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Frequently Asked Questions

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Questions About Rping

Where can I learn to Rp well?
The first rule is read the Regulations page so you know all the expected rules of the chat that you are in. It may differ in each chat depending upon the makers idea's of how things will go smoothly. Second take a look around the actual chat, observation is one of the best teachers. You can see others in action and each persons different style so you can adopt your own. Also for more information on this question and some of the main do's and don'ts click on Rping Essay's.

What does a good Rp look like?
Below is an example of a great role-play where description plays a major part. It allows you to see exactly how creative some people can be. This makes both an interesting rper that other people want to interact with as well as someone who can put of a great story.

Fawn: To be done at a later time

Should I talk ooc to a person before joining in?
Should you talk ooc before playing with them? That depends on the course of action in which you plan on taking in the story line. If you think to battle or kill the character, yes you should talk to them because some people don't wnat there character's killed. Like mentioned before, npeople can put alot of work in to there character and the last thing they want is a 15 minute battle to make that work go down the drain.

Questions About the Ops

Op's are here to help you by regulating a chat, keeping people IC, and just simple inforcing all the Regulations of the chat. To become an op is something that must be earned. So please do not ask or pester anyone for that right.


Please Report Broken Links:
If you come across a link that doesn’t go through, try it again, if the second time it still doesn’t go through it might be broken. So please report all broken links by emailing us at, send us the correct link so we can repair it as quickly as possible. Secondly if you come across a broken image link, then the same applies, email us, specify exactly what link it is and we will have it repaired as soon as possible.

Owner Copyright/Page Copyright:
If you find that we have used a piece of your work on this sight inappropriately then please contact us immediately. We are more then willing to give credit to any and all that ask that their names be placed along side of their work. This applies to all images, stories, and poems found in the realm. Email us immediately if you think your work is being inappropriately displayed at

Submission of Character Picture and Stories:
If you would like to submit your character picture, and a short (three to four sentence) description of your character’s personality traits, history, attitudes, etc. . . then please email all submissions to We will post the character submissions in the order they are received. If you have a link you would like displayed on your character’s description page then send that as well, it can be included at the bottom of your characters page.


Awards will be given out by Realm Staff and Realm Patrons that can vote by email ( Patrons can email and tell us what they do or do not like about sites that apply for awards. Patrons can also apply for awards for their own sites by emailing us and sending a link to their page. Sites that are up for award will be put on display for all patrons to view. Final word in receiving awards shall be the creators of the site.


If you have an idea on how to make The Realm more successful then please by all means email us with it ( ). All ideas will be accredited to the designer if used by the Realm. So please include your name, with all submissions of suggestion.

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