Let's Go Mets! SEPTEMBER 20 - HOME GAME #75 vs New York Yankees (81-66)

Matt Harvey (12-7) faces CC Sabathia (4-9) in the Subway Series finale. Happy Harvey Day? With the recent controversy over Harvey's commitment to the Mets, Mets fans expect big things while he is on the mound tonight. Let's make it a Happy Harvey Day!

84-65 +6

Lets Go Mets! In what is a frustrating situation, the Harvey innings controversy lost this game. Matt cruised through 5 shutout innings, giving up 1 hit and 1 walk. Harvey struck out 7 Yankee hitters. But because of some imaginary pitch-count/innings-limit/emotional-breakdown/loss-of-Boras-$$$ that now fuels when and how long Harvey pitches, Terry pulled him and the Yankees proceeded to pummel the Mets bullpen. Ex-Met Carlos Beltran doubled to knock in the first two Yankee runs. Washington won tonight 13-3 against Miami and the Mets lost 11-2. Why do I still hear footsteps behind the Mets? A 6 game division lead with 13 games left doesn't seem completely safe after tonight.

Ticket Cost: $119
Time of game: 3:35
Attendance: 43,571

Yankees Batting Practice

Steve was pretty excited for tonight's game as the Yankees are trying to catch the Blue Jays for the Division title. With the game on ESPN Sunday Night Baseball and a rare 8 o'clock start the atmosphere felt different with the world watching New York vs New York. Again way too many Yankees fans in the stands and by the time the Bronx Bombers finished beating up the Mets bullpen for 11 runs in three innings, most Mets fans had retreated to the exits. The last inning was nothing but Yankees fans chanting and cheering. Steve enjoyed it of course.

Game #75 view

It was good to see Steve, go to some games together and hang out at the apartment. I'm sure we will find a game in the Bay Area next summer to do the same again in 2016. Perhaps even a concert of some Classic Metal/Hard Rock band on tour through Northern California. Thanks my friend for helping me out of my comfort zone.

Skid & Steve in April