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Welcome to our Dana Page. Herein we have posted all files that are about, or by New England's leading ministers by the name of Dana. Daniel Dana, D.D., ( b. 1771, d. 1859) was a leading Pastor of the Presbyterian Church in Newburyport, Mass., and served as president of Dartmouth, 1820-21. Joseph Dana, ( b. 1742, d. 1827) graduated Yale , 1760. He was the Minister of the South Society in Ipswich for 62 years.

Daniel Dana, D.D.

Link 1. 1810 The Deity of Christ
Link 2. 1837 Dana's Massachusetts Election Sermon. Good 9/11 concepts far ahead of his time.
Link 3. 1841 Andover's Benefactor Wm. Bartlet
Link 4. 1844 Dana Reviews his fifty years in ministry, Dartmouth Presidency.
Link 5. 1848 The Faith of Former Times,
Link 6. 1851 Have the Churches the Presence of Christ ?
Link 7. 1849 A New Song This World is our Practium for the Eternal World.

Joseph Dana

Link 7. 1825 Joseph Dana's 60 years of Ministry. His parting review and advice gathered from a long and fruitful life.
Link 8. 1827 Joseph Dana, His 4th of July Discourse. Excellent view of the events by one who lived the experience.
Link 9. 1807 J. Dana's "Worth or Loss of the Soul"


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