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Author Notes: Wing is half-Japanese, so she knows the language and Heero is Japanese, so he knows the langauge, too. For the sake of this fic, none of the others do.  So, if someone speaks Japanese, they are either 1)Wing or Heer or 2)Addressing Wing or Heero, using a suffix or something.


In the Nic of Time-Chapter One


Year-A.C. 215

January 4

            Four teenagers and one old wrinkled man crowded around a console.  The man was explaining to the teenagers to function of the console.  It was a ‘instant movement transporter.’ If it had a DNA sample, preferably one’s blood, it could lock on to them and transfer them to any known coordinates, be it on Earth or one of the colonies.  This was especially of use to these teenagers, they were pilots of mobile suits and responsible for the destruction of terrorists.  Technically, the suits they piloted were Gundams, special suits that were made to fit each person psychologically, and built from Gundanium alloy.  The instant movement ability was especially of interest to them because if there was an attack they would be able to teleport there and defend the people of the area.

            Unfortunately, it still had to be tested.  The test would have to consist of human subjects, namely one or more of these four teenagers.  The first to volunteer, was not surprisingly, Wing Yuy.  The one nicknamed ‘Gothy Girl’ never had a problem with experimental technology.  The other three were actually convinced at times that this one wanted to die.  She would head out into battles with little or no though of how it would endanger her.  She was often reckless in other situations also.

            “Wing-chan, you’re crazy, we could just have guinea pigs or something, right Dr. J?” asked one of the others, the only other girl, Katrina, ‘Kitty’ Winner.

            The girl swathed in black leather turned to her ‘friend.’

            “Why bother with animals, Kitty? They can’t tell us anything.  Really, Dr. J, I’ll be happy to test it out.  Send me someplace far away,” she spoke to Kitty at first but then to Dr. J.

            Dr. J took a blood sample from Wing’s arm and inserted the vile into a slot in the console.  He scanned the sample and a double helix model of Wing’s DNA was projected on the console. 

            “Hey, cool. We could make another Wing with that thing couldn’t we?” asked Vingt Maxwell, whom Wing insisted that she should call ‘Vinnie.’

            “Yeah, that’s what the world needs, more Wing to freak mass numbers of people out.”

            “That is so funny, Nuef,” Wing said sarcastically to her cousin.

            “Stop it!” Dr. J shouted. “Wing,” he softer, “it’s ready.”

            “So am I.”

            A loud whir came from the machine.  It began beeping, the time between the  sounds growing closer and closer until it was a steady beeeeeee that got louder and louder.  And all that was Wing was somewhere else.

            “Katrina,” Dr. J said, with a slight nod of his head.

            “Right.” Kitty pushed the third of four round buttons on her wristband communicator. “Wing, come in.” No answer. “Wing, can you hear me?” Silence. “WING-CHAN!!” She screamed to the communicator. Kitty turned to Dr. J. “Bring her back here NOW!” she ordered.

            “I guess that’s why Kitty’s ‘the leader,’ huh?” Vingt whispered to Nuef as Dr. J hurried to comply.

            Wing reappeared suddenly. She was unconscious and curled into a fetal position on the floor, bleeding from her mouth, nose, eyes and ears.  Kitty ran to her and pulled Wing into a sitting position. Slowly, Wing managed to open her eyes.

            “It worked,” she whispered and fell back into the blackness.


Year-A.C. 215

January 7

            “I’m fine, really.” Wing said, standing up. “Look, Maxwell-san, it’s really nice that you’re so concerned about me, but you really don’t need to be, I’m fine. Now, Vinnie-kun and I have to go see Dr. J. Kitty and Nuef are probably already there, wondering where we are are.”

            “It’s Duo,” he corrected “and I don’t think you’re ready to go yet. You got out of the hospital yesterday--”

            “Yeah, cause I’m fine.”

            “Look, Wing, just because you seem to have a death wish doesn’t mean we’re going to let you go out and kill yourself.”

            “Rather ironic coming from Shinigami don’t you think?” Wing didn’t wait for a answer and ran to the steps. “Vinnie!” she called, “I’m giving you ten seconds before I leave with out you!”


            “Death wish?” Hilde remarked after Wing had all but dragged Vingt away.

