WELCOME TO OUR POLITICAL SCIENCE RESOURCE WEB CENTER FEATURING LEADING HARVARD, YALE, DARTMOUTH, PRINCETON EDUCATORS AND ALUMNI DISCOURSING ON: "The intricacies of government, that most complicate of science, and difficult of arts"--as stated by John T. Kirkland, D.D. President, Harvard University (1816)

If you are looking for guidance in effectively governing a civilized society, or any of its parts, the items posted here contain the most comprehensive world view related to this subject imaginable.

In general, the original printings (spanning a time frame ca.1646 until ca. 1900) are listed in one or more sources of historical documents such as the Library of Congress, the libraries of the older U.S. Universities, and numerous other public and private sources. We are placing them back into the "marketplace of ideas", which the curator of the originals desires. After all, the words speak for themselves; it's up to you to make the appropriate applications! ***PLEASE FEEL FREE TO PASS ON BOTH THIS HOME PAGE ADDRESS, AND ESPECIALLY ANYTHING YOU DOWNLOAD. "FREELY YOU HAVE RECEIVED, FREELY GIVE"*** We will continue to update and add new items, check us out periodically!

Our site name is in honor of John Willison, A.M. of Dundee, Scotland. His 1744 publication of "A Fair and Impartial Testimony" convincingly demonstrates what befalls a people when they forget the source of their strength, hard lessons his native Scotland endured time and again. His calling for a return by the Scots to the "Old Paths" may have prompted its re-issue in the U.S.(1808) in response to a similar turn of public sentiment gaining ground there. E-Mails: Mail is welcome. We will answer as time permits.

The Willison Center is an independent educational project, and has no connection with any of the Institutions of which our featured Authors are Alumni.

****** See our Namesake's book: "A FAIR AND IMPARTIAL TESTIMONY", John Willison's major historical work on Scotland A.D. 95 to 1744. Click the corresponding Link below.

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NEW 06.10.2006...The HISTORY OF THE COLLEGE OF NEW JERSEY, by John Mclean, the Tenth President. THIS IS A MUST READ for anyone with serious interest in the Founding and Academic philosophy of what is now PRINCETON UNIVERSITY. Covering the period of 1746 through 1854, this 2 volume set is currently recommended reading by the University. There are no reprints available that we can find, so we have scanned and created our digital version to supply the need. To access, please scroll down to our Link 10 " The Princeton Page" / then to Links 45 and down. Volume 1 is now available in two parts, Volume 2 is in process.

The Willison Center

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Link 7. Advice To A Young Christian: Princeton Seminary's Dr. Alexander's Essay on personal faith is the forward to an important work on applied theology. Letters 1 - 10 of 29 in this file begin your tour of discovery into the character of Divine Spirit.
Link 8. Advice Letters 11 thru 29, see Letter 22 for Dr. Ben Franklin's defense of the Bible to a hostile English Nobility! !
Link 9. The Log College.... Dr. Alexander's Biographical Sketches of the Alumni of Princeton's Ancestral School!..... Wm. Tennent, Jr. is our first transcript.
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Link 14. THANKSGIVING, DISCOURSE, 1828. Yale Professor Eleazar Fitch discusses Geo. Washington and Providence, citizen's faith for national security, the scourge of slavery, and his projection of civil war if the practice continued.
Link 15. FOURTH OF JULY DISCOURSE, by Joseph Dana, D. D. ( Harvard) His 1827 work chronicles the Providential workings to ensure Liberty.
Link 16. THANKSGIVING DISCOURSE, by William Dwight, D.D.
Link 17. STATESMANSHIP.....Dr. Dwight's Discourse on the life of Conn. Gov. Jonathan Trumbull....He is one exemplar worth imitating!!
Link 18. BUSINESS ETHICS.....Joshua Bates, President, Middlebury College well defines honest practice in commerce. 1818
Link 19. COSMOLOGY, and the reason for life. Edward Dorr Griffin, Pres. Williams College 1805
Link 20. ***** MISSIONS***** The U.S. was intended for use in fulfilling the Great Commission. Links to our relevant files.
Link 21. Daniel Webster, One of Phillip's Academy and Dartmouth's brightest orators and his place in American Polity. By Edwin P. Sanborn
Link 22. The Founder's America, was it Deism, Atheism, or....Biblical Sprituality / Mysticism....See what THEY claimed gave them the victory !!
Link 23. The AMERICAN REVOLUTION SPIRITUALITY PAGE. Articles and Discourses about the spiritual dimension of the Founders.