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Timothy Dwight, D.D., b. 1752, d. 1817

President, Yale College 1795-1817. Dwight, a grandson of Jonathan Edwards, followed in Edwards footsteps, both in intellectual capacity, and in their common Reformed Theological view of life.

In my opinion, Dwight's Theology is perhaps the superlative systemization of his grandfather Edwards' New England Theology. Its powerful effect had a substantial impact on class after class of Yale alumni, no doubt preparing their minds with a firm ethical foundation in order to direct their work in leading the development of the United States.

Russell Creech, Director, The Willison Center

Featured here is his Biography, Notable Discourses, and selections from his Yale lecture series "Dwight's Theology." As one reads his Theology lectures, it becomes immediately apparent that life, in his generation's time was viewed as a probation for one's eternal residence, and would model traits either of Heaven, or Hell. Shades of the Westminster Shorter Catechism Question 1., "What is the Chief end of Man? Ans. To glorify God, and to enjoy Him for ever."

The Shorter Catechism, was a central component of the New England Primer, which served as the standard grammer school text from about 1690 and into Dwight's day, the framing of moral qualities shaped generations of colonial minds, with tangible results, the greatest being the Revolutionary generation.

Dwight, no doubt, fully subscribed to this potent world-view, and crafted Yale education to that end.

We have posted Dwight's Genuiness and Authenticity of the New Testament, (1838) which also featured two additional works. These go far to furnish immutable proof of the N.T. as Revelation fully trustworthy. The Recommdations to the original are of highest repute, beginning with Harvard Pres. Willard!

Section 1, Biography

Link 1. 1823 Dwight's Biography, as featured in his Yale Theological Lecture series, Part 1, Pages 1 - 30
Link 2. 1823 Dwight's Biography, Part 2, Pages 31 - 61

Section 2, Notable Discourses &c.

Link 3. 1801 Dwight's analysis of the so-called Enlightenment
Link 4. 1808 Andover Seminary's founding, Dwight's discourse in its honor.
Link 5. 1810 A Sermon to New Haven's Charitable Societies becomes a venue to examine all one's motives, and their substantial eternal effects! Dwight's insights into his generations' responsibilities to freed slaves is most imposing, and his concepts should be read and applied now, globally.
Link 6. 1838 ** Genuiness and Authenticity of the New Testament** Dwight's superb rebuttle to Hume, Voltaire &c. futile attempt to discredit the New Testament's validity as Revelation!!
Link 7. 1838*** Why Are You A Christian? Answered by John Clark, D.D. This is one of two additional works appended to Dwight's defence of the New Testament.
Link 8. 1838****Leslie's Short and easy Method with the Deists. Crucial Biblical facts which never have been disproven!
Link 9. 1809 Dwight's Discourse upon the death of Connecticut Gov. Jonathan Trumbull.
Link 10. 1836...Dwight's Son William Dwight, D.D., His Thanksgiving Discourse, True Liberty only possible when Biblical Faith is the foundation of Government...His observance of Providence here is most valuable.

Section 3, Dwight's Theology, Selected Lectures from his popular series.

Link 11. Heaven, Part 2,. Dwight taught that life is a personal probation, with our actions revealing one's true nature for eternity. Here he examines the quality of life and intellect for those admitted to Heaven. #171
Link 12. Heaven, An Extract from Sermon #82, pp505-506, a superb overview, very descriptive!!
Link 13. Peace of Conscience, the cure for our crushing modern anxieties. #84
Link 14. Personal Regeneration, the Agency of change defined. Dwight furthers Jonathan Edwards work. # 72.
Link 15. Personal Regeneration, the Necessity, and examples of genuine spiritual renewal given. #73
Link 16. Angels, Part 1. Popular misconceptions dispelled. #18
Link 17. Angels, Part 2. Further defining their very tangible interventions in the Earth, and its inhabitants. #19
Link 18. Fallen Angels. Popular culture's unhealthy interest wield's unspeakable horrors. Dwight explains the metaphysical process, and the consequences for those who are friends to Fallen Angels. #20
Link 19. Experiencing the very presence of the Deity. #85
Link 20. Self Righteousness, how we try, and its sure failure before God, #75
Link 21. Objections Raised Against Prayer, a reasoned response to consider!! # 143
Link 22. Prayer is the means for securing Divine Blessings, or curses by our neglect, or contempt for it. #142