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Author Notes: I know, I should be writing ĎDifferentia, but I couldnít sleep and this fic popped into my head.

Worthless Dreams

Silently, the figure walked through the gardens in the dead of night. Shrouded in darkness, he reached his destination and scaled the wall, then vaulted over the railing of the balcony. He opened the glass doors that had foolishly been left unlocked and walked into the adjoining room, with a view of flowers. Not making a single sound, he sat down at the vanity chair, turned to face the bed and he watched her sleep.

Before the sun rose, but after he had been there for quite some time, she abruptly sat up, breathing hard. Reaching with one hand, she rubbed her bleary, sleep filled eyes. The roomís other occupant choose not to make his presence known and remained in the shadows of the darkened room. She stood up, shuffling to the doorway and flicked the lights on, knowing after that nightmare she wouldnít be falling asleep again. She winced as bright light suddenly filled the room and took a few moments to let her eyes adjust.

And then she saw him. His expression didnít waver when he realized he had been caught. She looked at him for a few seconds, neither saying anything. She rubbed her eyes and blinked. She looked back at him and sure enough, he was still there, her eyes were not playing tricks on her. But a part of her didnít believe it.

"Heero?" she asked, not convinced that after all this time he was there.

"Relena," he answered, with a slight incline of his head. She smiled. He didnít. Her smile faded.

"So," she said, "what brings you here at," she glanced at the clock on her bedside table, "1:45 AM?"

No response.

"Itís nice to see you again," she ventured.

Still no response.

"You gonna kill me?"


Well, at least he said something. She thought.

"How have you been?" she asked.


"What have you been up to?" she asked, determined to start a conversation.


"For the Preventers?"


Relena rolled her eyes. " Can you say more than one word at a time?"


Relena gave an unladylike snort. Iíll believe that when I hear it.

There was an uncomfortable silence for a few minutes. Heeroís gaze never wavered away from Relena, but her eyes darted around the room, nervous. Surprisingly, it was Heero who broke the silence.

"What makes you think Iím good enough for you?"

Relena looked at him again. "Excuse me?"

"Itís obvious from your demeanor you have feelings for me, for what reason I canít even begin to imagine. But what makes you think Iím good enough for you?"

Relena shrugged. "Youíre you," she said. "Youíre amazing."

He looked at her with anger-filled eyes. "Iím nothing."

She smiled at him and walked across the room to where he still sat. She tried to touch him, but he stood and pushed her away.

"Youíre not nothing. Youíre everything to me," she whispered, looking at him with pain in her eyes. Had he came just to push her away from him? He was the one who brought up her feelings for him, had he come solely to reject her again? Did he find her heartbreak entertaining? Angry and confused, Relena reached out for the nearest object and threw it at him. Heero caught it and walked back towards the balcony without even looking at her once more. He jumped over the ledge and by the time Relena peered out over it, he was no where in sight.

With her head hung, Relena stumbled back to bed and sat down, leaning against the her bedroom wall. She drew her knees up to her chest and wound her arms around her legs and cried softly.


The alarm clock bleeped at 7 AM that morning as it did every morning. Relena sat up and threw her blankets off. Dimly, she remembered her conversation with Heero. The last she remembered of it, was after he left and she had sat against the wall, but now she had just been lying down...

"A dream, then," she murmured to herself and walked down stairs for breakfast.

When she came back upstairs to get dressed about 45 minutes later, she noticed something in her room wasnít right.

The chair in front of her vanity mirror was pushed away, as though someone had stood up quickly.

Her teddy bear was not on her dresser where it should be. Vaguely, she recalled hurling it at Heero, but that had been a dream, hadnít it? She shock her head to clear her thoughts and gathered her Ďworkí clothes, she had a meeting at noon after all. She walked into the adjoining bathroom and closed the door.

She never noticed the boy perched on the balcony railing, who held her teddy bear in his arms. Once the shower was running, he opened the glass doors and again stepped into her room. He placed the bear back where it belonged, and walked back out to the balcony. Again, he vaulted over the railing and landed in the gardens. Not hesitating, he sprinted away.

"Iím worthless," he muttered. "My life is cheap, I donít deserve you." He continued running, no longer speaking to himself about her. He reached the gates and bypassed the security codes. Once off the premises, he spoke again.

"I wish I did."