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In the Nic of Time-Chapter Six

Year-AC 197

March 17

            Time was not wasted.  The moment Relena’s unconsious form had been ushered from the room, courtesy of Wing, Trowa found himself staring down the barrel of a gun.

            “It’s not that we have anything against you, Trowa, it’s just that we’re a little nervous.”

            The beginning of Kitty’s latest speech brought nods from both Nuef and Vingt, the gunman. “If you tell any of the other pilots what you know about us, we might not exist. And we want to exist, so don’t say anything, okay?” Kitty continued.

            Trowa’s gaze hardened.

            “Vingt, get the gun out of his face, he might be more apt to listen to me that way.”

            Vingt’s arm lowered and the gun was returned to where ever it had been hidden.  Kitty motioned for Trowa to sit, and understanding her desperation to get everything cleared up, he complied.  Seated across from him now, Kitty opened her mouth to speak, and thinking less of her chosen words, closed it again. 

            “Trowa,” she began again, slowly this time, and the hard edge she had used with Vingt softened considerably, reminding Trowa very much of Quatre, “we don’t know how we got here, or why we are here, but you can’t tell them about us.  If my parents find out they are going to get together AND have a daughter before it happens, it might not.  Same with Vingt.  And you already saw how Relena reacted to Wing-chan, do you really want to tell her anything more?  And what if we don’t come into existence, then what?  We are not only a source of joy to our parents in the future, but also mobile suit pilots.  If we don’t exist, then who will defend our future and it’s politics from forces who want to change or even destroy it?”

            “You’re pilots?” Trowa asked.

            “Course,” Vingt said. “The next generation of Gundams if you will.  I pilot a model called VayNine, Kitty’s got the Sandstone, Nuef has Zodiac and Wing-chan has this really weird thing called a Shooting Star.”

            “Wing,” Trowa murmured, “she was named after Wing Gundam or Wing Zero, wasn’t she?”

            “Yeah,” Kitty said, “weird name, huh?”

            Vingt snorted. “This coming from a girl who calls herself ‘Kitty.’”

                Kitty scowled at him. “Anyway,” she continued, “don’t tell anyone okay, Trowa?”


            Kitty smiled, and again, reminded Trowa of Quatre.


            “Not the ideal daughter, I take it.”

            Relena’s head snapped up. Leaning against the doorframe, arms folded across her chest, a gun dangling loosely from one had and her legs crossed at the ankle stood Wing.  For the first time since meeting her, Relena looked closely at Wing.  She had dark hair that was cut short and layered, so that no matter how long it was combed, it was still messy.  Her eyes were a deep blue, much like unpolluted ocean water.  Having ravaged the wardrobe of Hilde, Dorothy and Relena, Wing had mismatched an outfit to her liking, a short black skirt and a white peasant blouse, the drawn strings on the blouse pulled open so that it did not cover her shoulders, knee high socks, but no shoes.

            “Just surprised,” Relena said. “Wouldn’t you be?”

            “Iie, nothing surprises me much anymore.  Just about everything that happens is unexpected anyway.”



            “All that stuff you’ve been saying, like ‘ie’ and ‘nani’ and ‘kuso,’ what is that?” 

            Wing slipped the gun between herself and the hem of her skirt and pulled her hands up to massage her temples.

            “It’s Japanese,” she said curtly. “Why doesn’t anyone ever know that?”

            “You know Japanese?”

            “Sure, I’m fluent. Don’t use it much, since no one ever knows what I’m saying, though. I try to keep it so that you can get what I’m saying by context, but that never happens.  It’s just the way I communicate, that’s all.  Just communication.”

            “Where did you learn Japanese?” Relena asked, trying to get as much information on Wing as possible.

            “Otousan taught me.”

            Wing was rewarded with another blank look. She growled from her throat.

            “What?” Relena asked

            “Do you know how often I get blank looks for speaking Japanese? All the time! Even Vinnie gives ‘em to me and I say the same words around him over and over again!!  ‘Otousan’ means ‘father,’ my DAD taught me to speak Japanese, because he’s Japanese.  And before you ask who my dad is, his name is Odin Lowe Jr.”

            “I know you’re friend’s name is Vingt now, you don’t need to keep calling him ‘Vinnie,’” Relena said, trying to hide her disappointment. Who the hell is Odin Lowe?

            “But I always call him Vinnie, just like I always call Katrina ‘Kitty.’”

            “Oh, um, why don’t you tell me about yourself.  I’d like to know you better.”

            “Okay,” Wing said slowly, “Watashi wa Wing, but you knew that already. Ano, I’m 15 and I’m from Colony L1.  Gomen, I don’t talk about myself much.  Everyone who gives a crap about me already knows about me.”


            “Hey, Kaasan, can I call you ‘Kaasan?’ Don’t worry about it, I’m not gonna be here for very long, I do plan on going home after all.  You can know me after I’m born, okay?”

            “You can call me Kaa, um, what you said.”

            Briefly, Wing’s lips curved into a smile.  Not the grin that she oftened displayed when with Vingt, the one that only lasted a moment, but a real smile.

            “Thanks, and by the way, it means ‘Mom.’” Wing turned to leave.

            “Where are you going?”

            “Gotta tell Kitty about the current situation,” she explained.  “Kitty’s higher on the totem pole than me, if you will. Ja ne!” Wing’s skirt, no Hilde’s skirt, swished as she turned on her heel and left to seek out Katrina. 


                “Heero, have you seen Relena?” Hilde asked as she looked.

            For reasons Hilde couldn’t quite grasp, Heero blushed beet red and mumbled something incoherently.

            “What?” she asked, “I didn’t get that.”

