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Also, Chapter One has more hits than the Prologue. READ THE PROLOGUE, people. This whole ‘Relena’s dead thing’ doesn’t make any sense if you don’t read the prologue.


In the Nic of Time-Chapter Two

Year-A.C. 197

March 15


            “I can’t believe you just want to leave,” Catherine said.

            “Catherine, we called the ambulance and insured they would live. Beyond that, it’s not our business.” Trowa said, in his usual monotone voice.

            “Our involvement doesn’t end there, Trowa. We saved their lives, don’t you even want to know who they are? What happened to them?” Catherine reasoned.

            Trowa didn’t respond.

            “Or what if they want to talk to us? And what about that girl who knew you’re name? How she knows you is your business, and that makes it my business, brother, and I intend to find out.”

            “Fine, Catherine do what you want.” Trowa said.

            “I will,” his sister told him, “I’m also going to tell everyone why we’re late coming home.”

            “Why? It’s not like they’ll care.”

            “Trowa! I’m appalled, they’re your friends, they’ll want to know what we’ve been doing, especially when it’s something like this!” Catherine stood up and stalked out of the waiting room. “I’m going to find a pay phone.”

            A few minutes later, Catherine returned. “Guess what,” she said.

            Trowa raised his eyebrows as if to say ‘What?’

            “Everyone is coming over, they want to see who we saved. They’re curious, except for Heero and Wufei, they aren’t coming, but Duo, Hilde, Relena and Quatre are.”

            “That’s hardly ‘everyone,’” Trowa scoffed.

            “It’s enough to prove you wrong, brother.” Catherine said with a wave of her hand.

            Trowa and Catherine sat in the waiting room in silence.

            “I wonder how that girl knows you,” Catherine mused. She giggled, “maybe she saw you back when we performed at the circus and had a crush on you, and recognized you.”

            “Hey, does the cafeteria at this hospital have good food?” Asked Duo to no one in particular as he bounded into the waiting room.

            Hilde massaged her temples. “He had three sandwiches before we left and we still had to listen to his stomach growl the whole ride over.”

            “I never believed it before, the reason everyone lives at my house really is because no one else can afford to fed Duo, huh?” Relena asked.

            Trowa, Catherine and  Hilde nodded. Duo grinned.

            “Well I could--” Quatre began

            “He’s just not that stupid,” Dorothy finished.

            “That’s not what I was going to say, Dorothy.” Quatre said

            She shrugged. “It still fits.”

            “Besides,” Duo said, making puppy-dog eyes at Relena, “us poor Gundam pilots don’t have anywhere else to go.”

            “It’s not my fault you got evicted from your apartment, Duo. You’re the one who spent so much money on food that you couldn’t pay the rent.”

            “Hilde is the one who actually bought the food.” Duo said, pointing.

            “Excuse me,” Quatre said politely, “but weren’t we here to see what happened to those people that Trowa and Catherine found? Catherine said one of them knew Trowa.”

            “Yeah,” Hilde agreed, “you gave a pretty gruesome descriptions. I wonder what happened to them.”

            “It was an accident,” a soft voice whispered.  Standing in the doorway, wearing a paper hospitable gown and leaning on her IV feed was the girl who had recognized Trowa.  Her blond hair had been cut to her shoulders, due to all the blood. It couldn’t have been merely washed out.

            “My fault really, it was my water,” she said with a rueful smile.

            “There is no way water could have caused what we saw.” Catherine protested.

            “It can when it’s knocked into delicate machinery.”

            “So what blew?” Duo asked, munching on a candy bar from one of the vending machines.

            “Ah, I’m not really sure,” she stammered. Not a complete lie. She wasn’t really sure if the transporter blew up.

            “How did you know my name?” Demanded Trowa.

            She was silent.

            “Have you met before?” prompted Relena.

            “Yes and no.”

            “It can’t be both,” said Trowa, who generally saw things in black and white.

            “I know you, you don’t know me.” She stated simply.

            “So, what’s you’re name?” Relena asked. “We’ve been talking and haven’t been introduced.”

            “You can call me Kitty. Everyone else does.” She said.

            “But it’s not your name?” Relena asked confused.

            “It’s not my name anymore than Trowa is his name.” She said nodding in his direction. “But it works just the same.”

            “Well, we should introduce ourselves--” Relena began.

            “Catherine Bloom, Duo Maxwell, Hilde, sorry I forgot your last name, Quatre Winner, Dorothy Catilonia? and Triton Bloom.” Kitty said, pointing to each one as she said their names. She then turned to Relena. “Sorry, I don’t know who you are.”

            “Wait a minute,” Catherine said, “you know what all us little nobodies’’ names are, but not one of the most prominent politicians in the world?”

            “Should I know you?” Kitty asked, turning to Relena.

            “That’s Relena Peacecraft!” Dorothy shouted.

            “Dorlain,” Relena corrected.

            Kitty’s eyes grew wide.


            When Wing awoke, the first thing she did was look to her wrist to see the lifesign statistics of her friends on her communicator. She was rather alarmed to see that her wristband was not on.  Taking notice of her surroundings, she saw that she was in the sterile confines of a hospital room. She grabbed her communicator from where it had been placed on the nightside beside her bed.

