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** MinotaurMage enters.
** lazysod enters.
** rosemaria enters.
MinotaurMage: Hello!
rosemaria: Hi Dave
MinotaurMage: Wasn't expecting such a quick entry
lazysod: hia.
rosemaria: It did go rather fast
rosemaria: thanks for the MoW mention
MinotaurMage: Nice. We'll see how long we can go for others to show up too.
lazysod: say .. is there any way to make this window bigger? 
MinotaurMage: No problem. You both deserved the recognition
MinotaurMage: Yep, go to settings
MinotaurMage: Then, select pop-in/out
rosemaria: ah, that's better
lazysod: hmm.. a bit better, still a great waste of screen space.. :)
MinotaurMage: Not too bad, eh?
rosemaria: so what's been going on?
lazysod: and yes - as rose said,, thanks for the mow mention, thouugh it really surprised me..
MinotaurMage: Well, some have wanted a new chat thing but I can't think of anything that might work as well as this LiveUniverse thing does
MinotaurMage: I'm always open to suggestions or ideas
rosemaria: *shrugs* this and ICQ are the only ones I've used
MinotaurMage: Yep, got ICQ myself. Just have not put it on my Win2K OS yet
lazysod: hmm.. don't know any better chat methods then this one or the icq or yahoo messenger system.. 
MinotaurMage: And D2 has been pretty fun, although I think it's time to return and finish MM7 and MM8 
rosemaria: I'm still working on d2...slowly
rosemaria: then I'll go back and finish mm8
MinotaurMage: Heh. Maybe to the start of Act 3 almost
MinotaurMage: With my Bowazon anyway
rosemaria: lol.... rosemaria: ah, that's better
lazysod: hmm.. a bit better, still a great waste of screen space.. :)
rosemaria: lol....
lazysod: hmm.. pity you didn't tell me earlier.. i had a very nice bow for an amazon.
rosemaria: i've still got my sorceress working on her lightning spells, she a fire master already
MinotaurMage: That's ok. I found 2 rare items via B-Net multiplayer already. And I've played only a few hours
MinotaurMage: Fire seems ok, for Inferno and Fire Wall(maybe Blaze as well)
rosemaria: multi seems to give more loot but the gold loss for death is huge compared to solo.
rosemaria: I'm heavy into fireballs and meteors.
MinotaurMage: Yeah, ALMOST made it to Tal Rasha's tomb but it was too late...
MinotaurMage: Not impressed with Fireball or Meteor
MinotaurMage: Inferno seems better
rosemaria: meteor could be quicker
MinotaurMage: Takes 3-4 seconds for a meteor to drop
lazysod: hmm.. maybe i'll start a sorcerer game as well.. now how to call her...:)
rosemaria: yeah but in that time my sword deals some poison damage or i can run
rosemaria: i like the long range spells better than the in-your-face infernmo
MinotaurMage: Inferno gets range as you develop it
MinotaurMage: And added damage
lazysod: dave.. would you know which skills would be best to develop for the barby?
MinotaurMage: But fireball is easier to shoot off
MinotaurMage: Dual Swing, and Stun are good skills
rosemaria: of course....but there is still something about hitting a boss without have to go through all the minions
MinotaurMage: If you are into a MP barbarian, Find Item is great for tons of easy money
lazysod: stun? i'm geared into dual swing - works good indeed, and iron skin is a necessity, but stun? 
MinotaurMage: Stun is fun!
lazysod: hmm.... i like jumping around :)
MinotaurMage: Take out the Smith with NO retaliation with Stun
rosemaria: I'm interested
MinotaurMage: Stun lock that bastard! Much easier than taking the damage
lazysod: hmm.. i took the smith out head on - sliced and diced him without using a single healing potion , no stun, just double swing and two good swords..
MinotaurMage: Cold damage is essential in that sort of situation
lazysod: level 23 on act 2?? is that nightmare? sjees - i finished normal mode on level 26.
rosemaria: that's the best thing about meteor.
MinotaurMage: Nope, Normal
rosemaria: I'm act 1 nightmare at lvl 31.
lazysod: rose - yeah - which other spells do directable damage? i might try a sorcerer game once - maybe you can teach me some tricks - 
MinotaurMage: I'll milk the levels in order not to get screwed so bad when I start nightmare
rosemaria: my pleasure
MinotaurMage: Static Field is probably a spell you will need to concentrate on
MinotaurMage: My Sorceress is going for the mass-damage stuff
rosemaria: I'll be sure to pick your brain when I get a paladin started
lazysod: -laughs out loud- yeah - i can see that.. my level 43 paladin is still getting his behind fried so bad that he has to stand all day long ,... i've kept him in act 2 for a long time and finally am working throight act 3, but i'm in act 4..
