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In the Nic of Time-Chapter Four


Year-AC 197

March 16

            Opening the front door presented a bit of a problem. Shifting Relena’s sleeping form so that he held her against himself with one arm, he quickly, but as quietly as he could opened the door, feeling that it would be better to be descrete than have Peygan asking why he was returning to the house in the middle of the night with Relena. Once the door was open enough, he shifted Relena again so that he had her in a cradling hold and kicked the door shut after they were inside.

            Stairs or service elevator? Heero Yuy may be a lot stronger than he looks, but even he would have trouble carrying another person up that many flights of stairs.  Elevator.  Walking a quietly as possible, Heero began making his way across the mansion.

            He froze suddenly.  People were talking, Duo and another voice that he didn’t recognize.  Figuring that it must be one of those people that Relena had mentioned earlier, he continued on his way, taking a peek as he passed.

            Duo and another boy were playing some sort of combat video game. A girl lay asleep on the couch behind them as though she had been watching and happened to fall asleep. Duo turned around, obviously having heard Heero walking and made some sort of choking noise.

            “Hey, Heero, you gettin’ some?” he asked, snickering

            “Be quiet, Maxwell, you’ll wake her up,” Heero hissed, whispering.

            “Are ya?”

            Heero blushed. “No.”

            Duo snickered again. “I don’t think I’ve ever seen you blush before, Heero.”

            Heero’s eyes went from Duo to the girl that had been on the couch, who was now trying to wrestle one of the video game controllers from the other boy. Then she noticed Duo’s abandoned controller and let go of the boy’s, who fell backwards and grabbed the other one.

            “Wing!” Duo protested, “I was playing!”

            “Well, now it’s my turn, you and Vinnie have had the game for hours.”

            Heero excused himself before a full blown argument began and continued for the elevator.  The rest of the cross house excursion was uneventful.

            Luckily, the door to Relena’s room wasn’t closed all the way, and Heero just bumped it with his hip to get it opened. Then he noticed that Relena’s bed was made, so he once again adjusted his grip so that he had one hand free, and pulled the covers back, set Relena down, and covered her with the blankets.  He began to back out of Relena’s room, glad that he didn’t have to carry her anymore. When he awoke on the park bench they both had fallen asleep on, he thought carrying her back rather than waking her up would be better; they would be together and she would be quiet for once in her life.  But carrying someone for forty five minutes straight had it’s down sides, and he did NOT want to explain his actions, which he would have had to do if he woke her up.  When she woke up in the morning, she would more than likely drop it.

            Standing at the threshold of her room, Heero turned to look back at Relena again.  He walked towards her again, and knelt down by her bedside.  Slowly, his hand reached out and he brushed her hair away from her face.  Without even an answer for himself as to why he was doing such a thing, Heero leaned down and ever-so gently kissed Relena on the cheek.  And then he left her to her dreams.


            Breyer’s plan was impressive, guaranteed to work, Gundam pilots or not. Not even they could stop them now.  Sure, distroying the capital of the Sanc Kingdom would be a large job, but they were up to it.  The king’s days were numbered and after that, they’d get his sister. The entire country would suffer for the grave mistakes of the royal family.

            The thing about Breyer’s plan that was so perfect, was that it was so simple.  It would all be over before anyone even expected anything.  Straight forward and simple.  Blow the whole thing up.


Year-AC 215

January 8

            Duo tried knocking first, but it didn’t get him anywhere.  He tried knocking harder next, but that didn’t work either. He tried braking in.  That did work.  His motive: find out why he and Hilde hadn’t seen their son since Wing pulled him away the morning before.  So now, Duo found himself in Dr. J’s laboratory, trying to figure out what in Deathscythe Hell was going on.  Instantly he knew he would not get any answers from Dr. J.  The man was dead.  From the looks of he died due to an explosion, half of him was burned severely and there was melted machinery all around him. And no trace of Vingt.

