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** MinotaurMage enters.

MinotaurMage: Greetings(and hopes that this meeting will go well)

** Alien13UFO enters.

Alien13UFO: Hello

Alien13UFO: am I early again?

Alien13UFO: I guess not

Alien13UFO: its 2:00 right now right?

Alien13UFO: Hello?

MinotaurMage: Yep, hello

MinotaurMage: Sorry, I was not sure if anyone would show up...

Alien13UFO: so what have you been up to lately

MinotaurMage: I'm compiling an MM8 Bounty Hunt list, and will do some more detailed looting soon

Alien13UFO: should I do a post on the one of the boards that says the meeting has started?

MinotaurMage: So far, I've been trying to figure out the "mechanics" of MM8 

MinotaurMage: Sure if you don't mind

Alien13UFO: i dont

MinotaurMage: Still like the experience so far
Alien13UFO: Which board should I do it on?

MinotaurMage: Whichever boards you think will have a quick response for people to show up here

Alien13UFO: oh yeah. Happy Birthday

MinotaurMage: I've been busy with the Diablo 2 stress test as well by the way

Alien13UFO: how much longer is it till that comes out?

MinotaurMage: Thanks. It was not too bad. First good B-Day celebration in a while

MinotaurMage: 2-3 weeks for D2 to show up in stores since they announced its gold status recently

MinotaurMage: I'm also making a transcript of this meeting, so everyone else can read it

MinotaurMage: Any suggestions for the anniversary of the GWF?

Alien13UFO: when is it?

MinotaurMage: I think the 1st year of establishing the site was pretty close to my birthday, but we can always make it the same as my B-Day date since I'm not sure when Steve initiated this site

Alien13UFO: oh

Alien13UFO: how many years has it been since this whole thing started?

MinotaurMage: Thanks for showing up though. It's nice for our members to stay involved

Alien13UFO: yeah

MinotaurMage: The whole White Goblin thing goes WAY back a year or two before the GWF was started

Alien13UFO: this is my second meeting that I have attended

Alien13UFO: I would have attended others but the week after I was member of the week, I lost AOL and didnt get this one till about 4 weeks ago

MinotaurMage: And as usual, my information updating on my Web pages is behind...But once I get most of this MM8 stuff done, I hope everyone likes the results

MinotaurMage: Yeah, I remember your email about that

** falko1 enters.

MinotaurMage: It will take only a few weeks to get the loot part done, and the monster list will be the longest to input since nobody has done it yet

MinotaurMage: Hi falko

Alien13UFO: My party consists of 1 priest of sun, 1 lich, 1 Minitaur lord, 1 Dragon and 1  Dark Elf

falko1: howdy! this the place for the gwf meeting?

Alien13UFO: yes

MinotaurMage: Yep, welcome!

Alien13UFO: you saw my post i suppose

falko1: yes, I saw it on mm7 borad

MinotaurMage: Funny how popular Minotaurs are even though they can't use helms, shields, or boots

Alien13UFO: yeah

falko1: hmm I never used a mino in mm8

Alien13UFO: I didnt know that when I got it but thats cuz I started with it

MinotaurMage: But over 10 years of NOT playing a Minotaur(last time was in Phantasie), I figured it was time to do it again

falko1: what are the advantages over a dragon?

Alien13UFO: Minitaurs are my favorite besides dragons

MinotaurMage: Well, actually the Spear/Dagger combo is the best for Minotaurs in my opinion

Alien13UFO: My Minitaur has the best Plate armor and the best axe at level 10 GM

MinotaurMage: And since they get Master in Armsmaster, they can put some hurt into monsters

Alien13UFO: yeah

MinotaurMage: I did not like the two-handed axes. Spear/Dagger was better for damage

MinotaurMage: Dragons don't need might, accuracy, personality

Alien13UFO: Dark Elves are essential too if you ask me. They arent VERY good fighters but they are good for a utilitie man (disarm, merchant, etc)

MinotaurMage: And even endurance is not too necessary since the level 5 dragon has 200 hit points

MinotaurMage: Yeah, I agree

MinotaurMage: Clerics reek on Merchant even with Master skill

Alien13UFO: Yeah I got that dragon and he has nearly 400 hp now and he hasnt even goten promoted

Alien13UFO: You need a cleric though

MinotaurMage: I'll get it up to 10 at Master level for Merchant with my Cleric. But with how easy it is to obtain gold, I'm not sure I should worry about getting ripped off by merchants

Alien13UFO: you need em to heel and resurect or raise dead

falko1: I have played with only a master in merchant and had plenty of gold left at games end

falko1: you run out of things to spend it on.

Alien13UFO: otherwise you have to go all the way back to a temple

Alien13UFO: well, I guess your right but Im keepin my Dark Elf

Alien13UFO: He is good at disarm and I need that

falko1: darkelf is great for bows, and yes disarm

MinotaurMage: Yeah, I already have 35K in gold. And the simplicity of many of the "Fed Ex" quests makes it easy to get at least level 10 without fighting past the first isle

MinotaurMage: Yep, Disarm is vital

falko1: what is the lowest level you have finished the game with your starting charter?

Alien13UFO: I think the worst classes are Troll (good fighters but not good at anything else) and Vampires

MinotaurMage: I hated getting blown up with only basic level for my Minotaur

MinotaurMage: Hmm. Trolls seem fun to me

falko1: the only place you need a vamp is prision of water lord

falko1: and if you play it right you can do that without a vamp.

Alien13UFO: yeah. I got blown up in the chain of fire when I was goin for the chest in there.