MinotaurMage: Inferno, Fire Wall, Glacial Spiek, Blizzard, Frozen Ord, Chain Lightning, Static Field and some others
rosemaria: static field is good in a crowd.
lazysod: hmm.. rose.. maybe we can both start a new game at once.. you starting as a paladin, me starting a sorceress. might be a fun switch
MinotaurMage: I'd volunteer to join. But I'd probably pick an Amazon, Barbarian, or Necro
rosemaria: that would be fun lazy.
rosemaria: I've got an amazon barely started on us east
MinotaurMage: Seems that the melee characters(except Spearazon) get messed over on the higher difficulties
MinotaurMage: Me too. Level 5
rosemaria: I see that
rosemaria: it seems spellcasters finally get their due in the upper levels.
lazysod: hmm.. i've got a low level something on all servers.. don't know if they still  move.. and the paladin is having a hard time - the barby goes strong. Penguin for president!
** Bllade enters.
** Bllade exits.
MinotaurMage: Yeah, barbarian is just as good as the Hellfire Barbarian was
lazysod: rose - and you're right - long range gets really really important in the higher levels as more and more of the monsters get  long range as well. 
rosemaria: LOL...I can see a barbarian at a press many war cries are there?
** Bllade enters.
lazysod: hello blade.. 
lazysod: hmm.. i've seen a few war cries, but one of them can be considered a war whine..
** Bllade enters.
lazysod: hello blade.. 
lazysod: hmm.. i've seen a few war cries, but one of them can be considered a war whine..
Bllade: hi, wot everybody talking 'bout?
rosemaria: d2
Bllade: Diablo 2?
rosemaria: yes.
lazysod: bllade: d2 tactics mostly at the moment.. waiting for the members to show i guess
Bllade: I am a lvl 22 Sorceres
rosemaria: level 31 sorc
Bllade: I take it everybody heer likes D2 then
rosemaria: we all play
Bllade: cool, I play over the internet alot
MinotaurMage: I'm impartial at the moment, although I personally think the 1.04 patch will put me back into liking the game a lot
rosemaria: mp is fun
Bllade: practicly every night (sad I know)
rosemaria: good lord another patch? I haven't seen the 1.04 yet
Bllade: I don't play single play alot
MinotaurMage: No, I'm guessing on 1.04 at the moment
rosemaria: we play open mostly
lazysod: lvl 43 paladin, level 23 barbarian myself..
MinotaurMage: Nah, I play closed
MinotaurMage: Puny Level 5 Amazon
lazysod: and i play it all .. open, closed, half open. most fun in mp though
Bllade: how do I change between open and closed and what is the differance
Bllade: ?
rosemaria: mp is best, though the experience split needs work.
rosemaria: you can't.
Bllade: ?
Bllade: why?
rosemaria: realm characters stay in the realm only
Bllade: and open?
lazysod: because the characters for closed are stored at battlenet.. that way they ensure you can't cheat
rosemaria: open characters you can play solo or MP on open
rosemaria: but never the two will mix.
Bllade: I always play open battle.ney
lazysod: and open can be played in direct ip games..
Bllade: net
Bllade: I hate hackers
rosemaria: that's a security risk on the realm servers
lazysod: i find open battle net strange.. here in holland all the open players that show on the list are clearly hackers and dupers - i don't like to play with these.
MinotaurMage: I agree on open, too many probably use the Diablo 2 editors. I'd rather experience that minimally
Bllade: how do you hack anyhow?
MinotaurMage: Just use the editors or hex-edit
rosemaria: don't know, don't care....
lazysod: easy.. as dave said, there's an editor.. if you have icq i can send it to you :)
MinotaurMage: That's how you do it
Bllade: icq?
MinotaurMage: Although I can't recommend hex-editing. It's pretty painstaking!
lazysod: yeah .. or the yahoo messenger.. just another tool to find people on the net and     make contact easier
Bllade: don't have 1 of those
lazysod: ohh.. dave.. hexediting is so charming.. i still remember the fun i had trying     to find all the offsets in the m&m 8 savegames and finally found the long lost blaster skill.
lazysod: bllade: go to .. it should be there.
