Let's Go Mets! SEPTEMBER 1 - HOME GAME #68 vs Philadelphia Phillies (0-0)

Jonathan Niese (8-9) faces Aaron Harang (5-14) as the Mets try to continue their dominance over the Phillies. The Mets have won 10 straight games from Philadelphia and are 13-1 against them this year.

73-59 +6.5

Lets Go Mets! In a game any Mets fan would love to forget, the Phillies stopped their 10 game losing streak against the Mets with a big offensive performance. The Mets bullpen, especially Bobby Parnell, were hammered by the Phillies in an 8 run 6th inning. Yoenis Cespedes hit a triple and a home run to lead the Mets offence. Jon Niese gave up 6 runs in only 5 innings to take the loss. But the Nationals also lost to stay six and a half games behind the first place Mets.

Ticket Cost: $56 ($275 COMP)
Time of game: 3:17
Attendance: 30,104

Game #68 view

This game was a real stinker to watch but we were due to lose to the Phillies sooner or later. I was talking with some of the Delta club ushers before the game and went down and chatted a bit with Gloria in her seat behind home plate. My ticket was a first row Caesar's gold Excelsior level (3rd deck). I was looking forward to sitting here because it was the closest ticket to the Mets announcer's booth I'd had all year. One usher saw me, called me over and said he knew of a ticket I could use. A nice couple had unused tickets and couldn't find anybody able to use them. Luckily the usher saw me, I see him often and he said since I'm here every day he thought it would be nice for me to use the ticket. My Citi Field family looking after me! The couple let me use one of them for a nice upgrade! Delta360 lounge access! 7th row behind the home plate screen.

While I was waiting for the my usher friend to obtain the ticket upgrade, I saw comedian Jim Breuer not 20 feet from me chatting with people a half row down from where I was standing. I didn't want to intrude on his group plus I was waiting for my upgrade ticket. I'd love to spend an inning or two talking Mets and Metal Music with him. After a couple innings of watching the game in my upgraded location, I went underneath to the lounge and had a few drinks with Andrew the bartender and Kevin's great food spread. They always welcome me when I am fortunate enough to have tickets with Delta360 access. I've been in there 6 times this year with two more before the regular season is done. Wish I could have these seats for the post season.

Michael Conforto batting