MinotaurMage: Regeneration is a nifty skill, but not useful if you get swarmed by tons of monsters

Alien13UFO: It worked out good though

Alien13UFO: I got 2 artifacts there

Alien13UFO: I got Spiritslayer and Last Stage Cuirass

MinotaurMage: Heh. Wierd how much easier it is to obtain those Artifacts and Relics(and I got the Axe of Balthazar without too much trouble)

Alien13UFO: yeah

Alien13UFO: all i did was kill 3 boulders

MinotaurMage: I just ran past the Boulders and got the Axe

Alien13UFO: The only problem was that they explode and I didnt know that till I killed it

** Shady_Chic enters.

MinotaurMage: I've already explored most of the land areas in getting many of the easier quests done

Shady_Chic: hello

MinotaurMage: Hello

falko1: howdy

Alien13UFO: same here

*** Shady_Chic sighs

Alien13UFO: the only place I havent been is regna

Shady_Chic: so, whats up?

MinotaurMage: And the Bounty Hunter quest will be interesting...

falko1: how long have you had the game alien?

MinotaurMage: I finished one hunt, but I should have thought of using training time to get easy bounties

Alien13UFO: The easiest promo quest is the cleric to priest of sun though

MinotaurMage: Yep

MinotaurMage: Find the promotion item in the FIRST dungeon

Alien13UFO: I got the book while getting off dagger wound

Alien13UFO: yep

Alien13UFO: the necro to lich is kind of hard

MinotaurMage: I heard about some of the quests. I figure once I get the easy stuff done, then I just level up with easy monsters

Alien13UFO: well, at least the lich jars are hard to get

MinotaurMage: And try some of the quests if they aren't too hard

Alien13UFO: the uplifted library is EASY

MinotaurMage: I'll only use the Dragon in my first game probably

Shady_Chic: what game are you guys talking about?

MinotaurMage: Might and Magic 8

Shady_Chic: oh

Shady_Chic: RP?

MinotaurMage: Yes, it's a role-playing game

MinotaurMage: It's been a long running series, and I've played since #3

Shady_Chic: i still think the best role play game of all time is Secret of Mana

MinotaurMage: Never heard of it

Shady_Chic: it's on SNES

Alien13UFO: hey i got a question, in Ironsand, the guy that tells you to bring fire resistance potions to people doesnt give you enough. Then, you click on the thing that says "not enough potions" and he doesnt give you more. What is up with that?

MinotaurMage: What is that game like?

MinotaurMage: Good question. You could always make more, but it would take the appropriate skill level

falko1: you have to make the potions, you need a master level alchemest

Shady_Chic: you start off as a kid( boy) with his two friends and youre wandering through the wood and near a bridge

falko1: you need the recipe?

Alien13UFO: no

Shady_Chic: you werent supposed to be there,so when you fall of the bridge, your friends just run back to town

Alien13UFO: I got the strategy guide

Shady_Chic: its really complexed once you get into it

Alien13UFO: i cant mix whie potions yet

MinotaurMage: I have the Prima guide. Only $10 for it, and it will be handy for when I add the Monster list to my sites

** MAiN_SQUEEZE enters.

** MAiN_SQUEEZE exits.

** MAiN_SQUEEZE enters.


Shady_Chic: hi MS

Alien13UFO: the Prima Guide cost me $15

** Shady_Chic exits.

** MAiN_SQUEEZE exits.

** MAiN_SQUEEZE enters.

** MAiN_SQUEEZE exits.

Alien13UFO: I have been playin M&M since 6. It was the first game i ever got and I never beat any might and magic game since because I got new games that I kept trying to beat (ex. Diablo) so I am trying to beat mm8 as fast as possible so I can go straight to Diablo 2 when I get it

MinotaurMage: And I'll stick with four characters for all my MM8 parties

falko1: mm8 is very easy can be beat in 20-25 hours

Alien13UFO: not me

falko1: not like mm6 (the best mm in my opion)

MinotaurMage: Yeah, D2 looks interesting(although the beta seemed a bit easy to me, but that may be due to the Barbarian being high with hit points)

Alien13UFO: mm6 was very long

falko1: I didnt even need the hint book for this on

Alien13UFO: i didnt play it much but my brothers party was up to level 200!

MinotaurMage: MM6 is the best of the latest M&M updated trilogy anyway...I never finished #7, but I'll try to do it when I can

MinotaurMage: Heh, I finished MM6 at level 175

Alien13UFO: He even cleared out the villiage with the titans in it

MinotaurMage: Using the experience well of course

falko1: mm7 was very good also, liked the space ship ending!

MinotaurMage: That's easy with the ICBM trick

Alien13UFO: the one where you get experience forever you mean?

Alien13UFO: yeah he did that. I forgot about that

MinotaurMage: Yep, I had to make SOME use out of that 3+ million gold I had

Alien13UFO: mm7 wasn't as good as i expected it to be

Alien13UFO: there were just SOOOOOOO many combinations of characters to choose from it was confusing

MinotaurMage: Yeah, I'm not sure how much is left after I get the Arbiter decision taken care of

Alien13UFO: and the light dark thing wasnt that cool either

MinotaurMage: Well, they tilted the game to dark from what I heard(but I'll play both sides to see what I think)

Alien13UFO: I like to be able to have light and dark magic

Alien13UFO: you got a lot to do after the arbiters thing!

MinotaurMage: Heh, it wasn't too easy to get Light magic in MM6

MinotaurMage: But Dark was easy

MinotaurMage: Just kill some peasants...