            The first lighted button had steady red glow. That meant Kitty was fine.

            The second lighted button was flashing green. Nuef was still unconscious.

            The third lighted button was also a steady red glow, but she had already known that she was fine.

            The fourth lighted button was flashing green and red, meaning Vingt was waking up.

            Satisfied for now, Wing rolled over onto her stomach and crawled to the other edge of her bed where here charts where. Glancing over them, she discovered that:1) the hospital didn’t know her name, strange, 2)she had no serious wounds, though a lot of superficial ones, 3)Barton-san and his sister had been the ones to call the ambulance. Very nice of them.

            “Yuck,” she said to herself, “I lost more blood than I care to.” Flipping through the charts, she also discovered that lunch hadn’t been served yet.  Not that she was hungry. She had eaten breakfast before leaving the house and Maxwell-san had given her a pastry with more sugar in it than she cared to acknowledge before she ripped Vingt out of bed. He could be so lazy sometimes.

            “Speak of the devil,” Wing murmured as a glance to her wristband told her Vingt was fully awake. Wing flipped over and sat up. Now, should I go hunt down Kitty, go find Vinnie-kun or hang around here and let the nurses wait on me hand and foot ‘til Dr. J makes ‘em stop.



            Knew I should have been more careful.  Not that I really mind. Lucraztia Noin smiled to herself.  Sure, she and Zechs weren’t married, yet, but they were engaged and that meant something.  The device in her hands also meant something.  She wasn’t all that surprised that she was pregnant. Happy? Hell yeah.  Ecstatic? Damn straight. But surprised? No. Nothing surprised her anymore, least of all having a child with the man she had loved since they went to school together. He had been first in the class, and she second. She could have been first, if she wanted, but she felt privileged to be only one step behind him. Maybe it meant only one step to him?  Well, that theory had been proven wrong.

            What am I doing just standing in the bathroom?!? I have people to share the good news with. With that thought, she decided to go find her fiancée.


            “You could just have Howard fix your Gundam.” Duo had said before he left with Hilde and the others.  Heero neglected to point out that his Gundam was not broken. It had been collecting dust for six months, how could be broken?  He was only giving it a tune up.  He also neglected to inform Duo for the umpteenth time that he didn’t like other people going anywhere near his Gundam. His Gundam and other people damn well better leave what was his alone.

            Climbing into the cockpit, Heero ran his fingers over the control console of his Gundam.  He had missed fighting. Peace, he decided, was over rated.  No fighting meant their was nothing for a soldier to do. He didn’t belong anywhere now. He had heard before that soldiers always had trouble adjusting to peace.  He had never thought that possible, that peace would give some one problems, but it had. He had no missions, no purpose anymore. None of the other pilots had a problem in peace time. Duo was still an overly cheerful nuisance, Trowa only recently quit the circus, but he could go back if he got bored, Quatre was happier than anyone had ever seen him and Wufei thought that justice was being served.  Everyone was happy but Heero, who could barely remember what happy felt like.

            So now he kept himself busy with mindless tasks, such as tuning up his Gundam, or watching the news on television, or reading the paper.  Basically things no normal 17 year old would ever dream of doing.

            Sighing a sigh that can only come from absolute and utter boredom, Heero climbed out of his Gundam and began inspecting the wiring.


                Kitty’s mind raced.  Relena Dorlain/Peacecraft?!?!  She had known something was screwy.  Trowa had looked a far too young when she saw him before collapsing.  She thought for a moment that it might not be him, but who else had hair like that? When she awoke in the hospital, she knew something had gone wrong with the transporter.  A glance at her charts had shown her the effects wouldn’t be too bad, the process was far easier now than it had on Wing when she was playing ginuea pig. But Kitty’s charts did have something that alarmed her. This morning, she left the house on January 7, A. C. 215, the charts said she was found on March 15, A. C. 197.  At first she thought maybe the hospital was having trouble with their computers and had to turn the dates back a few years to stop them from crashing.  The calendar on the wall was also one for the year A. C. 197, opened up to the page for March.

            Logically, Kitty deduced that she was experiencing either one of two situations. 1)This hospital has some computer problems and they don’t change the calenders much. Or 2)This is a dream and she was really still unconscious from the teleportation failure.  Her sudden change in hair style caused her to believe the second scenario (It used to go all the way down her back, now it’s been cut to her shoulders.)  Until she remembered something: you don’t feel physical pain in dreams and her whole body was aching.

            Scenario one then, they just cut her hair, whomever they may be. So, Kitty had decided to find out what sort of a low budget hospital this was.  With all those doctors over charging, the least they could do is buy a calendar from this century!  So, she climbed out of bed and began walking around.

            And she now found herself in front of her parents and surrogate aunts and uncles. One problem, though, they didn’t look any older than she was. And Relena Dorlain or Peacecraft, both last names work, was there.  Relena, Wing’s mother. Relena who had died in a terrorist attack when Kitty and co. were five. Ten years ago. Or in eight years, going by the hospital calendars.

            And they had no idea who Katrina Winner was.