            Duo nodded. “Only thing she got from her mother,” he whispered.

            “That’s not funny,” Hilde growled.

            “It wasn’t meant to be.”


            “You should all be happy to know that the transporter has been reprogrammed. It’s not instanteous any longer, but the process should go easier on you, physically.” Dr. J informed the pilots.

            Wing snorted. “It wasn’t that bad.” She stated.

            “Wing, in case you didn’t notice, you were unconscious for two days and bleeding out every opening in your body when Dr. J transported you back.” Kitty said.

            “Not all of them.” Wing corrected.

            “That is much more than I needed to know.” Nuef said.

            Wing scowled at her cousin. “So, are we going to try it again?” she asked Dr. J.

            “You’re not.” Kitty answered. “Vingt is.”

            “Me? Says who?”

            “I did,” Kitty said, “and I’m the leader. Even Dr. J does what I say.”

            “Why don’t I go?” Nuef asked. “I’m oldest.”

            “I’m the leader! What I say goes!” Kitty shouted.

            “Says who?”

            By this time, an all out argument broke out. While Kitty, Vingt, Nuef and Wing screamed at each other incoherently, Dr. J took a blood sample from the other three.  None noticed. Dr. J pushed a few buttons and activated the transporter. The screaming stopped and all eyes turned to the machine.





            “You will all go.” Dr. J said matter-of-factly.




            “Sugoi! I get to go!!!”

            This time, the machine didn’t beep, smoke began to come out.  The lab’s five occupants began coughing and struggling to breathe as smoke quickly filled the room.  Dr. J’s old limps buckled underneath him and he fell, knocking Kitty’s open bottle of water into the machine.  It began to spark as the three teenaged pilots transported.


            “We shouldn’t have let her go.” Duo fumed. “Deathsycthe Hell, Heero never should have let her leave the house this morning.”

            “Drop it, Duo. I doubt you could have stopped her short of tying her to a chair, and even that might not stop her. Once she gets an idea in her head, Wing’s like both her parents.” Hilde said.

            “We should go get her.”


            “Hilde, someone has to look out for her, she’s a kid, and Heero sure as hell doesn’t care.  If anything, we owe it to Relena to make sure her daughter is okay.”

            “You really are worried, Duo. You said you owed Relena.”


            “Back when she was alive, you used to say that she owed you, because she ‘stole’ your ‘boyfriend.’”

            “Let’s go.”

            “Oh and Duo,” Hilde grinned, “I’m really glad she stole your boyfriend.” Hilde said as the two departed.


Year A.C. 197

March 15

            “Oh my God!”

            “What?” Trowa asked, distressed at his sister’s exclamation.

            Trowa Barton and Catherine Bloom had been walking home after saying good-bye to their old friends from the circus before it left town when Catherine saw a flash of light out of no where.

            “Right there,” she said pointing, “don’t tell me you didn’t see the light. It was too bright to have missed.”

            “No, I didn’t see it, Catherine.” Trowa said, monotone.

            “I wonder what’s over there,” Catherine said squinting to get a better look.

            “It was probably nothing.”

            “Trowa...” Catherine said her voice quivering.

            Where the light had flashed, there was something on the ground, but they had been too far away to tell what it was. They were still far away, but could clearly make out a person struggling to stand.  The brother and sister quickened their pace.  Before long they could see more detail. 

            A girl, perhaps two years younger than Trowa. Her face and clothes were covered with blood.  More blood was dried into her long blond hair.  Her light blue eyes fixed on Trowa.

            “Trowa?” she heaved. Speech was difficult for her. “Trowa, it’s me, Kitty.” Kitty then collapsed onto the pile.  Trowa and Catherine were now close enough to see the ‘pile’ was in reality, three more blood covered people, none of which where in good enough condition to stand.

            “Catherine, call for an ambulance.” Trowa said quietly as he knelt down by Kitty and the others to feel for pulses.



More Author Notes: Name puns

            Wing- like ‘Wing Zero,’ she was named after the Gundam

            Vingt- French for twenty, his dad is 02, and he is 20

            KATrina- Another pronounciation for ‘Quatre’ is ‘cat’ and it’s like Dorothy                             CATilonia

            Nuef-French for nine, and his mother, Noin, is a pun on nine also.