Alien13UFO: I wouldnt know

Alien13UFO: i was light

MinotaurMage: Yeah, but I think the game will be about as long for the part after the Arbiter thing to get to the finale

MinotaurMage: I've been staying at level 5 with my MM7 characters quite some time

MinotaurMage: Though I know there is no benefit in holding off on training

MinotaurMage: So are either of you two looking forward to Diablo2?

falko1: havent played diablo, never bought it  is it like mm8?

MinotaurMage: I'm hoping the design team did a good job. So far, it looks interesting

MinotaurMage: Nope, it's more a shooter than an RPG

MinotaurMage: But with an overhead perspective

falko1: ahhh, I am not good at them, no reflexes at my age:(

falko1: also they give me seasickness

MinotaurMage: Just need to click the mouse button repeatedly. But the style is similar to an arcade experience I suppose

falko1: havent played any shooter type games in 10-12 years.

MinotaurMage: And MM8 seems to be bugged with the accelerated video option again...

MinotaurMage: I'm not sure what to think of Legends. Seems very similar to Ultima Underworld, but I could be surprised in many areas there

falko1: yes I had to remove my clap card and put an old voodoo card in to play without any lockups

MinotaurMage: I have yet to encounter a lockup from switching to software mode

falko1: I am waiting to try online gaming, I played bauldersgate with a firend wonder if it will be simmilar

falko1: software mode slows the game for me, and the colors are nasty imho

MinotaurMage: Could be. It just depends on how good of a job they do this time

MinotaurMage: I noticed that too, but if it means no lockups I can put up with it

falko1: I understand that there will be no patch for mm8, I guess it runs well enough to get by with, if you use software mode

** Alien13UFO exits.

falko1: I also dont use the music so I dont know if there are any problems withthat

MinotaurMage: I'm hoping the Legends team will not push out a rushed product

MinotaurMage: I never noticed music problems

falko1: yes it would be nice to get a game that actually works like it is supposed to.

falko1: I have read some posts on mm8 boards about music problems, but dont rember what they were

falko1: happy late birthday by the way man

MinotaurMage: Well, I think they will have one MM8 patch(hopefully to address the Win. 2000 playing issue)

MinotaurMage: Thanks, it was fun

falko1: I have win98se, what problems do they have with 2000?

MinotaurMage: Apparently, it had difficulties recognizing CD #2 and has the crash to desktop problem too

falko1: Ahh I wonder if they fixed it, hope so, hear lots of people asking about playing with 2000.

MinotaurMage: But it's wierd how the entire M&M updated trilogy never went beyond legacy audio(3d mode seemed buggy too)

falko1: they have a bug with the audio in mm8 if you set the type and shut the game off it goes back to defalut evertime

MinotaurMage: Well, perhaps just a windows update can take care of the problems. But I'm waiting on Soundblaster to release their LiveWare 3.0 for Win. 2K

falko1: I hear the engine for mm8 is very old.

MinotaurMage: Yep, actually just the MM6 engine

MinotaurMage: With modifications of course...

falko1: I will proab get 2000 in a year or so I wait for the venders to get drivers for the new system before I change os's

MinotaurMage: Though I don't understand why they could not have some detailed stuff like they did with MM6(those stained glass windows for example)

falko1: I hear that mm9 is going to be differant engine, hope it has better graphics

MinotaurMage: Yep, the one year mark seems the best time to really switch to another OS(that's when they seem to get most of the bugs worked out)

falko1: yes mm8 looks like a rushed without much finish work and not much support for a patch either

falko1: I hear that the 2000 is more like nt than 98 is this true?

MinotaurMage: Yep, Win. 2K is basically NT 5.0

falko1: Ahh, is it more stable than 98 (it would have to be)

MinotaurMage: It will have better graphics unless the designers don't know how to use the engine right for graphics

falko1: I hope they support the new cards that are out now, if you try to use one in mm8 you are asking for trouble!

MinotaurMage: It should be. I've had problems with Win. 98 for mostly Web activities. I'm sure 2K has those problems worked out 

MinotaurMage: Strange. I have a fairly recent video card working without problems

falko1: hmm are we the only ones who showed up for the meeting?

MinotaurMage: I guess so

MinotaurMage: I was hoping for a better turnout

MinotaurMage: It's not too late for others to enter and make their opinions known

falko1: my card I am using is a voodoo 3 2000, had  a diamond viper ultra and a clap and had trouble with both

falko1: inquiz is on the mm8  board and I told him bout the meeting

MinotaurMage: It seems to be "hit and miss" on these meetings

falko1: how do you do the decision making in gwf? democratic or is some one in charge?

MinotaurMage: Well, I like to let others make suggestions and I sometimes make decisions on my own

MinotaurMage: The problem is that not many of our members either remember or just can't take the time to attend the meetings

falko1: ahh the guild master, gamegurl, I havent seen her on the boards is she still aroud?

MinotaurMage: Yeah, she's around although cmail will be a better method to keep in contact with her

falko1: well I am a board junkie and am on the net(i am ashamed to admit this) at least 2-3 hours aday

MinotaurMage: She said I helped her out with some comments I made(everyone goes thru bad times, I just hope to see her return as a regular Community member)

falko1: is the guild of the gong still active?

falko1: I understand that some people come to the boards in spells, on for awhile, off awhile

MinotaurMage: I'm hoping that Zoop will be kind enough to listen to my input since he already had it for the MM8 tribute

** Alien13UFO enters.

Alien13UFO: umm. im back

MinotaurMage: I'm not sure about the GWM being active or not

MinotaurMage: Oops, GMG

falko1: what input do you have for zoop?

