scorpions SEPTEMBER 12th - SCORPIONS
Barclay's Center
Brooklyn, New York

My first day back from California and again I am off to see another concert. One of my very favorite all time bands, the SCORPIONS! My friend Steve from the Bay Area got us tickets at the Barclay's Center in Brooklyn. A nice Lyft ride to the arena and we were set.

Rock You Like A Hurricane! Our seats were in one of the suites that we shared with other concert goers. Nice cushy seats, close bathroom, very nice place. Queensryche was the opening band, they played a few newer songs I did not know but the stuff from "Empire" and "Operation Mindcrime" were met with applause.

This is the third "Last" show of the Scorpions I've attended. Steve and I saw them in 2011 for one of their final shows in the Bay Area. Always full of energy, the Scorpions have been nearly everywhere in the world playing their kick ass Rock N' Roll.

Rudolf Schenker

Klaus Meine

Outside our suite was an attendant who if we wanted to buy a $500 bottle of Champagne, or a six-pack of Heineken for $54, he would be more than willing to get it for us. We didn't want any, not for that price. In the hallway outside the suite there was a TV with the Mets game on. I watched a bit of the game and struck up a conversation about the Mets and how the season has gone with the attendant. He knew his Mets and where they are in the pennant race.

"Coast To Coast"

"The Zoo"

SCORPIONS - 50th Anniversary

Yahoo streamed the concert live worldwide. Steve found it on YouTube and it is embedded below. Every time I've seen the Scorpions it was always a great show and this was one of the best I've seen. It's amazing that the Scorpions have been a band for 50 years and I've been listening to their albums since 1979 - 36 years! I own every album and have seen them live 15 times over the years.

One segment of the show was a medley of vintage 1970's songs, "Top of the Bill" / "Steamrock Fever" / "Speedy's Coming" / "Catch Your Train". A great tribute to their early years. A setlist of those years alone would fill an evening. I wish I could have seen live The Scorpions with Uli Jon Roth, Michael Schenker, Herman Rarebell and Francis Burcholtz all playing the different era's of the Scorpions history. I love the Marshall stack graphic behind them onstage, I miss the days when bands used them like that.