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©Copyrighted to ShadowRealm 1998-2000

We respects the copyright and intellectual property rights of others and we ask our viewers to respect those rights as well. We reserve the right in appropriate circumstances to not post or take down any picture/writing/story at complaints of others or the Authors request.

Also If you believe that your work has been copied by us accidentally in a way that constitutes copyright infringement be is story/picture/poem/etc. Pleases let us know so the item can be removed or so proper credit can be given. We are all here to have fun and enjoy this web page so please let us know if we can answer any questions.

As for any of the pictures/Stories/poems/etc. displayed on this page consider them all off limits unless other wise stated because some are original art work or writing from loyal rper's who do not wish here talent distributed. If you are interested in anything please email us and we will gladly inform you the author's wishes about that particular piece. The same goes for unclaimed pictures, graphics, and page script coding. Most of it is up for grabs just please ask so the few items that aren’t can stay sacred to the ones that have bestowed them upon us.

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