            Pulling a cell phone out of his pocket, Duo dialed Quatre’s number as fast as he could.


            “Hey, Quatre, it’s Duo.”

            “You haven’t seen Katrina by chance have you? I mean with Vingt or something.” Quatre said nervously.

            “She’s been gone since yesterday, huh?” Duo asked.

            “Yes, how do you know?”

            “Same with Vingt.  My guess is Wing is with him, if she wasn’t, she would have started looking a long time ago. You think Kitty is with them?”

            “Probably, though I’m still worried. I wonder if Wing’s cousin is with them, he must have gone to the meeting and that’s where Katrina was going to the last I saw her.”

            “Hey!” Duo shouted. “I know how we can check up them!! That nerve impulses thing that they have.  Vingt told me about it once, Dr. J implanted the kids with a device that measures their nerve impulses, it’s how they keep tabs on each other, I bet Dr. J had something like that, too.”


            “Yeah, well, he’s passed on...”


            “My thoughts exactly.”

            “I wonder what happened,” Quatre mused.

            “I’m not sure, I think it was an explosion, though, there’s a lot of melted metal where I found him...”

            “Better call someone to do an autopsy.”

            “You call, and I’ll find the impluses thing.”

            “Sure, Duo.”


Year-AC 197

March 16

            When Relena awoke in her room, she didn’t think much of it. It was, after all, where she normally woke up.  It was when she realized that she was still wearing the same clothes as yesterday that she got confused.  It wasn’t like her to just fall asleep in her clothes.  It also occurred to her that she didn’t know how she got there, she didn’t remember going to bed. Mentally, she reviewed the day before, got up, went to a meeting, went shopping with Hilde and Dorothy, meet Kitty and the others, used them as an excuse to talk to Heero, went for a walk with him and never came home.  He must have taken her back after she fell asleep on that bench that they just sat on together in silence for hours.

            She blinked when she realized he must have carried her the whole way home.  How sweet.  Wish I had been awake for that, she thought.  I wonder what you were thinking, Heero.  Will you even say anything or will you just pretend it never happened?

            She got up, took a shower, got dressed and went down stairs to see what sort of a mess Duo made in the kitchen this morning.  As she descended the staircase, she saw Heero sitting in one of the chairs in the living area, reading the newspaper.  She smiled, more to herself than anyone else, and decided against disturbing him.  She didn’t see, however, Heero peeking over the edge of the paper to watch her go by.

            When Relena arrived in the kitchen, she saw flour everywhere, including all over Quatre, Wufei and Duo, who were all eating biscuits.

            “Hey, Re! Guess what!” Duo shouted.

            Relena cringed. “What?”

            “We can cook!!”

            Relena surveyed the kitchen again. I have never felt this sorry for the maid in my entire life.  Somewhat disgusted, and NOT wanting to know how Duo convinced Wufei that he should help make biscuits, Relena retreated from the kitchen. While walking away, she passed Heero, who had abandoned his newspaper.

            Don’t go in there,” Relena told him, pointing towards the kitchen as she passed.

            Watching her go by him, Heero suddenly reached out a grabbed Relena by the wrist in a iron grip and pulled her back towards him. She stared at him, wide-eyed and confused.  Heero returned the stare, not confused, but with something that Relena couldn’t place.  After a few moments, Heero suddenly pressed his lips against Relena’s.

            Her eyes grew even wider.  The man of her dreams was KISSING her.  She had been sure that he didn’t really like her that much.  He didn’t really act like he did, sure, he always promised to protect her, but that was undermined by similar promises to kill her. And now he was kissing her.  She was too surprised to even kiss back.

            When Heero finally pulled away from Relena, he licked his lips, and stared at her again, but didn’t let go of her wrist.  He wound his other arm around her waist and pulled her against him and kissed her again. This time, she kissed back.

            Two flour-covered Gundam Pilots emerged from the kitchen and clamped her hands over their own eyes and Duo’s.