Alien13UFO: hey. your steeling my idea from the gwf board

Alien13UFO: if you read it

Alien13UFO: have you gotten the flute in mm8 Minitaur?

MinotaurMage: Yep

Alien13UFO: what do you do with it?

falko1: yes easy

MinotaurMage: It's a little easter egg

Alien13UFO: huh?

falko1: you want a spoiler?

Alien13UFO: sure

Alien13UFO: i got it

Alien13UFO: but dont know what its for

falko1: in the plain between the plains is a duegeon shaped like a sword

Alien13UFO: thats it?

falko1: have the charter in your party highlighted who has the flute and then you can enter

MinotaurMage: Well, I'd like to continue being a part of the M&M process if I can like I was for the MM8 tribute

MinotaurMage: Yep, the NWC level...

Alien13UFO: did you read my mm9 post on the GWF board?

falko1: a building which is a modle of the nwc headquartes building, kind of like the city in a bottle in mm7

MinotaurMage: No?

MinotaurMage: What was your post about?

Alien13UFO: its about a tribute to the GWF in mm9

falko1: yes that was nice of nwc to do that in mm8 I hope they do something like that in legends and mm9

MinotaurMage: I have yet to hear from Zoop on that matter

MinotaurMage: I hope to though

MinotaurMage: It would be nice 

Alien13UFO: well, Im sure mm9 wont work on my cpu. I dont have a 3d accelerator and mm8 runs slow on mine.

falko1: when are they planing to release mm9 next sommer? have you guys heard anything?

falko1: what type puter do you have man?

MinotaurMage: Hmm. Upgrading to an Athlon or a P3 700 is not too expensive

MinotaurMage: I have 2 machines. The 233 I'm using now and a Celeron 500

Alien13UFO:  Hey, I am 13. I dont have money for a new cpu or upgrades

Alien13UFO: all my upgrades were free and so was my cpu and mm8

MinotaurMage: Mow some lawns then(just kidding)

Alien13UFO: Thats what i do

Alien13UFO: I can get a job in less than a month though

falko1: my main puter is a p3-450 home built, I went with memory and video card muscle instead of faster processor

Alien13UFO: my birthday is July 2nd

MinotaurMage: Those teen years are rough...Just keep hanging thru the bad times

falko1: the athlon has not been out long enough for me to get one and  I am using a bx chipset board very stable

falko1: I wait a year or so before getting the new chipsets, processors etc

Alien13UFO: I want to be a game programer after college

falko1: well if you get the education you should be able to make a good living doing that they are always screaming for help at software companies

MinotaurMage: BX is a good chipset(still the best actually)

falko1: yes intel droped the ball on the new stuff, did not make a good decision imho

Alien13UFO: yeah. I was hoping for moving to California after college and work for 3DO

falko1: well if you do make the games great man!

MinotaurMage: Yep, just take the right courses and you could be part of 3DO, Blizzard, or whoever(though you may need a project from the school to get recognized)

Alien13UFO: I will IF i ever get good at it

Alien13UFO: I read books about programing and stuff

Alien13UFO: its all I really ever wanted to do

MinotaurMage: Yep, Intel screwed up big time by supporting the Rambus and having all sorts of problems with motherboards trying to use that memory

falko1: man I wish I was 13 again! I would stay in collage and major in programming

Alien13UFO: I know I will get into college. No doubt. I get straight A's

falko1: well I have tried some of the new boards which use the old memory and rambus, and the bx is actually faster than they are with pc100 memory

falko1: and a whole lot more stable, I will take stability over speed any day!

Alien13UFO: I will take all the computer courses possible in high school and college. I am currently taking accelerated art and next year I will be taking Honors History

MinotaurMage: Can't go wrong with BX! And you can overclock the bus speed to 133(but you'll need a video card that won't go freaky being overclocked on the AGP bus)

Alien13UFO: Hey, have you played the beta version of Diablo 2 yet?

MinotaurMage: Yep

Alien13UFO: I havent. just want to know how it is

falko1: I wont change from bx till they come out with and have on the market a better more stable chip set and not just something to make you spend money on new memory for not much gain

MinotaurMage: Kinda short, but I might as well get my time investment out of the beta

Alien13UFO: I read in a maggasine that you can be a lot more charachters now

MinotaurMage: 5 actually

MinotaurMage: 1 less than Hellfire offered

lien13UFO: I never beat hellfire but I beat Diablo

Alien13UFO: With the rouge

Alien13UFO: Personally, I like the monk in hellfire and didnt like any other characters exept the rouge

MinotaurMage: Heh. Hellfire is pretty nifty. You get Warrior, Mage, Rogue, Bard, Barbarian, Monk

MinotaurMage: And Hellfire added 8 levels to Diablo with some nifty stuff

Alien13UFO: yeah

Alien13UFO: i will be right back. I have to order some food.

falko1: you on dialup isp?

** Alien13UFO exits.

MinotaurMage: I probably should try to get my Hellfire characters up in levels before release of D2

falko1: guess he is gone

MinotaurMage: Yep, just 33.6K modem speed

MinotaurMage: So that 100 meg download of D2 beta took over 12 hours to do

falko1: hmm I am glad my wife let me get a cable modem, I can download that in less than an hour

falko1: where did you download the beta for d2? is it worth looking at?

MinotaurMage: Heh. Just be careful! Net people are always looking to raid cable or DSL connections

falko1: hmm what do you mean man? raid?

