about Mike!

this lovely picture of mike the red-eyed demon drummer provided by Tony and pals!

My name is Mike Proulx but i am known as the king of the ants. i play drums for Zekes Garage as you know. I like many many bands. here are my top ten favorite bands in no particular order:

top ten movies again in no order:

I like livivng in Manchester, NH and enjoy walking on the scenic but gross banks of the merrimack river in my spare time. i would like to make it big time and never have to work except to play the music of Zekes Garage.

Zekes wasn't my first band. Being the first member to take interest in instruments at the age of ten, i started taking lessons for drums. the first band i was in was Sleeveless Tissue a nirvana cover band, then i joined my brother band that was just taking off the hot tamales. they soon changed their name to Untitled. We lasted for a while a cover band doing most of the newest songs on the radio. About that time cromiomax got started and that was my only band for a while. cromiomax changed there name to what is today Zekes Garage and then i joined Nox, an oasis and beatles cover band which had its time, but i left for college and had to leave the band. Now all i have is zekes garage.

i am from NH and have lived here for all my life in fact so has my family for three generations. but we didnt start here we originate from the great canadian mountain tops as weevels and evolved to the present day state as simian reletives. i love video games of every genre except fighting. I'm fond of Zelda, Castlevania and especially Earthbound (King P also is quite the earthbound fan).

And so concludes my super-bio. please continue to browse our site and purchase our hokey merchandise.
Peace, love and toadstools,

Mike Proulx

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Music from NES game, "Shadowgate"

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