Certificate Of Valour
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This is to certify that Guthwulf,

The 3DO webmaster for as long as any of us can remember, served his duty with courage and determination, ingenuity and good spirit, technical ability and imagination, and above all, with a smile :)

For this and all his hard work in making our Community the wonderful place it is today, we, the 3DO Community posters, would like to show our appreciation and tell him how much he will be missed.

So have a Merry Christmas, old friend, and a happy new life!

The 3DO Community

Click below for your presents:

A Goodbye Poem written by Javai

Guthwulf's Honorable Award from the Queen(delivered by Smarties)

A Farewell from Ungoliant

A Specially-Staged Show by OZ

A Short Story by NathanNever

A Goodbye Poem by Leviathon

DaveO also made Guth an honourary MoW for GWF

A Picture by cybermaster
(he kindly sent 3 but only one works here)

If you wait long enough, you can also hear a goodbye song by Steve Jaqvaar

Note: Dear Community members, please remember to send a cheque for the postage costs for this certificate to Loretta Fleece Inc., Silver Cove.
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