MinotaurMage: Well, since the full version will be out in 2-3 weeks I'm not sure I can recommend downloading the beta(I got the copy from IGN)

MinotaurMage: Well, your IP address is stable which means more time for hackers to break into your machine

MinotaurMage: So a firewall program or an actual firewall is a necessary line of defense in my opinion

falko1: ahh well they would be bored here, I have nothing on this one but drivers, and a couple of games

MinotaurMage: And one recommended firewalling utility was the Norton program

MinotaurMage: But it's your call of course. Turning off the machine keeps the problem from getting out of hand if you do it often enough

falko1: I keep everthing of a private nature on my backup machine which has no network or modem.

falko1: yes I turn the machine and cable access off when ever I am not using them

MinotaurMage: Good plans. Always backup every month or so or more frequently if you think you need to

** Alien13UFO enters.

Alien13UFO: I dont suppose I missed much

falko1: hey I am trying to learn how to set up a web site, do you know of a site which has any type of instruction on how to do this?

Alien13UFO: there are tons

Alien13UFO: just I dont know them

MinotaurMage: I learned how to do basic HTML using only the Webmonkey reference guide

falko1: I need a dick and jane type help site, for an old dog trying to learn new tricks

Alien13UFO: you could buy a book on it

falko1: where did you get the webmonkey reference guide?

Alien13UFO: I got HTML for Dummies for 15 dollars

falko1: I will be going to babbages tomorrow, maybe they have something there


falko1: or maybe best buy might have something

Alien13UFO: I got it at Walden Books

Alien13UFO: Its right across from my local EB

falko1: hmm you cant copy and paste on this board

Alien13UFO: i know

MinotaurMage: Funny, I can...

MinotaurMage: It's how I'm transcribing the comments to MS word...

falko1: hmm maybe just something I need for ie5.01

Alien13UFO: are you going to make a seperate link to a previous meeting site?

Alien13UFO: or are you just going to post it on the board?

MinotaurMage: Well, I will add a link to the GWF site for the transcript of this meeting

falko1: I can highlight the text but when I right click on it like I do to copy/paste it just unhilightes it

MinotaurMage: That way others can read it whenever they want to and see what we discussed

Alien13UFO: same here

falko1: hmm are there any issues with gwf we need to discuss?

MinotaurMage: Hmm. I have no problems with cut and paste. No big deal(but it would be if it did not work)

Alien13UFO: Do either of you live in California?

lien13UFO: I live in New York

falko1: no I live in summerville SC

MinotaurMage: I'm close to CA by being in Arizona

Alien13UFO: I had some trouble figuring out what time the meeting was since you use board time

falko1: I have an uncle who lives in Pheonix, what city are you in?

MinotaurMage: Board time is the only "universal" time I can get a good consensus for the meetings

MinotaurMage: Phoenix

Alien13UFO: I figured out it was 5 here about an hour before the meeting

Alien13UFO: yeah. you got a point

falko1: you should try to cordinate time with someone in russia or rumainia

Alien13UFO: I live in the origional capitol of New York. Anyone know where that is. (hint. its not New York City)

MinotaurMage: Don't worry. At least you both made it. I'll keep trying for better turnouts with my mail list(one of these days I'll get a good result I hope)

falko1: hey did any you guys find out why the boards went down at 3do?

MinotaurMage: Nope

falko1: hey just let me know and I will try to be here!

MinotaurMage: Ok, no problem

falko1: by the way thanks for letting me into the gwf man! I did not know it was still active till about a month ago

Alien13UFO: no but the day before, i saw a post by Hooloovoo saying something about a server change

MinotaurMage: Heh. It probably would not be active without assistance from me and some others

Alien13UFO: Just to let ya know. I am a life-time member

Alien13UFO: even if it closes down some day

MinotaurMage: Hmmm. You got me. I think they switched servers, but I really don't know what happened

falko1: how long you guys been in the gwf, by lifetime what do you mean?

MinotaurMage: I've been a GWF member since Steve invited me several months ago

Alien13UFO: I have been for about 6 months or so

MinotaurMage: And as far as I'm concerened, once you join the GWF I'll keep you on the roster for the duration of my life

falko1: in the gol, we have sevral members who have moved on and not returned to the boards, does that happen a lot in gwf?

MinotaurMage: Yes, unfortunately

MinotaurMage: But I try to stay optimistic that the GWF members will return

Alien13UFO: AFK

falko1: it seams that some take joining a guild as something to do on a lark not something to support once you are in

MinotaurMage: Well, it's hard to keep interest after a few months. Many Web pages are the same way

falko1: If I can help in gwf in any way just let me know, as I believe in supporting the guild I am in

MinotaurMage: But I'll still be around for MM9(unless I die or something else bad happens)

MinotaurMage: Ok, well feel free to provide suggestions or anything else you think is needed to make the GWF better

falko1: I try to help zulu with gol as much as possible, signing up new members and creating quest and such, not much help with techie stuff but creative is where I shine

MinotaurMage: Well, support is why I've had my MM6 1.2 fix on my Web pages for months

MinotaurMage: Gotta fix 3DO's botch where I can

falko1: is there a level requirement on the boards to get into the gwf? some of the newer guilds are making you wait till a certain level to join

MinotaurMage: And the support is the one area 3DO needs to improve for the M&M series

Alien13UFO: im back

MinotaurMage: No, I'm an "equal opportunity employer"

Alien13UFO: I havent gained many levels since I got back On-line.

