The American Revolution Spirituality Page. Our True National Treasure

Welcome to the Willison Center's American Revolution Spiritualty Page. The works of the era make it clear that "Philosophy" alone did not fuel the drive to American Independence, but a much larger, all encompassing view of life, according to the Spiritual dimension described in the Bible.

"A firm reliance upon the protection of Divine Providence" means just that, a very real intervention in the affairs of mankind. General Washington staked his career on it.

We are posting here relevant Sermons, Discourses, and Biographies from that time period which plainly exhibit the interface of the physical dimension with that of the spiritual, which led the Colonies to victory.

The 1813 Miller Biography of John Rodgers contains vignettes of Providential acts experienced during the War. The close working relationship between the New York Legislature, the Presbyterian Church, the Ministers, in civil, church, and public education ( New York Board of Regents, of which Dr. Rodgers was chosen Vice Chancellor.) is all too cleary established !!


The Revolution, Deism, Atheism, of Biblical Spirituality

Link 1. Was America a Christian Nation? A response to modern views to the contrary.
Link 2. 1835 The Religious Obligations of Rulers. Middlebury College.
Link 3. 1839 John Quincy Adams on the value of Reading the Bible
Link 4. 1849 John Quincy Adams, his Prayer at Congress

Discourses by or about Revolutionary Period Leaders

Link 5. 1791 John Rodgers, D.D. The Worth of the Soul, Part 1.
Link 6. 1791 John Rodgers, D.D. The Worth of the Soul, Part 2.
Link 7. 1837 Personal Spirituality is the cradle of a Free Society
Link 8. 1851 William Tennent, Jr. His Remarkable Spiritual Journey ! ca. 1740's
Link 9. 1827 Joseph Dana, D.D., His 4th of July Discourse, and the Providential Hand is evident !
Link 10. 1837 Daniel Dana, D.D., Dartmouth President speaks to Massachusetts Politicians .
Link 11. 1813 Samuel Miller, D.D. Selections from his Memoir of John Rodgers, D.D. Clear views of Providence aiding his escapes from the British, their devastation of New York, and post war Reconstruction.
Link 12. 1791 John Livingston, D,D, President, Rutgers College, on the British attacks on New York ,and their destruction of the churches. His Bio attached.
Link 13. 1791 John Ewing, D.D., Provost, University of Pennsylvania. His sermon : The Design of Christ's Coming into the World. The Revolution's spirituality centered on a Person, not just a political ideal, here Dr. Ewing explains the meaning of their slogan
Link 14. 1791 William Linn, D. D. Christian Warfare ( It's not about guns )
Link 15. 1791 John Witherspoon, D.D., Princeton President, Signer, Declaration of Independence defines
Link 16. 1791 John Witherspoon, D.D., Part 2 of 2, His bio attached to both sermons.
Link 17. 1791 Alexander Macwhorter, D.D., Personal Honesty and Patriotism. Dishonest Businessmen are......Traitors !!
Link 18. 1752 Samuel Davies, Princeton President.
Link 19. 1802 Abiel Abbot, STD (Harvard ), His sermon to Massachusetts Militia. Excellent primer on Government's action in just wars.
Link 20. 1804 Joseph Tuckerman, D.D. (Harvard) More military doctrine to the Massachussetts Militia.
Link 21. 1812 Moses C. Welch, ( Yale, 1772 ) His Connecticut Election Discourse prophetically treats our modern situation. Biblical Spirituality for politicians is the main preserver of civil rights!!
Link 22. 1851 William Adams, D.D. ( Yale, Univ. NY, Princeton ) His masterful study on Christianity and Civil Government, and the rights for Revolution. Same philisophy, 75 years after 1776!!
Link 23. 1807 Joseph Dana, D.D. ( Harvard, 1760 ) More on the Worth or Loss of one's Soul. Typical thinking from the Era.
Link 24. 1877 Henry Smith, D.D., Prof, Union Theo. Seminary, N.Y., Public Collegiate Education and Christianity . He propunds a continuation of the Harvard Christian tradition.
Link 25. 1810 Edward Dorr Griffin, D.D., Boston's Park Street Church is opened, and his sermon restates the Reformed Doctrines !!

Politicians and Educators Who Affirmed the Biblical Spiritual Foundations.

Link 24. 1793 Governors, Politicians, and University Presidents Proclaim Biblical Spirituality is the cradle of American Liberty.
Link 25. 1832 The Ivy League, its Stated Purpose.
Link 26. 1839 American College Presidents List, 1640 thru 1839, nearly all are Ministers.
Link 27. 1840 The American Education Society, a list of its Officers.
Link 28. 1871 The Democratic Party. Core values founded upon Jonathan Edwards' Treatise upon the Nature of True Virtue
Link 29. 1856 Henry Melchior Muhlenberg, D.D. ( 1711- 1787 ) Patriarch of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America. He and his sons were Patriots, one who was a prominent General seeing action in the Philadelphia area battles!!
Link. 30. 1816 Minutes of the General Assembly, of The Presbyterian Church in America. Elias Boudinot, L.L.D., served as President, Board of Trustees.
Link 31. 1798 The NATHAN STRONG PAGE. This Connecticut Revolutionary Chaplain and Pastor defines American Spirituality in a series of Sermons.
Link 32. JUST WAR THEORY. Gilbert Tennent, 1747 , Abiel Abbot, 1802. Nations do have a right to defend themselves under certain conditions.
Link 33. John Rodgers, D.D. His Review of the Revolutionary War, and the DIRECT Hand of Providence securing the victory.