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Cute Things to Try

There are some cute things to do and see out on the net and we felt that it would be nice for us to give you a page that will either cause a laugh or two, or offer some amusement for passing the time. Below are several places we recommend:

The 100 point draconity corruption test
This test rates your relative draconity. The majority of these 100 questions assume that you are human (at least most of the time), have a draconic name, and have at least heard of dragons at some point in your life. So you won't have to wade through lots of questions asking if you've ever read a book on a dragon, seen a dragon picture, etc.

Vamprie Memory Game is a fun game of memory that is just plain cute

Dragon Etiquette and The Top Ten Dragon Talk Show Subjects is what this page deals with. It's funny but toward the end there are things mixed in that has nothing to do with dragons. Enjoy the first two parts though.

Don't push this....I warn you don't go in here :)

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