about Dave!

This is Dave's face. He's one ugly bastard!

Welcome, to a bio, like no other. This is your great chance to see exactly what makes Teen-Superstar Dave tick. Is it girls? Helps. Is it friends? Better than enemies. Is it...is it...yes it is Twinkies!!!!! I enjoy a variety of foods, such as twinkies. But it is important to keep a balanced diet, so in the order to keep in great Teen superstar stature, i also eat bugs.

You may be wondering, what does he do for fun. That's a secret, well since you decided to actually read this, ok i like to play guitar, obviously, surf the web, and eat pancakes. Some of my more hidden secrets are as follows. I have many flourishing musical taste. My favorite bands include Avail, the Ventures, the Cars, Hepcat, 25 ta life, Warzone, Screeching Weasel, Weezer, Op Ivy, the Smugglers, the Cretins, MTX, the Queers, and of course, the Lamebrains. I deeply appreciate Alfred Hitchcock movies, Reservoir Dogs, and the Super. I hope to some day corner the market of teen superstardom, much like Leonardo Dicaprio has, except I would visit with, personally, all my fans, upon request. (As long as there isnt a criminal past, and on the discretion of the King.) So, I bid you all farewell for now, and I am open to any and all email, either left with the king, or myself at ZGGuitarHero@aol.com

Goodbye and go to our shows,
TeenSuperstar Dave

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