MinotaurMage: Funny how a lot of barbarians concentrate on sword. I looked up damages, and surprisingly mace was the best
Bllade: The unbelievable thing is that I am lvl 22 and I have allready completed the game
rosemaria: bllade, good job!
lazysod: dave- yeah.. my paladin had a lot of fun with the scepters.. but i never found a    good scepter at the lower levels
Bllade: it is cos 2 handed swords are the only 2 handed weapon that they can hold in 1     hand
rosemaria: what spell tree did you develop?
Bllade: I was really crap with my spell tree, I put 5 on fire bolt wich is shit
Bllade: I have three things that add 2 my spells though
rosemaria: i used fir mostly with lightning second
Bllade: My fave is fire
rosemaria: cool I have 2 pieces that give +1 to all skills
MinotaurMage: I've been doing broad skill selection for my SP Sorceress(she's diversified)
Bllade: I have the stone of jordan ring and a staff which gives me 1 to all skills and a amulet that gives 1 to all skills
lazysod: rose.. do you still have that unique sword i gave you or have you lost that in that gnarly battle?
rosemaria: I still have the sword and am still using it
Bllade: why don't wee all meet up on D2 in a min?
MinotaurMage: A sorceress using a sword? What is the world coming to?
Bllade: ditto
rosemaria: actually we are waiting for other club members
lazysod: oooh.. using it? hjmm..please hang on to it then, if you get tired of using it Penguin my like it...
Bllade: U are a shame to all Sorcerry!! a sorcerres using a swod!!!
rosemaria: shiels add +1 to my skills, so staffs are out.
lazysod: -brah - both the paladin and the barby used the horadric staff to beat some people up -  was great fun
Bllade: club members??? you have a club????
MinotaurMage: LOL
rosemaria: yes, from the 3do community board.
MinotaurMage: Bring out that "baseball bat" sound eh?
Bllade: ????????????????
Bllade: ?????????????
Bllade: what do you do in ure club???
rosemaria: my sorceress, my weapon...
MinotaurMage: Try to have fun and stay involved with talking to each other now and then...
Bllade: oh, can I join?
rosemaria: besides the shiels is part of a set that gives some nice bonuses too
rosemaria: go to and check it out
Bllade: can I join the club?
MinotaurMage: Ah, Set Items. I'll probably have items from every set eventually(whichever ones are good)
Bllade: oh, I'll do that now, and what was that cheat site you sead?
lazysod: www.bestcheats.cmo
lazysod: com ofcourse
rosemaria: I had the complete sigon's steel but lost a few pieces, still need the belt now.
Bllade: will you all wait 4 me????
lazysod: sure.. i'll be here for a bit - 
rosemaria: we'll be here for a while
Bllade: can I have ure account names just in case?
** lazysod exits.
MinotaurMage: Mine is "Huntress-Hawker"
rosemaria: rosemaria
** lazysod enters.
MinotaurMage: And no doubt LazySod...
Bllade: will you be in open battle or realm?
rosemaria: I mostly tcp/ip
lazysod: crap - i hate java.. sorry for that.. what did i miss?
rosemaria: not much
MinotaurMage: I usually play the realm. But I've only play VERY briefly(a few hours at most)
lazysod: hmm.. what did dave say connected to me?
Bllade: bye ppl! see u soon!
MinotaurMage: Your D2 charactre name...
lazysod: see you bllade..
Bllade: buh bye
rosemaria: bllade was asking for account  names
lazysod: oh.. yeah.. lazysod indeed.. 
Bllade: oh, my sorcerres is Kasandra and my account is TheYellowman, all in 1
Bllade: buh bye
rosemaria: bye
MinotaurMage: My SP characters have better names. But it's all in fun anyway
** Bllade exits.
rosemaria: LOL...recruit 'em where you can.....
lazysod: roflmao
MinotaurMage: He'll see the Sarge figure and go running(or maybe not if he is brave enough)
rosemaria: hey, that's the best cracher we've had yet.
rosemaria: 'crasher' i mean
lazysod: -grin- well.. officially i'm still a crasher as well aint I
rosemaria: nah, you're here more often then 70% of the membvers
MinotaurMage: Not Officially a GWf member, but I do allow leeway
lazysod: -huh? and this is the second time i've been here?
rosemaria: I'm still trying to convince him
lazysod: and what's a leeway?
