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There are many role-playing page's all over the net these day's and as ever we are trying to build a page worthy of it's viewer’s. So one of the idea's presented to me was why don't we allow you to submit the things your interested in seeing. The staff agreed that this was a wonderful idea and now we invite you to submit your, character photo's with a short description, stories, poems, and quote's. Even if you have something not in those choices please feel free to send it. All work will be reviewed and what we feel is worthwhile shall be placed on the page for other traveler's to read with full credit to the person who sent it in.

In return for thing's like character picture's and stories we offer a link on the Portal's page, with either a short description, a banner or both. (Note: Please not more then two sentence’s) This is our way of saying thank you to take the time to send in something other people can sit down and enjoyable read. Also the best stories and web page's that are on the Portal's page in the future can become runner's in the award's we shall be giving out once time has allowed us to become more organized. So hurry and submit today.

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