falko1: that is an understatment brother!3do dosent have enough people working the support at all

falko1: I talked to panorama about the level thing, she said they disabled the level script for awhile because it was interfering with the system and now they have it fixed

Alien13UFO: I usually only need to post 1 or 2 questions a day. The rest of my day is spent either playing mm8 or basketball

falko1: I did not gain a level for almost 2 weeks

Alien13UFO: me too

Alien13UFO: That was a whiIe ago though. I should be about level 34 or something but Im only 25

MinotaurMage: Well, I asked Zoop about the support issue and he said it was mainly a financial concern(but they could always use the HoMM revenue to give MM6 a 1.3 patch, a 1.2 patch for MM7, and hopefully a patch for MM8)

Alien13UFO: those 2 weeks were my most active week

Alien13UFO: weeks*

MinotaurMage: The rush of M&M releases doesn't help(one year, where MM6 took a few years to do)

MinotaurMage: But they realized that they needed the money I suppose. For some odd reason, MM8 is almost like playing MM6 again(although shorter and smaller)

Alien13UFO: Personally, I don't like most of the maps that they provide with HoMM. I make better maps in my mind. I only like the Kill all win conditions. The other ones are either too easy or too hard

MinotaurMage: I've been meaning to give HoMM3 a try, but have not had the time due to backlogged gaming

Alien13UFO: I was going to get Armageddons Blade but I got Majesty instead. I should have just saved my money because Magesty isnt as good as it looks.

MinotaurMage: Is Majesty similar to HoMM?

MinotaurMage: I never read much about the gaem, so please fill me in...

Alien13UFO: yes but you dont controll your heroes

Alien13UFO: they run around killing monsters but there is a wide range of heroes

Alien13UFO: the only sufficient way of making money though is by collecting taxes from your peasants

MinotaurMage: But the gamplay is similar? Recruiting monsters and such?

Alien13UFO: not monsters. they all belong to guilds

falko1: havent heard of majsety, who makes it?

Alien13UFO: and guilds can only hold 4 at the most

Alien13UFO: not sure let me check

MinotaurMage: My guess would be Sierra

MinotaurMage: Or GOD

falko1: ahh the leisersuit larry people!

falko1: you play space quest much?

Alien13UFO: Sierra made some good Kings quest games

MinotaurMage: Well, they made Lords of Magic

falko1: played a few of theearlier ones and they were good!

MinotaurMage: I never tried their adventure games though

Alien13UFO: cant quite find it. I need to get organised

falko1: loved their spoof on the old west, cant think of the name of it tho, was made by al lowe

Alien13UFO: I know its not a well known company though

falko1: he has my kind of sense of humor

MinotaurMage: I remember, but I can't recall the title

falko1: played that scary one, phantsmagoria scared me so bad I had to take the game back!

Alien13UFO: any of you play The Sims? 

falko1: got spooked just having the box in the house!

MinotaurMage: No, it did not sound interesting to me

Alien13UFO: it was good for a few days but then it got repetitive

falko1: no sims looked boring to me, no offence

falko1: I like a good puzzle game like eye of the beholder and like

Alien13UFO: here it is! Majesty is made by Micro Prose. Ever heard of that company?

Alien13UFO: Like I said. The sims is good for a few days

falko1: loved masters of orion, and civ they were by microprose

Alien13UFO: then its really boring

falko1: also I think they have made some like kingmaker and such

Alien13UFO: I like RPG and Fighting games mostly

MinotaurMage: Hasbro published Mahesty

MinotaurMage: Though Cyberlore Studios made it

falko1: I think that hasbro bought the rights to civ from microprose also

Alien13UFO: yeah. I remember their video now

Alien13UFO: for cyberlore studios

MinotaurMage: Hmm. Not sure where that game's money goes to(although Hasbro killed development of Master of Magic 2)

Alien13UFO: Is it Hot out today or what? Its about 90 today with high humidity in New York

falko1: yes ac is cranked up high here!

Alien13UFO: I feel like my skin is melting

falko1: you dont have ac?

MinotaurMage: It's definitely hot down here(but this is Phoenix, so it's supposed to be hot)

Alien13UFO: Yeah but not in this room

falko1: kind of like sc

falko1: I have a central ac unit and a window unit in here for the puter stuff it is actually cold in here 65 degrees

Alien13UFO: I have never been down south but my friend lives in NC. I am probably going to go their this summer for a week or so

MinotaurMage: Moo2 I did play(although it was easy to win even at Impossible level)

falko1: yes moo2 was good, did you ever play against someone not the puter? a whole new game there

Alien13UFO: so how much longer to your birthday bash thing?

MinotaurMage: That was yesterday

Alien13UFO: there are lots of games like that


MinotaurMage: But you can always wish me happy birthday again...

falko1: I love to take psilons and out tech the other guys you need someone between you and the bulrathi or kizintis

Alien13UFO: i did when I entered before but HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

MinotaurMage: No, I probably should have tried a human opponent for Moo2

MinotaurMage: Meklar's were ok

falko1: much more challanging if they know how to play!

MinotaurMage: Klackons or Silicoids were the most challenging

Alien13UFO: Some games that are completely different against a human are- Command and Conquer Red Alert, Heroes 3, Gangsters, and well, chess

falko1: yes the meklars can out produce everone execpt the klackons but with the improvements the the pslions could rule later in the game

falko1: heros 3 is killer with 4 people playing in a free for all, takes a long time to play tho

falko1: If you guys want to play online sometime let me know!

