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The Library

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So you seek knowledge before facing the rigors of the Realm or perhaps you have stumbled in here unknowingly. Count yourself lucky for perhaps in here you will find the answers you need to get out of here......alive. In the Library are histories and tales of forgotten Lore, Poems and A Gallery of fine collected art and pictures of those like yourself who have become lost in there own minds going slowly insane with the dark magic. All that is in here is open to any and all. If you have a tale we have missed then Submit it.

Before you are shelves upon shelves of scrolls, book, pictures, and quickly scribbled notes. To even imagine reading all this would take many life times over but one section looks well taken care of and it beckons to you tauntingly, that is where you will start. The book shelf is pure black oak with a silver engraved lettering that reads Stories

After running your finger tips over the covers as you read the titles of hundreds of books, but even then you can not comprehend this vast mountain of information and you glance away, you eyes settle on a table covered in scrolls that is near. Moving toward it you see stacks upon stacks of disheveled papers and even after one glance you can tell that this pile is dedicated to Poems

After reading all these things until weariness blurs your eyes and you can no longer focus upon the words before you. A hall seems to present it's self to your attention, it has a safe warm glow about it which immediately screams caution, still it beckons you to it. Upon the walls are detailed pictures of many who have been lost in this hell before you or of the masters of it. Here you may glimpse at those who hold your life carelessly as they watch your struggles for amusement. The Gallery is where you have wondered.

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