MinotaurMage: Besides, we need as many ACTIVE people as we can get
rosemaria: a little give-and-take
rosemaria: I hear you there Dave
lazysod: but you are right - we need as many active people as we can get.. where are they all? did the gradual silence on the community hit this place as well?
MinotaurMage: Sorry, I do tend to use my expanded vocabulary now and then(even when I post to the boards)
rosemaria: me too....
MinotaurMage: Part of that is my fault. I've taken up increased personal things(like hiking and astronomy)
rosemaria: Lazy, if we have more than six people it's a new record
MinotaurMage: Well, I DID say I'd try to keep this going as long as I can for others to join tonight
rosemaria: I know, almost an hour now.
MinotaurMage: Wow! See...D2 could EASILY take half a day of discussion for me
rosemaria: I was pleased to see hodgepodge come back to the board
lazysod: -sighs -  ah - not a ver y good way to convince a non-member to join up.. 
MinotaurMage: Yeah, I've done what I can. I even saw gamegurl a few times recently
rosemaria: would you rather I lie?
rosemaria: yeah. I've seen her in the pop screen
MinotaurMage: Kinda funny. I'd like to see this Guild last a while, but I can understand when people leave for personal reasons(or they just don't want to come back)
lazysod: -assuming your talking to me - ofcoruse not.. just a mention.. and i don't base the reasons for joining or not joining on the people that come or don't come to a meeting - i'll need other convincing methods
MinotaurMage: I've been the only "oldie" who'd been around who's done what I could to share different aspects of myself over the years I've been at the old and new Community boards
rosemaria: Hmmm...I understand, Lazy.
lazysod: dave.. how's that kinda funny? personally i find it fairly depressing to see the same fate come to all.. chatboards, communities - irc channels, they all fall down into silence after a while
rosemaria: so what can we do to rejuve this guild?
MinotaurMage: True. I'll do my best. But even I would be taxen to keep it going for a few  more years
rosemaria: It's been a while since mm8 came out and gave us a boost.
MinotaurMage: I'd like to see something where every member can contribute(a little section or something)
rosemaria: another codex or hh board?
lazysod: hmm.. what would you like to see contributed? personally i found lurkane's postings on the comm concerning guilds very good.
lazysod: i guess the coming of m&m 9 will give birth to some more new guilds - and ofcourse m&m X - the puddle years - will be the birth of a plastic nation
MinotaurMage: Well, I'd just like everyone to join for their chance to add something to the Guild. It does not have to be much. Even a little "picture of the day" or something would be welcome
lazysod: sounds good - but how do you want to make sure the contributions are somehow related to the flute? 
MinotaurMage: It would not have to be related to the Flute. We can have fun with a broad variety of topics(monsters, quests, items, etc)
MinotaurMage: Sorta like the story on the background for the dragon in the Temple of Snake(where Q is)
lazysod: ah.. but then you'd transform the guild into yet -another- m&m related site, shifting the weight from the flute onto another leg. 
MinotaurMage: What would you suggest then? I can't let this Guild die. I'd be the most responsible for its defunct status
rosemaria: not so!
MinotaurMage: I've already slipped in weekly MoW updates far too frequently. Though I don't know if added personal activities is a good excuse for that
** rosemaria exits.
lazysod: i don't really know - letting the guild go would be a terrible shame - since it has found it's way into the m&m legends-  
** rosemaria enters.
MinotaurMage: What about increased meetings?
** Ridcully enters.
MinotaurMage: Howdyu
lazysod: might be an idea - but not if only one or two show up.. 
lazysod: hello ridcully.. 
lazysod: wb rose
** Ridcully exits.
MinotaurMage: A flasher???
MinotaurMage: Just kidding there!
lazysod: -roflmao- 
rosemaria: thanks, lazy. Dave, what if we didn't call them meetings but incorporated an activity of some kind?
lazysod: hmm.. sounds promising.. what kind of activities do you have in mind ?
MinotaurMage: Like I said, I'm open to suggestions. One person running the "show"(me) probably has influenced my perspective somewhat
rosemaria: well the white goblin legend is growing dusty
rosemaria: if we could come up with something new?
rosemaria: Lazy is good at easter egg creation...