Alien13UFO: yeah tell me about it. I got grounded for doing that. I was on-line for 6+ hours

Alien13UFO: I would rather not unless I get AOL back

falko1: I always lucky to stay in a game playing the silcoids

falko1: who you using for net service now?

MinotaurMage: I just use my regular ISP(doitnow, which is actually RMI I think)

Alien13UFO: when I play the banner add is still there and it messes up gameplay a lot

falko1: I am on the roadrunner network

Alien13UFO: I am on Bluelight service. Its a freebie

falko1: you using a free isp?

MinotaurMage: Hmm. Should be plenty of choices. Pick whichever works out best

Alien13UFO: yeah

falko1: for my first year I would sign up for a free month with an isp and then cancel before they billed me, got almost a year of unlimied for free that way, they made the rules and I played by them

Alien13UFO: lol

MinotaurMage: I've never been a fan of free ISPs(maybe my brief exposure to NetZero has me biased)

falko1: my wife tryed and it was a joke! slow and nothig but adds!

falko1: could not hardly use the net!

Alien13UFO: mine has adds but its the only one I knew about at the time

MinotaurMage: Yeah, adds are the big negative to free ISPs

Alien13UFO: free one that is

Alien13UFO: if i get rid of it, it also loses connection

MinotaurMage: I always have Kali as a multiplayer option for games if I have the time

falko1: well you can get unlimited for 14.99 a month here, I am sure the price will come down more too

Alien13UFO: its so annoying

falko1: hmm what is kali?

Alien13UFO: yeah what is it?

MinotaurMage: It's a multiplayer server. Only $20 for a lifetime subscription

falko1: hmm you have an address for that?

Alien13UFO: I use the MSN zone. its unlimited for free

MinotaurMage: I'm not a fan of MSN zone, but I can always take a look I suppose

Alien13UFO: y dont ulike it

MinotaurMage: is the main URL for a description

MinotaurMage: I never tried it, so I really should before biasing myself from the experience

falko1: hmm havent used anything in the way of isp from microsloth for over 3 years!

Alien13UFO: Its really easy

Alien13UFO: to use

MinotaurMage: I could try I suppose, but I'll have to see...

Alien13UFO: I guess i should try kali too

MinotaurMage: I'm not sure how much they have for support of older games(Diablo and others)

falko1: hmm kali has a neato site! I think I will try them out!

Alien13UFO: No they dont have diablo

Alien13UFO: not sure about others.

Alien13UFO: mostly newer games like HoMM and Rouge Spear etc

MinotaurMage: D'oh! See...Can't go there if they don't support Diablo

Alien13UFO: well, my diablo doesnt work anymore. I have no idea why either.

Alien13UFO: never got to play on-line

falko1: y2k man,;)

Alien13UFO: no. it was way before that

Alien13UFO: it doesnt work on my grandmas cpu either. That is where i first noticed the problem and her cpu is new

MinotaurMage: It should not have a problem running...Could be a CD issue, but those are rare

Alien13UFO: Crusaders of Might and Magic also doesnt work on my cpu but does work on my grandmas.

MinotaurMage: Sounds like the SafeDisc problem...

Alien13UFO: I think it is the CD.

Alien13UFO: maybe it got scratched because the case broke and I put it in the hellfire case along with hellfire

MinotaurMage: Win. 98 was bugged with a CD issue at release time, 2nd edition fixes that problem

falko1: you may try going to and seeing if youcan get a no cd option to play that

falko1: asuming you have the orginal cd of course!

Alien13UFO: yeah i do

falko1: then they may have a solution for you!

MinotaurMage: There's a NO CD hack for Hellfire too, but let's see...

Alien13UFO: just I would have to find it

Alien13UFO: like i said, i need to get organized


MinotaurMage: A link to a possible no CD patch there...

** Alien13UFO exits.

falko1: I use thier no cd option for mm8 and heros3 shadow of death works great!

** Alien13UFO enters.

Alien13UFO: said page could not be found

MinotaurMage: There are always tricks I suppose

MinotaurMage: Hmm. Well, it did not load all the way for me so the page could be defunct or having problems

falko1: never did like to wait a full minute sometimes to verify  I have a cd to play a game, I know they are just protecting themselves but I dont dabble in piracy so it is anoying ot me

MinotaurMage: Well, a CD burner nullifies protection for older games(although 3DO has beefed up their CDs against piracy)

Alien13UFO: well I guess mm6 wasnt that good. I know someone who has a bootleg of it

falko1: yes they have made some good advances there, I hope they get good enough so they dont make you wait while the game looks to see if you have the orginal cd!

MinotaurMage: Yep, MM6 was able to be copied with a burner

MinotaurMage: Though I can use my MM6 Dragon Edition CD as the backup copy of MM6 now

MinotaurMage: I offered my brother the other MM6 CD, but he was not interested at the moment

Alien13UFO: why don't they just illegalize burners. They know nobody does anything but bootleging with em
falko1: that is not true I keep my records from my business on a cdrw

MinotaurMage: Well, I like the backup option for burning(and I even misplaced a game CD that I have a copy of that I burned)

Alien13UFO: well. MOST people do

MinotaurMage: Piracy has been around since the first disk drive

MinotaurMage: It won't ever be eliminated

falko1: this is true! I rember the days of the one time use 5.25 floppy to install games!

Alien13UFO: I don't buy any of those bootlegs. They are cheaper but illegal

MinotaurMage: Yep, I still have the Eye of Beholder 2 5.25 disks...

falko1: hey dave what was your first computer?

