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There is no hierarchy in GWF. Apart from Her Fluteliness (somebody's got to be the leader) and our special distinguished member (His Greenliness Zoop is the game producer), all the other people are equal, and this includes Steve Jaqvaar, who is mistakenly seen as the behind-the-scenes operator/director of all things fluty. In any case, entry to GWF is free to whoever is interested (you have to complete our Initiation Quest, of course) while promotions are awarded at the member's own request.

Alphabetical Membership List for The Guild Of The Wooden Flute:

note: clicking on a portrait will take you to that member's site, if there is one. Clicking on a name will send them e-mail (if available).

Alien13UFO, Keeper of the All Mighty Flute
Anti-Hero, Flute Sound Quality Controller
Aranath, The Melodic
Belzedar, Undead Protector of the Flute
Bonik, The Fearless
Branco, title pending
Brother Raven, Grand Master of the Flute
Bungleau, Minister of Flute Flagellation
Chlala, Page of the Guild, Mystic Spell Caster
colonel, Reported Missing since he joined GWF
Cool Jerk, Sorcerer of the Fluters
DarkCloud, Singer of Forgotten Times and Rememberer of the Past
Dark Master, Tuner Of The Sacred Flute
DaveO, Minotaur Muse Mage Of Manetheren, Initiations and Promotions Procedures Moderator
Dragonis the Dragon, Chief Varnisher and Fire Hardner Expert
Dragon Master 72, Flute Constructor
DumB, Blaspheming Fool Flautist
eek, The Tonedeaf Avenger
Elara, Itinerant Flautist & Clamberer, Archivist
Elven Ranger, title pending
falko1, the Most Unworthy Flute player of all
fallingstar, First Legate and Under Testamentary Extraordinary to the Flute Lyricists, Interpreters, Rhymers and Talespinners (or FLUTEFLIRT for short).
fett, the Flute Bounty Hunter Master
Fljotsdale, The Evermorn Undead Flautist
Frederick the Wizard, Guild of the Wooden Flute Supreme Advisor
gameboar, Abbot Artur the Just, Esteemed Consecrator of The Flute and Most Holy Guardian of The Sacred Scrolls of The Flute
Her Fluteliness gamegurl, Resident Guild Master
Gerulad, The Invisible Insane Dark Protector of The Flute
ghastly c, Official Flute Polisher
Gideon, Gatherer of the Holy Wood for Flute-making
Grax, Analyst of Sudden Dark Magic Explosions ~ Guild of The Wooden Flute.
Grey Mouser, Analyser of Religious and Mythological Phaenomena with specialty on Grey Magic Investigations on Message Boards.
hcir, Minister of Information EDFLC(Enrothian Department of Flute Licensing and Compliance)
HodgePodge, Mystical Mistress of the Velveteen Dinosaur Woodwind Band & Flautist Extraordinaire
Holy Homer, A Soul Saved By The Flute's Grace
Huntress, Lost While On A Hunting Trip In Erathia. Her flute was thankfully found (in good condition).
Ignc, the Flute Protector
Ineluki, the Storyteller and Official Ranger of the Holy Flute
Jeremy-257, (title confidential)
Joe Dellamorte, the Flute Guard of Honor
Julianna, Inspirational Advisor to Fighting Flautists, and Freelance Flautist Handler Extraordinaire
Julius_44, Master Flute Maker
Just_A_Brain, The Guild's Eye In The Sky
Kaptain Caveman, Official Flute Bearer
ksummers, the Harpy Charmer
kyberkisu, Official Researcher And Librarian
Lady Amy, the Forever Flashy Flute Fixer
Lady Debora, Missing In Action (fell off the Dragon Tower in White Cap while trying to complete her initiation quest-no body or flute was ever found)
LazySod, Chaotic Restorer of the Flute
Lee Ann, the Cleric of the Sun
Lord Edward, Master Craftsman Of Wooden Flutes
Lord Kilburn, Official Song Composer
maria, The Flute Tooter Mama
MyWoRlD, Official Flute-Hole-Driller
NathanNever, Honorary Welcome Agent Of The Guild
Necromaster, the Fluter of the Dead
neeleyek, Honored Polisher of the Flute
Nigel, Wooden Flute Repertory Master Composer & Performer Virtuoso.
Oh Henry!, title confidential
Papz101, Guardian of the Oaken Flute of Ardissia
paxenarrion, Mystic Archer of the Flute
Reinheart, Official Pessimist of the GWF
Ribannah, Supreme Protector Of The Flute
rosemaria, Weaver of Mystic Harmonies and Vocal Accompanist of the Flute
Rune Arcanus, Mage of the Wooden Flute
Sandro II, Undead Head of the Department of Restroring Destoyed and Sunken Flutes
SerpentSkirt, Irrepressible Doyenne of Flutely Double-Entendress and Observer of Paranormal Flute-Related Phenomena
Shadowrunner, Bearer of Ancient Scrolls and Alchemist
Siuan, the Flautists' Muse of Inspiration
Solnac, Freelance Music Mage
Steve Jaqvaar, Musical and Ritual Adviser, Initiations and Promotions Procedures Moderator
Steve Soap, Chief Executive Manager of the Cleaning and Maintenace Department and Honourary First Janitor
Stew Blew, Flute Maintenance Technician
TeNaCiTy, Temporary White Goblin Summoner
TenErnieFord, Kapellmeister Officiale
The Grand Inquisitor, Official Flute Inspector & Certifier
The White Goblin, Honorary Member
ThOr, Official Flute Cleaner And Taste Tester
Torvanuk, Enrothian Protector of the Wooden Flute
Valcar, Official Historian of the Flute
wehver13, Tone Deaf Comic Relief
Xacharia, Test Subject of New Melodies
Xephrena, temporary Web-spinner and Tale-twister (initiation pending)
Zoludas, Enchanter and Magical Defender Of The Flute
His Greenliness Zoop, High Resonator Of Flute Essence
Zulu_Merlin, Air Temperature Controller, Fire And Water Master Wizard Of The Flute

(85 total)

There have been five more members in this list (Arrowroot, Josh Ginter, Lord Roberts, Rune, and Zekyon) who later left the GWF, each for different reasons...

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