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1. L'amours des Enfants
My first Gundam Wing fic. Like many of my GW fics, it was written before I'd seen all of the series. My Heero/Duo fan sister kept teasing me about the teddy bear Heero gives Relena in the end, and this fic was the result.
Rating: G; Genre: Sap; Pairings: Reeks of Chibi Heero/Chibi Relena

2. Until We Meet Again...
Sequel to the above and the one of the reasons I just don't do sequels anymore.

3. Sick of You
Do me a favor and don't ask why I wrote a 'poem..'
Rating: G, Genre: Sap; Pairings: Everything is H/R until further notice.

4.In the Nic of Time
Chapter One
Chapter Two
Chapter Three
Chapter Four
Chapter Five
Chapter Six
Chapter Seven
Chapter Eight
Chapter Nine
Chapter Ten
I think if I ever was into GW enough to write fanfiction again, instead of writing something new, I'd just revise the hell out of this story. It's got lots of series inconsistancies, poor characterization and I messed up a lot on the years. In addition, I want to finish the sequel 'The Gundam Ryuusei' and write a Trowa and Catherine side-story. On the plus side, it's one of the best received fics I've ever written.

5. Shot Never Fired
Originally, I wanted to make a Heero/Relena shrine called 'Shot Never Fired,' but then I decided to with with 'Bulletproof.' Well, the site didn't last more than a week. As for this fic, I wrote it at 3 am while taking a break from 'In the Nic Of Time.' I felt it was wildly OOC and let it rot for a month before re-reading it and decided it wasn't so bad.
Rating: PG, maybe; Genre: Sap; Pairings: What did I just say?

6. Nobody's Perfect
It has begun. DBC's infauation with the first-person.
Rating: PG; Genre: Introspection; Pairings: I don't think there are any...the sensative might find hints of H/R or 1x2..I seem to recall putting both in on purpose.

7. Worthless Dreams
Otherwise known as my attempt to brutally murder a Heero/Relena cliche. This is a trilogy; part two can be seen lower on the page. Part three shall never see the light of day.
Rating: PG; Genre: Fluff and Anti-fluff; Pairings: Eh...

8. Hypothetically Speaking
Someone of Fanfiction.net was running a Fanfiction Challenge. I forget who... Anyway, the first two options were strange shounen ai, but the third was simply a fic titled 'Hypothetically Speaking.' Well here you go. (For the record, I HATE HATE HATE couples done just for the hell of it. Random person x random person pisses the hell out of me. And that's putting it lightly.)
Rating: PG; Genre: Torture Heero-kins; Pairings: Some slight What-else-would-I-write?

9. Differentia
Part One
Part Two
Part Three
Part Four
Part Five
Part Six
Part Seven
The award this fic won in the First Annual Mission Anime Fanfiction Contest can be seen: here. ^_^ Anywho, after reading a bunch of complaints about Relena, I decided to write a fic where her reaction to Heero was the opposite as it was in the show. Originally, it was to be a vignette to make you think about her characterization and role in the series. Instead, it snowballed into this AU.

10. Meaningless Advice
Sequel to 'Worthless Dreams.' Someone butts into Heero's business
Rating: G; Genre: I dunno, friendship, maybe?; Pairings: Heero-you-should-just-tell-her!

11. Chess
Got some Shounen ai action here. ^_^ Trowa reflects on his opponent while playing chess.
Rating: G/PG-ish, I guess; Genre: Romance, maybe; Pairings: Trowa/Quatre, Duo/Wufei, Heero/Relena

12. Not As Much
What the hell is this?!? Poetry? Pssh. Yeah, sure.
Rating: G; Genre: Poetry; Pairings: Guess, c'mon, guess.

13. Be My Yoko Ono, Gundam Style
Someone, please take my BNL CDs away..I'm begging you. How OOC can we be, hmmmm?
Blah de blah de blah.

14. Anything and Everything
I imagine this fic is not my best work. I totally rushed through it because I wanted to be the first person on FF.N to use Duo's line 'Anything and everything for the one you love,' from the Endless Waltz dub in a fic.
Rating: G; Genre: Romance; Pairings: Heero and the one he loves.

15. Finale
This was actually supposed to be about Zechs. Guess we all know what's on my mind, ne?
Rating: G; Genre: Romance; Pairing: Er, Zechs' sister?

16. The Circle
Telling you anything will ruin it.

17. Flying Away
Songfic based on one of Heero's character image songs. When I read the translation of the song for the first time, I thought it was very H/R-ish. I think it was just the mindset that I was in, because I don't anymore. Still, the text of the fic matches the lyrics of the song pretty well, which is good because the song is in Japanese.
Rating: G; Genre: Introspection, romance; Pairing: Very H/R-ish

18. Write What You Know
I felt like writing a fic, but didn't know what to write about. The first few lines of this fic are actually in reference to me, not Relena. But once I started writing about that, I thought, hey, I can use this.
Rating: G; Genre: I don't know; Pairing: Slight H/R, I guess.

19. At Peace
The ol' cliched Heero-and-Relena-dance plot.
Rating: G; Genre: Twist the cliche a bit; Pairing: Heero and Relena.

