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Meaningless Advice

"You are such a coward."

Not the statement he had expected to hear as he entered the house, but in retrospect, perhaps he should have. The sentence didnít bother him much, heíd heard it before and they both believed it to be true. He didnít respond. He wasnít in the best of moods at the time, not that he ever was, but now he was particularly, ah well, upset was not the right word. He wasnít sure what was though.


He turned back to the other occupant of the room, still not saying anything.

"Arenít you going to tell me what happened? Youíre practically a brother to me, Heero, you even have your own room here. You can talk to me about whatever you want, including where you go. Not that I donít already know."

Still no response. Then: "How do you know?"

He was met with an amused chuckle. "You think I donít keep tabs on you?"

He glared.

"Look, I know you feel like you have to protect her, and I know where you go when youíre not on an Ďofficialí mission or at home."

"Home?" he asked.

"Oh, you know youíre welcome here. Like I said before, coward, youíre practically family. I would hope youíd consider this place youíre home by now. It has to be a friendlier environment than where ever it was you grew up."

"That wouldnít take much," he scoffed.

"Look, Heero, why donít you just tell me what happened?"

"She saw me." A short, simple statement that didnít fail to impact Heeroís Ďfamilyí member the way he had intended.

"Then what happened?"

"I left. I couldnít stand to be so close to her..."

"Is that all?"


"Maybe you should elaborate."

Heero considered the suggestion.

"I canít let her see me. I canít protect her if sheís aware of my presence; sheíll try to get too close. I canít afford that."

"She really affects you that much?"


A stifled giggle. "Go on."

"I was watching her, last night. I normally donít stay so long, but I just didnít leave then. She had a nightmare, judging by her body movement. She sat up abruptly and was breathing heavily," he clarified before there was a comment on his mention of her body. "She got up, turned on the lights and saw me. So I left."

"Mm-hm. And neither of you said anything? You just disappeared? I donít believe that."

"She asked questions," he conceded.

"Not surprising."

Heero smirked, the closest thing heíd have to a smile at the moment.

"And then I insulted her a bit. She got mad and threw the bear I gave her at me. And I left. I stood underneath her balcony until she cried herself to sleep and put the bear back. And then I came," he paused. He had planned on saying Ďhereí but didnít. "Home."

"I see. Can you explain one more thing to me, though: just how long it takes a ĎPerfect Soldierí to get over his bouts of denial when he realizes heís as human as the rest of us?"

"Shut up, Sylvia."

"Are you going to go back?"

Heero paused. "Where?"

"You know what Iím talking about. Back to Relena, watching over her, are you going to go back?"

"Yes. I told her Iíd protect her, and thatís one promise to her I intend to keep. She just doesnít need to know." Heero turned away from Sylvia to go to the room that somewhere along the line had been designated his. "Iíll go back," he murmured to himself, softly enough so that Sylvia couldnít hear. "Just not right away. Iíll protect you, Relena. No matter who your enemies are, no matter where you are, no matter where I want us to be, Iíll protect you."

"Heero, Heero, Heero," Sylvia Noventa scoffed as she watched Heero retreat upstairs, "Didnít Grandmotherís letter teach you anything? Youíre still such a coward. You just canít face anything but battle. Feeling something shouldnít affect people the way it effects you. Youíre human, Suicide Boy, and the sooner you realize that, the better off everyone who cares about you will be. Because youíll be that much happier."


Author Notes: Heero tends to disappear between missions, and for some reason I like to think he hangs out with Sylvia Noventa. Donít ask why, itís just something. ^_^

And one more thing: I only wrote a sequel to ĎWorthless Dreamsí because I wanted to say the following: Unlike all the cliched fics where situations like that in ĎWDí are the beginning of the fic, in my story it was supposed to be the ending. It was an anti-romance because it doesnít leave the reader with a warm fuzzy feeling, the characters are just left thinking ĎNow what?í ĎWDí left Heero and Relena thinking that, and now, Iíve added Sylvia into the mix.