MinotaurMage: There was TEF's suggestion of using the Druid Crown for a little fun
lazysod: -whistles innocently-
MinotaurMage: Somehow put it into the Flute and/or White Goblin lore
lazysod: thmm.. the druidic crown - frisbee into cyclops eye 
rosemaria: or perhaps a little end of summer picnic theme or something....
** rosemaria exits.
MinotaurMage: Has Rib updated her site recently? She had a good start on a tutuorial, but I have not checked recently
** rosemaria enters.
lazysod: don't know.. haven't been to castle gobs in ages.. 
lazysod: wb rose - your seat is still warm.
MinotaurMage: I'm taking a transcript of this meeting by the way(I hope both of you don't mind)
rosemaria: *smile* thanks....
MinotaurMage: There's that dusty seat in the corner for the Minotaur Mate(although I should probably be realistic and accept being single for the rest of my life)
lazysod: -grin- big brother is watching us 
** Ridcully enters.
rosemaria: *grin*keep looking Dave, what have you got to lose?
lazysod: i wonder where rib is lately.. i haven't seen her on the comm in a long time - just for a second once or twice
Ridcully: hi again ppl
lazysod: hello again ridcully  ..
MinotaurMage: I DON'T have a room 101 for torture like in the book
Ridcully: uve never seen me in this name!
Ridcully: I was Blade
rosemaria: hi again then 
lazysod: hmm... my memory may be flakey but there was a ridcully here just five minutes     ago..
rosemaria: yes, he popped in and out
MinotaurMage: No I saw it on the message feedback
Ridcully: Oh, I did try and enter a few mins ago but it crqashed
lazysod: torture? book?  hmm.. anything i need to read?
MinotaurMage: Just 1984(George Orwell)
Ridcully: who is Dave?
MinotaurMage: MinotaurMage(I go by DaveO at the 3DO Community)
lazysod: oh.. never read the book.. saw the movie once or twice - i'll have to add that book to my ever growing list of books to read..
rosemaria: I'd call you MM, but that would be confusing
Ridcully: I went on the 3do website but could make out bugger all
MinotaurMage: My brother brought me Dune to read
MinotaurMage: Yeah, the 3DO Community is hard to make out if you don't know where to look
lazysod: hmm.. dune.. now that's decent reading material.. are you going to read the whole saga? i just read part 1 myself
Ridcully: I like Dune, it's brill, allthough I have only seen the film
MinotaurMage: Not sure. It depends on how I like the story. I still need to finish part 8 of Jordan's Wheel of Time
MinotaurMage: Patrick Stewart was in that movie
Ridcully: any1 like The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings, the best books of all time?
MinotaurMage: I read them all as well as Silmarillon(SP?) which is a prequel by Tolkien
Ridcully: Silmarillon??? never heard of it, allthough I ahve read all the otheres
lazysod: sure - love that series.. must have read the four books at least 5 times.. but still i'm more of a hitchhiker..
MinotaurMage: I read that series too
Ridcully: Oh, hitch Hiker, don't get me started on how much I like the Hithikers Guidde to the Galaxy!
MinotaurMage: Though I'm not sure if I read the whole thing or not. Just remember the funny stuff
MinotaurMage: Like Marvin against the combat 'bot
lazysod: -oohj yea.. that's a great scenee.. got the audio tapes as well, and then you hear the roof collapse 
Ridcully: Marvin the Paranoid Android is my fave character, probably cos he is so much like me
MinotaurMage: Who made those? The BBC, I assume
Ridcully: are we gonna play D2 anytime soon?
lazysod: ofcourse the bbc.. want them on mp3? might take a bit to upload though..
MinotaurMage: Give us another hour or so.
Ridcully: I want them on mp 3!
MinotaurMage: Hmmm. Tempted....
Ridcully: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
lazysod: -grin- ridcully - get your icq then.. works wonders on uploading files and such..
Ridcully: I don't know what a bloody icq is!
MinotaurMage: And all you need to know is that the final answer to Life, the Universe, and Everything is 42
Ridcully: and the question?
MinotaurMage: What is 6 times 7?
Ridcully: oh yes, I remembre, what ia an  icq anyway?
MinotaurMage: is a link for the program
lazysod: ridcully: go to and download and install the thing.. works fast.. -grins- on the tapes you hear ford prefect in a very english voice - saying  what  do you get when you multiply 6 by 9
Ridcully: what program?
