about Artie!

This lovely picture aquired from Tony and pals local concert scene. visit 'em for other neat-o stuff!! Under Construction!

Come one come all! Read the story of the half-man, half-androgynous school marm! Or you could just read my bio. I figure that someone has to be interested in me to be reading this, either that, or they just felt bad about reading everyone else's bio. Anyway, I'll tell you all about me.
I am Artie Tempermental. I play bass in the band Zeke's Garage. Are you paying attention? There's gonna be a quiz on this material! I was raised in the woods by salamanders, so, as is natural of salamanders, I spend most of my time under a moist rock. My therapist says I'll outgrow that soon, and blossom into a fully functional human being. I think he's jealous.
In order to maintain my runway model figure, I eat a steady diet of french fries and, um, french fries. Anyway, I have been known to also eat babies. Mmmmmm, baby-licious.
So, I suppose it's time to tell you what I like.
My favorite 10 movies are:

(Those aren't in a fixed order, but that's what I feel like today)
My favorite 10 comic books are:

(Once again, the order is constantly changing)
My favorite bands are:

Well, I that's all you need to know about me. Now you are a confirmed Artie-ologist. Well, eat all your veggies and come see our shoes.
Slippery lovin'
Artie Tempermental


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