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Georgia's Adopted Dragons

Georgia's Dragons

My Wife Georgia has always had a soft spot in her heart for animals of any
sort. After she nagged me for hours one long night I agreed to give her a stable
so she could show off her pets to everyone. While I really don't like strays around
my home I can never say no to her when she is pleading. -Hunter
My two favortie hatchlings are Zarina; my golden dragon and
the frist dragon that Hunter ever gave me to look after and care for. And Augustine
my red dragon and the first dragon I personally adopted to look after and befriend.
The White dragon on left is Ghost, a powerful hatling that has grown very strong and
free spirited. He will be turned loose soon as he is almost of age to take care of himself
The one on the right is Hidder, he is a shy little dragon, but a very sweet little guy.
And these two are my newborn hatchlings, the blue one is named Asher and the tiny
little gold guy is Orleanes, he is very fast and flies at dangerously fast speeds, his
favorite spot to sleep is on my daughter Kacela's pillow.

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