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In the Nic of Time-Chapter Five


Year AC 197

March 17

            The bombs were built.  The van was cleared, it had been delivering supplies to the diplomatic wing of the palace for years.  Plastic explosives, unreadable through the security.  The so-called king would be returning to Earth in mere days.  Even better for the organization, the so-called princess and her Gundam pilot  escorts would be welcoming him home.  The Gundam pilots would be there, without the Gundams themselves.  It was so perfect, seven birds with one stone. Or rather, one assassination.

            Around the card table in Breyer’s basement sat Hunter, Ben and Jerry. Engrossed in a game of poker while their self proclaimed leader put the last few finishing touches on the plan. All would go well. 

            Jerry violently stood up and turned the card table over, spilling the poker chips and cards all over the floor.

            “You lost again, huh?” Hunter asked, unfazed by Jerry’s display.

            Growling, Jerry pulled out a switch blade.                     

            “Yeah,” Ben agreed with a chuckle, “he lost big. That’s what, two thousand down?”

            “Shut up! We have planning to do!” Breyer screamed.

            “Yeah, yeah, yeah, I say we just shoot them all and be done with it.” Hunter said.


            “Okay,” Kitty said, “review time.  From what I’ve managed to gather, his highness is coming back to Earth in two days, Noin is pregnant with Nuef, Mom has had a crush on Dad since sometime around after she stabbed him, and he’s beginning to like her, Wing’s parents made out all day yesterday, and Mr. Maxwell and Miss, ummm, Vingt?”

            “Schbecker,” Vingt prompted.

            “Yeah, anyway, they seem to hang out together a lot, but they still have to get together.”

            “How do you know about my parents?” Wing asked Kitty.

            “Wing,” Nuef asked, “ back home, does your dad talk about your mom much?”

            “No, he hasn’t said a word about her since the funeral, and that was a good ten years ago.”

            “Do you even know her name or what she looks like?” Kitty asked.

            Wing turned away from her friends. “No,” she whispered, “I don’t know anything about her, only that Otousan thinks it our fault.” Wing’s eyes teared and she looked back at them. “He told me once that he promised to protect her, and then she died and he wasn’t there. And he wasn’t there because of me. So, he says it’s our fault. His for not being there, and mine for stopping him from going.”

            “So, you don’t know anything at all? Like how they met, or how long they knew each other, stuff like that that our parents bore us with?” Kitty asked.

            Wing sighed. “No, all I know is what Otousan and Milliardo-jisan have told me.  And all that was is that I already said about Tousan and that she was Milliardo-jisan’s younger sister. That’s it.”

            “Do you know about the Lightning Count, Zechs Marquis?” Kitty asked.

            “Only what they tell us in school. Why? Should I know more?”

            “Wing, my parents always told me that is wasn’t my place to tell you this, but I think you really need to know,” Nuef began, “Zechs Marquis and my dad are the same person--”

            “K’so! Why didn’t anyone ever tell me?!?!  Am I always the last one to know?” Wing asked, irritated.

            “When it comes to our parents’ collective past, yes. Nuef, continue,” Kitty directed.

            “Anyway, when the Peacecrafts were all killed, except for Dad and his sister, the Dorlains adopted her.  On her 15th birthday, she met your dad, Wing.  Your mom feel in love with him right from the beginning, but he saw her as an obstacle to overcome.  Over the course of the war, he went from wanting to kill her to doing anything to protect her.  Mom says that your dad always loved your mom, he was just in denial. Anyway, when they were 17, AKA yesterday, they officially became a couple and got married as soon as they were both 18.  You were born two years later, Wing, and then your mom died when you were five.  Anyway, as you know, your dad calls himself Heero Yuy, and it one of those Gundam pilots that are around. But what you don’t know, obviously is that your mom is our hostess, Relena Dorlain.”

            Wing’s eyes grew wide. “K’so! She’s my MOTHER!?! I really should have figured that one out, huh?” Wing looked around. “I suppose you guys all knew that.”

            “I remember her, cous.”

            “Dad has mentioned her a few times.”

            “Mom talks about ‘Miss Relena’ all the time, but I didn’t know it was her until Mom told me in the hospital.”

            A throat cleared. The four timedisplaced pilots turned to see Trowa standing in the doorframe. Kitty paled. Vingt cringed. Wing’s hands clamped over her mouth. Nuef’s eyes narrowed.

            “You mind explaining what you were talking about in a bit more depth?” Trowa asked.

            As always, Kitty’s mind was calculating ways to get out of the mess she found herself and her friends in.

            “Back home, we were playing a really wicked Gundam pilot RP, and we all got hooked on it, but can’t play on the system since we came to Earth, so we’re doing it manually, like on paper and stuff.”

            “And Miss Relena Peacecraft had something to do with it?”

            “Yeah,” Vingt jumped in, “that’s our mission in the game, to save her from terrorists.”

            Wing’s eyes grew misty and she turned away from them again. 

            “And her problem?” Trowa asked, nodding towards Wing.

            “I’m really bad at role-playing,” Wing said swallowing the lump in her throat.  Please, let him fall for that. Wing thought.

            “That’s no reason to cry.”


            “Hi, Miss Relena,” Kitty said. “What brings you this way?  I thought you and Dorothy were going shopping.” Go Away Go Away Go Away Go Away Go Away

            “I was just getting my purse,” Relena said, confused, she didn’t have to explain where she going in her own house. “Being bad at a game is really no reason to be so upset, Wing,” Relena said, turning to her future daughter.

            “They are not talking about a game, Relena,” Trowa said, a bit of anger and frustration seeping into his normal monotone inflection.

            “That’s what they were saying...”

            “It’s a cover up, and what they were saying sounded rather suspicious to me.  Now,” he glared hard at the houseguests, “what were you talking about?”

            “Ano, what part did you come in on?” Wing asked.

            “Everything since ‘okay, review time,’” Trowa said, glowering.

            “K’so!” Wing softly exclaimed.

            “That’s about the third time you said that, Wing. What does it mean anyway?”

            “It’s Japanese for ‘shit,’” she explained.

            “In that case, it’s appropriate, isn’t it?” Trowa asked amused

            Pale, Kitty nodded.

            “I still don’t know what’s going on,” Relena mumbled.

            “Shall I recap?” Trowa asked, amused.

            “NO!” Three voices rang out in unison, the fourth screaming “Iie!”


            One thought ran through Relena’s head.

            My daughter, she’s my daughter.

            Sitting up, she rubbed her head, apparently, she hit her head when she fainted.  Well, she had good reason to faint.  Trowa explained that Wing, a quiet, sad-eyed (except when she was with Vingt Maxwell, Relena amended) girl was no other than her future daughter.  She had fainted before hearing anything other than Vingt, Kitty, and Nuef’s lineage, and that Wing was her daughter.

            Wing Lowe.  Do I even know her father?  Oh, Heero, once we’re together I find out I’ll have a daughter with someone else. It’s not fair.


Author Notes: Sorry this part is so short and took so long to get out, but I had to get a summer job (mean ol’ parents) and had little time for writing. Anyway, just to clear up, Relena fainted before hearing that Heero is Wing’s dad. Oh, yeah, some name puns.  All of the terrorists are named after brands of ice cream. (Breyer’s, Hunter Farms and Ben & Jerry’s)