Let's Go Mets! SEPTEMBER 23 - HOME GAME #78 vs Atlanta Braves (61-91)

Bartolo Colon (14-12) goes to the mound against Williams Perez (6-6) as the Mets try to reduce their magic number for the Eastern Division title.

85-67 +6.5

Lets Go Mets! Bartolo Colon took a perfect game into the fifth but couldn't keep the Braves from scoring 3 runs in the 7th. The Mets bats started nicely with a run in each of the first two innings. Daniel Murphy hit his 13th homer in the bottom of the first. Ruben Tejada singled in a run in the 2nd. But Mets killer Freddy Freeman hit a 2 run double in the 7th and then hits a 3 run homer in the 9th to give the Braves two out of three games and a series win. Again the Nationals lost to Baltimore today so the Mets lead in the division stays at 6 and a half with 10 games left.

Ticket Cost: $227
Time of game: 2:45
Attendance: 28,931

Game #78 view

This was one of the best seats I have had all year. People have asked me what is my favorite section and I would have to say here in the Delta Gold section. You have read where I rave over the Delta 360 Lounge. I love being this close to the field and seats that feel like a first class airline instead of the "coach" seats elsewhere. I'm still surprised by the number of people who have these seats and don't use them every game. If I was permanently here in Queens, I would gladly pay to sit here as a season ticket holder.

One of my best seats all year

Curtis Granderson

Daniel Murphy's HR

I've been working the last few games on a small scrapbook idea to commemorate my year at Citi. I've spent the last couple days collecting pictures with everyone I've met this year at Citi Field and printing them, sticking the pictures in my book and then having everyone sign the book. While my website will always have the details of my year at Citi, this scrapbook will have the faces and friends I have met here in New York so I can look back and remember my time here.

Michael Conforto

Bill O'Reilly at the game

Halfway through the game, my usher friend Lou whispers to me "That's Bill O'Reilly" as he tilts his head down my row. Bill had earlier walked right in front of me with a cup of coffee but I didn't think twice about him looking familiar. Bill was sitting just two seats away from me with some executive types. I had chatted with the gentleman beside me about being at every game this year and being a born and raised Californian all my life. I quietly asked the gentleman if Mr. O'Reilly would sign my little scrapbook. He said Bill normally does not sign stuff but will do a photo sometimes. He said he would ask his friend who knows Bill better. They mentioned to Bill my story and he agreed to sign the book for me in between innings. Bill asked me where in California I was from and he said he had been to Modesto before. I thanked him for the signature and he shook my hand. After Freeman's 3 run home run in the 9th, Bill and his friend left. As he walked by me I thanked him again, he patted me on the shoulder as he exited the row.

So I met Mets Hall of Fame reliever John Franco one night and FOX's Bill O'Reilly the next. Finally these people get to meet "Skid Rowe"! How fortunate for them!

Yesterday I mentioned parking supervisor Max getting the Employee of the Month. Today Parking supervisor James got Employee of the Year in a pre-game ceremony. James is another one of the great people I have met that work here at Citi Field. Congratulations to both of them - well deserved by the way they handle themselves at work.

Awarded employees James & Maxie

Last to leave again