MinotaurMage: Sorta, like mIRC or other online chatting programs
Ridcully: so do I downlaod it from
lazysod: yeah..
Ridcully: i'll do that now, cya soon!
Ridcully: buh bye
** rosemaria exits.
** Ridcully exits.
MinotaurMage: Is it too personal to ask how things have been going since the wedding?
lazysod: -grins- 
MinotaurMage: I wish you both a long union(hopefully longer than I expect 3Do to stay in business, especially if MM9 and LoMM "crash and burn")
lazysod: -thanks - hmm.. what's the word on m&m 9 anyway? 
MinotaurMage: Though they could always just go to just doing HoMM if that happens(and the Army Man stuff)
MinotaurMage: No, clue. I've not received any word or contact from Zoop on LoMM or MM9(and I may not either)
lazysod: hmm.. yeah.. -groans- if they ever incorporate a puddle into the m&m lands i'll     personally come over to the headquarters and shove the cds of the game up their  -censored-
MinotaurMage: I DID put in an application to be a Wizardry 8 beta tester, so wish me luck
lazysod: -grins- good luck..  
MinotaurMage: Well, part of MM8 and partaking in the D2 Stress Test. So I'm hoping for a  good track record
MinotaurMage: I even contacted Zoop to try for employment, but he said they were not interested(although I could keep trying)
lazysod: hmm.. haven't seen any m&m in a long time now.. fniished m&m 8 for about 5 times, switched to swords of xeen for a bit, but am now firmly hooked to diablo..  hmm.. and asking zoop for employment? i don't know.. 
MinotaurMage: Swords is the worst, but it was more of a fan-developed thing(ending is VERY short)
lazysod: yeah.. i noticed it was fan developed -  found it fun to play but got into trouble in teh beginning when the little city was under attack by giants that were too strong for my team to handle. i couldn't heal anymore and didn';t want to use  mr wizard to solve it.. 
MinotaurMage: Just use Jump and Energy Blast(cheesy, but works wonders)
lazysod: jump? i've tried energy blasting, but it didn't do too much damage.
MinotaurMage: Works well enough for me. That's how I took out those pestering giants  anyway
lazysod: hmm.. might try that if i still can find the savegame on my spaer computer..     guess it is still on there since i never clean anything up
MinotaurMage: But you have to use Jump and the Energy Blast combo
lazysod: how does that work then?
MinotaurMage: And keep doing it until you need the spell points
MinotaurMage: Jump a few squares ahead of the monster, energy blast until one space away.  Rinse and repeat
MinotaurMage: VERY lame, but it helped
lazysod: -ah- but will it work when they already stand on your toes?
MinotaurMage: I'm not sure. It may, but I offer no guarantees(but a LONG time since I played the older M&M games)
lazysod: hmm..ill see then and warn you of the results
MinotaurMage: Thanks, although it may be a while before I start at MM1 with my Dragon Edition MM6 copy
lazysod: hmm.. that's another one i must try again.. i never got m&m1 and m&m2 to run properly - somehow the text kept scrolling out of control instead of waiting for me to read it and press a key
MinotaurMage: Could try using MoSlo(a game slowing program)
MinotaurMage: But I've not fiddled with DOS stuff for a while(last DOS-oriented game was Descent to Undermountain)
lazysod: could do that indeed - but i've had a few bad experiences when it comes to slowers-  the worst being a very destructive virus
MinotaurMage: Hmmm. Well, you could always search for low-end computers at thrift shops or something. Although I can't recommend that for just playing a few games(a DOS  machine may be more viable)
lazysod: well.. my old 386 is standign below my desk, but i'm not going to rebuild that     for a game.. it's too smelly - and too full of memories.
MinotaurMage: I seriously need to get my DOS gaming pile worked on. I know that it will only get MORE difficult as time passes(until they basically become unable to run)
** rosemaria enters.
lazysod: -smiles -wb rose.
MinotaurMage: Could always try that. Maybe it won't be so bad, as long as you don't have high expectations
lazysod: hmm.. dave.. maybe there'll be a mame for dosgames in a few years
rosemaria: thanks, but I'm not staying. My ISP dropped me on my head again
rosemaria: Goodnight guys, thanks for the chat.
MinotaurMage: That's ok. I'm doubtful on others showing up(although we have been going for over an hour and a half now)
lazysod: i thought  that much - see you soon - 
MinotaurMage: Thanks for coming!