February 21, 2001- HEY! for the three people who might actually still visit this site, we've got good news! Zeke's Garage has a practice this weekend.
now, this might mean the return of Zeke's Garage, but even so, it will still only be temporary, seeing that our singer, greg, will be moving away at the end of the summer. Stay tuned to this site for site updates!!
Sad News! Good things can't last forever, and neither can Zeke's Garage. ZG is unfortunately no longer a functioning band, and Portron Industries has suspended any future work on the ZG website unless they get back together again...
So to all the fans of ZG, thanks for the support.
and, even though Zeke's Garage is now gone, don't forget to check out the members' other bands...
Dave - 5 Bucks!
Mike - Menu 59
Also, don't forget, this website will still be up, it just wont be updated. So you can still buy our shirts, pins, CDs, Tapes or whatever for as long as we have them in stock.
any other ZG related questions can be sent to any member of ZG or Chris. our email address can be found all over this page.
Greg, Artie, Dave, Mike, Chris

No Zeke's Garage means no Zeke's Garage shows.

NOW AVAILABLE!! Zekes Garage's CDSummer Fun! Buy it now, or face an early demise.

And now for something completely different...

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