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The Founder's of the United States had a clear vision for the country they were given by the hand of Providence. Timothy Dwight summarizes this crucial point in his Valedectory address to the class of 1775 Yale graduates concerning their role in bringing the Gospel to the ends of the earth: "it also communicates to them views of the growth and the ultimate importance of this country, which were at once new, noble and prohpetic".

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Political Works on the United State's role in Missions

Link 1. 1793 U.S. State Governors Validate the Gospel Mission.
Link 2. 1860 U.S. President John Quincy Adams
Link 3. 1849 Princeton President Ashbel Green writes a prayer for U.S. President John Adams to recite at Congress.
Link4. 1820 Article on the conversion of the Jews
Link 5. 824 Princeton Seminary Incorporated by Special Act of the New Jersey Legislature
Link 6. 1837 History of Princeton Theological Seminary

Theological Works Regarding Missions

Link 7. 1820 Presbyterian General Assembly Discourse by John Rice, D.D.
Link 8. 1821 Philip Lindsley, ( Acting President, Princeton U. ) concerning the usefulness of Princeton Seminary.
Link 9. 1830 Missions and Princeton Seminary.html
Link 10. 1832 The American Education Society declares its purpose.
Link 11. 1832 Pastoral letter on Revivals, at the General Assembly, Presbyterian Church of America.
Link 12. 1834 Concerts of Prayer, for the sake of the World.
Link 13. 1808 Timothy Dwight, President, Yale College, speaks on the founding of Andover Seminary.
Link 14. 1805 Edward Dorr Griffin, D.D., on Missions to the General Assembly, Presbyterian Church of America
Link 15. 1806 Eliphalet Nott, D.D., on Missions to the General Assembly, Presbyterian Church of America

Missions Related Biographies

Link 16. 1838 Dartmouth President Eleazar Wheelock
Link 17. 1837 Princeton President Samuel Davies, ca. 1758,
Link 18. 1798 Herman Witsius, D.D., Famed Proffessor at the Universities of Franequer, Utrecht, and Leyden. A trusted confidant to European Monarchs.
Link 19. 1840 John H. Livingston, D.D., First President, Rutgers College
Link 20. 1851 William Tennent, Jr. ca. 1720. Brother of Gilbert, and one of the Great Awakening Pastors. His life was literally