            Heero cleared his throat, and somewhat more audibly said “Not since this morning.”

            “Oh, okay then.” Hilde said and walked away to continue looking.  Abruptly, she realized what Heero had implied.  She spun to look at him, her eyes wide. “Whoa! You an’ Relena, uh, you know....?”

            Heero was silent, but the look on his face gave the answer.

            Hilde grinned at him. 

            “I gotta tell Duo.”

            Hilde’s quarry turned from Relena to Duo, and she sought him out, eager to begin the gossip, and it was a well known fact that no one had a bigger mouth than Duo.  Her pace a slow jog, looking through all of Duo’s favorite rooms, kitchen, dining room, TV room, the room with all of his video games were in. 

            “Ossu, Hilde,” Wing said as she passed in one of the many hallways.

            “Hey, do you know where Duo is?”

            “Iie, I know where Trowa is, but that’s it, gomen. Oh, I know where Relena is, too. Ano, Duo? I dunno.”

            “Wing, you know what Heero and Relena did?”

            “Do I want to know?”


            Wing clamed her hands over her mouth, squeezing her eyes shut.  She turned away from Hilde and ran. 

            “I like your skirt!!” Hilde called after her. She blinked. “Wait a minute,” she murmured. “HEY! That’s mine!!”



            Wing slipped into the room and surveyed it’s contents.  Vinnie, Kitty, Nuef, and Trowa, no one new.

            “We got a slight problem!”

            “What?” Kitty asked.

            “Kaasan and Otousan,” she huffed between breaths, “are kind of, um, intimate.”

            “Wing!” Kitty exclaimed.

            “Let me finish, Trina-chan.  Kaasan thinks that Otousan isn’t my dad, but they’ve gone kind of far in their relationship.  Who knows what’ll happen now.”

            “Why don’t you just tell her?” Trowa asked, seeing the logically answer.

            “Oh, that’ll go over great.  She already fainted for one bit of knowledge, she’ll probably faint again, and then become even more of a hanger-on to Tousan than she already is, and you know he won’t like that much.” Wing sat down next to Vingt an pressed her forehead into her hands.  “What do we do, Leader-Girl?”

            Kitty sighed and leaned back. “I guess we just play it down, Trowa won’t say anything, will you?” He shook his head. “As for Relena? Hope she doesn’t slip.  Being a politician, she can probably choose her words quickly and effectively.  Just keep everything to ourselves and hope nothing goes wrong.”


Year-AC 197

March 19

            “‘Hope nothing goes wrong’ huh?” Vingt asked Kitty.

            “Well, how was I supposed to know?!?”

            “You don’t need to get so defensive, Kitty.”

            “Sorry, Vingt, I guess I’m just a little scared.  Let’s face it, we’ve never faced anything like this before and if Nuef and Wing are a show the trend we never will again.”

            “Be honest, you knew from the start we were never going to get home.”

            “I knew we wouldn’t get home because of the lack of technology, but Vingt, I never thought for a moment that we would die here.”

            “You ready, Kat?”

            “No, but let’s go anyway.”


Author Notes: What is going on at the end of this chapter will be explained in more in depth in the next one. 

Wing: I like the first draft of this story better.

Author: But the first draft didn’t make any sense.

Wing: Yeah, but it was narrated by me.

Author: And it was stupid.

Wing: How about you give them a clip?

Author: ???

Wing: Well, due to your job and all, (my job is better by the way) the parts have been short and with a long time in between, you should give a clip from the first draft to make up for it.

Author: Uh, okay. The first few paragraphs of ‘In the Nic of Time’ Draft One.  Wing spoke normally in that draft, the names were different, Wing was the leader, not Kitty, (whose name was ‘Cat’), and there was Trente Bloom, Trowa’s son as the fifth time-traveler.  I’m just putting this old thing up for fun. (It was written some time in April or May, I think.)


            My name is Wing Yuy.  Before you ask, yes, my father did name me after a mobile suit.  Don’t ask why my mother put up with that because I don’t know and I’m not sure I want to.  Like my father, I am also a mobile suit pilot.  I don’t fight much, because, let’s face it, there’s not much need for it.  Before you start giving me sexist crap, I would like to say girls can pilot just as good as guys.  Just look at  Aunt Lucratisia.  She kicks ass.  Of course, between my dad, my aunt, my uncle Milliardo and all their ‘friends’ (I want you to know I use that term loosely) all being pilots, no one was surprised when I became a Wing Commander.  Wing Commander Wing.  Don’t even start.  I get enought of that from Vingt Maxwell.  He’s just joking though. If he wasn’t, I’d kick his ass. That and he’s cute.  He’s in my squad.   Trente Bloom, Cat Winner, and  Neuf Peacecraft (he’s my cousin) are also in my squad.  For the record, we can handle anything.  Space battles: no problem, land battles: sure, air battles: it’s a joke, really, sea battles:puh-lease.  Once, though, something really screwy happened.  I still don’t know how.

            Winner, not Cat, but her father, Quatre, (no, he’s not Mr. Winner, just Winner) said it was a wrinkle in time that caused it.  Vingt said that was a book.  I don’t know how it happened.  It just did, and it was really screwed, but some how my squad wound up being flung back in time to the year After Colony 197.  My parents and those ‘friends’ of their were only 17.  If you think your parents are annoying when they’re your parents, you don’t want to met them when they are teenagers. I probably ought to start at the beginning of this mess.  It started about a week ago...


Don’t ever expect to see more of the first draft.  You can expect to ‘In the Nic of Time: Chapter Seven’ in a few days, or weeks, whichever. Ja ne!