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Our extensive reading of American publications ca. 1630-1850 reveals the dominant intellectual opinions of the period were decidedly AGAINST the Enlightenment's Deistic or Atheistic ontological pre-suppositions!!!

The clearest bit of evidence in support of this may be found in the text of the American Declaration of Independence. Telling phrases such as: " Nature's God", "Creator", "Supreme Judge of the World", and "Protection of Divine Providence", ( penned by Jefferson, no less,) refer to the Biblical Cosmology all the Signers attested to.

Most important, it was well recognized that such ideas were CONTRARY to the philosophical doctrines from which the American Revolution, and Independence were built on.

The keen perception, that nations which are ruled, and populations that live as if they have no God to answer to for their works in this world, would be capable of unspeakable evil, most notably to the weakest members of society. The clear observations these authors spoke about concerning the carnage eminating from Revolutionary France, and Napoleon is the most condemning evidence to the fact, and we have posted titles that define the extent France wished to destroy Britain, and disarm us into submission.

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The Genuiness and Authenticity of the New Testament, Timothy Dwight &c.

Link 1. The Genuiness and Authenticity of the New Testament. By Timothy Dwight, Pres., Yale
Link 2. 1838 Why Are You A Christian?, By John Clark
Link 3. 1838 A Short And Easy Method With Deists, Charles Leslie
Link 4. 1801 Robert Hall, His work on Infidelity

Political / Philosophical Works by various authors.

Link 5. 1810 Elijah Parish, D.D. Mass. Election Sermon
Link 6. 1808 Elijah Parish, D.D., Ruin, or Separation From Anti Christ
Link 7. 1815 Diodate Brockway
Link 8. 1818 William Allen, Dartmouth President
Link 9. 1801 Timothy Dwight, D.D., An Expose' of the French Revolution's true nature.
Link 10. 1830 Francis Parkman, His views on the French Revolution
Link 11. 1798 Ashbel Green, D.D. Princeton President repudiates Infidelity by examining its historical record.
Link 12. 1803 Reuben Puffer, D.D., Harvard lecturer calls America the Last Best Hope of Liberty, and the Enlightenment a false scheme Stolen From The True One In Scripture.
Link 13. 1810 David Osgood, D.D., His Harvard Discourse on the French, Napoleon, and their intented destruction of Britain. He details the work of Jefferson &c. in the U.S. to this end!
Link 14. 1810 David Osgood, D.D. His Massachusetts Election Sermon,
Link 15. 1830 Leonard Woods, D.D., Andover Professor on Reason and Religion, Marks Enlightenment Thought a fraud, and presents a near prophetic vision of a desolate U.S. if it gained popular support.
Link 16. 1804 Elijah Parish, D.D. Thanksgiving Address concerning elected leaders, their personal conduct's impact on society, and a close look at Thomas Jefferson.
Link 18. 1797 Joseph Lathrop, D.D. Yale. Clear and reasoned defence of the Bible, well contrasted with the Enlightenment's approach.


Link 19. 1823 Timothy Dwight, Yale President, ( 1795-1817), Directly challenges the friends of Atheism at Yale to defend their cause. Part 1
Link 20. 1823 Timothy Dwight, Part 2
Link 21. 1826 Elijah Parish, D.D. A Sketch of his life, one of New England's leading orators. ( His sermons featured above are memorable!)