20. Eternal Child
I think this is the first time I wrote something strange. I do that sometimes and it's really a better reflection of myself than the romance I normally write.
Rating: PG-13?; Genre: Supernatural, maybe; Pairing: None

21. Party's Over
More strange-ness. Totally warped episode six. I think the point is probably intirly missed in this fic--Basically, Heero is trying to figure out what about Relena makes her stronge. But he's such a nutcase when it comes to human interaction, he's going about it very oddly. He's 'inspecting' her, if you will.
Rating: Slap on an R for the almost-rape; Genre: Weird-ness; Pairing: I know it seems H/R, but it's really not.

22. You Can Go Home Again
My final Gundam Wing fic. Heero finally goes home. And yes, it's supossed to be very vague.
Rating: G; Genre: That nice homey feeling? Pairing: None.

23. The First Hotel to Stay Standing
My first completed G Gundam fic. I really hope there is a visible improvement in my writing between it and my GW fics, seeing as I must have written twenty-odd Digimon fics in between these two. Anywho, this fic takes place during G Gundam episode two, AKA the Neo-America episode while Domon and Rain are in the hotel room after Barnie leaves.
Rating: G; Genre: General; Pairing: Some Domon/Rain references, some guiniune, some sarcastic.

24. Cafe Au Lait
This fic takes place just after episode four closes. Now, this just may be the Obsessive Domon/Rain fan in me, but am I the only one who thought maybe Domon didn't defeat George because he saved Rain? The only other explaination I could think of is the one presented in the fic, though it also touches on that idea. Really, in the cafe, what was Rain really asking?
Rating: G; Genre: General; Pairing: Some slight George/Maria Louise, nothing in the way of Domon/Rain, though. She's pretty peeved at him.

25. Valentine's Day
Because any excuse for chocolate is a good one.
Rating: G; Genre: Whatever; Pairing: It's both not Domon/Rain and Domon/Rain at the same time.

26. A Chance Encounter
Interesting things happen in the rain...
Rating: G; Genre: General; Pairing: Not that sort of fic

27. A Gilded Cage
In the words of Domon Kasshu "Everyone is like a caged bird." Episode 11 A Meeting in the Rain, FALLING RAIN centered.
Rating: G; Genre: Romance; Pairing: Domon/Rain

28. Anarchist of Hearts
Sometimes, to save the most precious thing in the kingdom, you must over throw the king. But can Kyoji really save his little brother from the unbeatable east?
Rating: G; Genre: General; Pairing: None

29. Unstoppable
Sometime between episodes 40 and 41, Domon and Rain find out exactly where they stand with each other. Just....not in the best way. Warnings: This has lime and most of the dialouge is 'the morning after...' stuff.
Rating: PG-13; Genre: Romance; Pairing: Domon/Rain

30. December Night Tranquillity
Totally pointless fluff that I have no idea why I wrote. I put some decent stories on hold for this one.
Rating: G; Genre: SAP; Pairing: Domon/Rain

31. It's Okay
This took a grand total of two hours to write. I did it for fun and don't care if it sucks. Three words: ALLENBY and KYOJI. Rating: G; Genre: Eh...; Pairings: Domon/Allenby, Domon/Rain and maybe if you see what you want to see Kyoji/Allenby.

32. The Way to the Heart
Painfully cheesy title, I'm sure, but it's a quick read, so give it a shot anyway. ^_^ Domon's POV, too. That's gotta be a rarity. Episode 31... We all remember that, don't we?
Rating: G; Genre: Romance, Angst; Pairing: Domon/Rain

33. Whose Battle Is It, Anyway?
For future reference, it would be in your best interest fear a fanfic author who loves G Gundam and Whose Line It It, Anyway?. Or, you could pit Domon, Argo, Chibodee and Allenby against each other in a Gundam Fighter improv show.
Rating: G; Genre: Dun, dun, dun....Humor!; Pairing: 'Domon loves Rain' is the scene for Foreign Film Dub, if that counts...

34. Illusions of Knowledge and Love
Sometimes when you think you know something, youre right. Sometimes, you're wrong. Featuring Allenby Biazury, Rain Mikamura and the man of their affection, Domon Kasshu.
Rating: G; Genre: Romantic teasing and angst; Pairing: Rain/Domon/Allenby triangle

35. Sins of the Fathers
Domon's a real forgiving guy with a nasty temper. What if he only got one of those from his father?
Rating: PG; Genre: Angsty family troubles and romance; Pairing: Domon and Rain

36. The East Is Burning With a Bad Fever
Domon gets sick and learns a lesson and I really don't feel like writing a better summary right now.
Rating: G; Genre: Normal; Pairings: None.

The award I won for writing G Gundam fanfiction can be seen: here.

37. A Little Girl's Dreams
Another narrative from Rain, this story tells two tales; Domon and Rain's journey to Earth at the start of the Gundam Fight and Rain's first crush.
Rating: G; Genre: Cute crap; Pairings: Rain crushing Domon.

38. True Journey
SAPSAPSAPSAPSAPSAPSAP. That about covers it.
Rating: G; Genre: Did you read the description?; Pairings: Domon/Rain.

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