MinotaurMage: First true computer was this 233 I have, but I started with an Atari 800 machine

falko1: mine was the good old radio shack co-co, ah the 15 minute load times the messed up tapes, the good old days

MinotaurMage: That was my first encounter with the budding technology

falko1: hmm you must be a youngster! how old are you man?

MinotaurMage: Who me? I'm 35

Alien13UFO: mine was a very old one. dont quite remember the brand name.

falko1: well you arent that much younger than me I am 37

Alien13UFO: I have never paid for a computer in my life

Alien13UFO: and i have had 3

falko1: I have paid for at least a dozen or so, seams like I buy one get it working and the next day it is obslete!

Alien13UFO: never paid for upgrades or fixing either and i have upgraded 2 or 3 times and fixed once

MinotaurMage: Heh. Well, sooner or later you will...I'm intending to get the most out of my machine until I absolutely have to upgrade

MinotaurMage: Just "milk" it then! You don't need much to play games nowadays. A C-500 is a cheap, but workable gaming solution

Alien13UFO: I was supposed to get another new one a couple of weeks ago but the person who I get my cpu from didnt get his new one

Alien13UFO: so that means I don't get one

MinotaurMage: Hmm. P3 700s and Athlon 700s are floating around the $300 mark or so last time I checked

Alien13UFO: P3 is pentium 3 right?

MinotaurMage: Yes

falko1: hmm I have thrown away 2 socket 7 233 machines in the last month or so they were working just to slow for me

Alien13UFO: i dont want a P3. They can track you with them

Alien13UFO: I have the origional Pentium

falko1: the processors are not as important as the memory and video, hdd etc now, I looked at the athlons at 700mhz and they dont look faster than my p3-450

MinotaurMage: I think they disabled the CPU id feature of Pentium 3s

Alien13UFO: I have a lot of memory

Alien13UFO: 2 hard drives

Alien13UFO: but most of it is used up

Alien13UFO: I got about 20 games installed

MinotaurMage: CPU is the most important component of any computer

MinotaurMage: 20 games installed? There must be some you're not playing...

Alien13UFO: you got that right

Alien13UFO: some I havent played in a year or 2

MinotaurMage: Just remove one or two of those and you should free up a bit of hard drive space

falko1: well I agree to a point, but if you have a p3-650 with only 32meg memory and a slow video card, a p3-450 with 256 megs memory and a faster video card are better  money spent!

MinotaurMage: Actaully memory is not much of an issue for gaming performance

MinotaurMage: The processor is

MinotaurMage: Although having extra memory is a godd idea for business applications

falko1: hmm I have been told to have at least 128 megs to play and 256 was preferred

falko1: yes I use mine for my business also so maybe that is what they ment

MinotaurMage: Who said that to you?

falko1: the place I buy my computer componets from, said winblows is a memory hog and that 128 was the sweat spot 

falko1: and 256 was good to keep from using virtual memory

Alien13UFO: lets see. I dont play Sim City 2000, Diablo/hellfire, Madden 98, NBA Live 98, SWAT, Majesty, HoMM 1 or 2, Myst, Crusaders of M&M, Kings Quest VI, Streets of Sim City, Sim Tower, Command and Conquer Red Alert, Rainbow Six, and others that I couldnt fit here

falko1: would speed machine up not to have to swap to hdd

falko1: as much, memory is faster than disk access

falko1: that is what I was told

MinotaurMage: Hmmm. Salespeople are the same no matter where you go... and are good dispelling many tech fallacies

Alien13UFO: MM6 MM7, Gangsters, The Sims, Rouge Speer, Who wants to be a millionaire and thats about it

MinotaurMage: Though since you have business use, 256 is better for your machine...

Alien13UFO: i dont play any of those

Alien13UFO: I was close. Its 21 games that I dont play and about 3 that I do

MinotaurMage: Heh. Well Myst alone takes up a few hundred meg, so that's one easy choice...

Alien13UFO: Myst is HARD!

falko1: I redo my machine I play games with after I finsh a game, to clean the registry and such but I guess that is overkill

MinotaurMage: The Sim stuff would free up another few hunder megs too

Alien13UFO: yeah

MinotaurMage: Nah, uninstall works fine

falko1: right now I only have mm8, and homm3 and blade, shadows of death on this one

Alien13UFO: i probably will get rid of those.

MinotaurMage: You always have defrag or Norton Utilities to help your drive work better

Alien13UFO: Sim Tower doesnt work anyway

Alien13UFO: that was a good game though

Alien13UFO: I like games much better when they have NO cheats. They really turn it off if you ask me. Its not a challenge then

MinotaurMage: Yeah, at least the MM8 editors aren't too good. I'm using one to get my looting research done(but it's buggy)

falko1: hmm hdds have gotten cheap latley, you may what to just get a bigger drive for less that 50 bucks at a second hand store you could proab double or triple your storage

MinotaurMage: Well, thanks again for both of you coming to this meeting. At least we had a good discussion. And I'll let all the members know thru email when the next meeting will be

falko1: well guys my lisa wants me to take her to dinner so I have to say good bye! It has been fun and please let me know when the next meeting is!

falko1: bye dudes!

Alien13UFO: What a coincedince

MinotaurMage: Until next time

Alien13UFO: I was just gonna say bye

falko1: creepy!

Alien13UFO: we all thought of it at the same time

MinotaurMage: Heh. See you at the next meeting I hope!

** falko1 exits.

Alien13UFO: well, anyway. bye

Alien13UFO: I will try my best to be there

Alien13UFO: bye

** Alien13UFO exits.