The Miscellany Page

We have been perusing early United States publications of various sorts, and have found a wealth of short articles which give interesting and unusual insights into the concerns and ideals of the young nation.

Church history, Magazines ( without pictures!) and various organizational records paint a clear picture that is was a society that existed and concerned itself as a Bible-based culture, from where government and education especially drew its values and purpose.

Links Section 2 features articles scanned from the publishings of the American Education Society, which was comprised of Alumni of the Ivy League schools ca. 1820-40. Considering that they published lists of all Educators and Alumni starting with Harvard, 1638 to this time period, a 200 year span, the ideas and worldviews they promoted have notable import attached, accordingly. A successful student well understood these concepts, and knew that the very survival of the country was staked on them. May we do the same.

Please access the Links list below for articles of interest.

Links Section 1....Selections from the Presbyterian Church in the U.S.A....1800-1835 Edition of the General Assembly Minutes

Link 1. 1824..... Princeton Seminary ......Incorporated by the Legislature of New Jersey
Link 2. 1830.....Separation of Church and State....As defined by the thinkers who managed both civil and church government in the U.S.A. in the early Constitutional Era
Link 3. 1830....The Act that establishes a school for Missions, giving Princeton Seminary a crucial future global impact
Link 4. 1832....The Second Awakening has begun, and this Pastoral Letter reveals its significant results!
Link 5. 1806.....Eliphalet Nott, D. D. President of Union College sets forth a grand vision for the Reign of Christ on Earth, and the world missions work preceding it!

Links Section 2....Selections from the American Education Society (ca. 1829-1840)

Link 6. 1834.....B.B. Edwards on: ...... The Enhancement Of The Intellect When Guided by Biblical Faith
Link 7. 1834.....Prof. Emerson, Andover Seminary Recommends Daily Concerts of Prayer, the Peace of Jerusalem is a chief concern.
Link 8. 1834.....History of The College of New Jersey......( Now Princeton University )
Link 9. 1837.....Politics, Education, Commerce and Law are only Beneficial when Personal Piety guides their Function
Link 10. 1834.....Hebrew Language and Bible are recommended studies at Ivy League colleges for the good of Society
Link 11. 1835.....Religious Obligations of Rulers.........Their actions are judged by the Judge of the World, and Atheism leads to the certain demise of the U.S.A.
Link 12. 1832.....Mission Statement of the American Education Society.......Their works recorded and
Link 13. 1832.....Revivals in North America.....The Great Awakening Era, 1720-1750 and its explosive effects detailed here.
Link 14. 1832....Revivals in North America.......1662 to 1720, .The deadening slide into dead orthodoxy and the prelude to the Great Awakening
Link 15. 1832.... Revivals in North America...1607 to 1662 The beginning...
Link 16. 1839....U.S President John Quincy Adams on the importance of Biblical Study
Link 17. 1840....American Education Society...A Roster of its Ivy League Officers, and Origins
Link 18. 1837....Princeton Theological Seminary.....Dr. Samuel Miller's short history comprising some facinating details.
Link 19. 1835....Columbia College ( Now University), This is a concise history which covers the Revolutionary War period.
Link 20. 1839....A Catalog of all college Presidents from the founding of Harvard, to 1834 ( N.England, N.Y, and N.J )

Selections from The Christian Spectator (ca. 1820) and other sources.

Link 21. 1820.......Missions to the Jews, American Christians and the Seed of Abraham
Link 22. 1820.......A Near Death Experience...Herman Harris tells his views of the spiritual dimension....from Providence College.
Link 23. 1860......B.J. Lossing quotes John Q. Adams charge to the American people to remember the Biblical Basis of the new 1787 Constitution at Washington's Inauguration
Link 24. 1841......David Nelson, M.D., This fan of Voltaire witnesses many near death experiences reflecting Heaven or Hell, causing him to desert atheism for the Gospel.
Link 25. 1808......Another Near Death Experience, our actions have eternal impact, as this incident in Philadelphia shows.