Limericks for The Lord

Limericks for The Lord

All works protected under copyright. (Copyright © 1997 by Andrew D. Festa)
However, you may freely pass them along to those who might have need!

Sliding across a field of Truth, distancing from the days of youth, enjoying the ride, with The Lord at my side, I have no need of any proof!

I stand upon a murky sea, prefering a better place to be, but I'll do The Lord's Will no matter the hill, cause I know that The Lord is with me.

No need to stand upon a brace, within this fully sinful place. I know I can cope 'cause The Lord is my Hope who gave me Salvation by His Holy Grace.

The Lord is my Salvation and my Light; I'm saved because He died to make it right. I have no more to dread, 'cause on the Cross He bled, and sacrificed Himself to win the fight.

Do not go gentle into that good night which stands as but a mockery of Right. The Lord who loves us all, has given us the call:
†††"Accept My Son. Come Home & join the Light"†††

Between the darkness and The Lord of Light, The Truth awaits your full attention and your sight, but if you will not take of it, and let yourself fall to the pit, your claim to Heaven won't be yours by right.

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