others are part of a tribute in the game itself to a departed person
Charun: Who?
MinotaurMage: He was known as "Lord Brinne" in the various chat groups he associated with
Charun: What happened to him?
MinotaurMage: He died, and Ultima 9 also had a tribute to him. Many people keep saying they were fond of knowing him, although I never got a chance to meet him online myself
MinotaurMage: We all generally use an area called the 3DO community. You can see what it looks like by selecting the Community Log-on and creating an ID for yourself
Charun: I'm sorry but I have to go.
MinotaurMage: Ok. Thansk for coming
Charun: Perhaps I will.
MinotaurMage: I hope to see you again soon
** Charun exits.