A Short Bio

I'm Andrew D. Festa.

Born in '59.
In 1995, in the middle of a drug-induced heart attack, I met The Lord Jesus Christ (believe what you will of that.) (I will be adding my Testimony sometime soon.) Since then, my works have reflected a deep and growing love for The Lord and for letting others know through my writing just how wonderful Jesus Christ truly is.

I have been in the process of writing two stories, both of which reflect the styles of C. S. Lewis and Frank E. Peretti, and I'm also compiling a new collection of poetic works. This collection will include poetry I've written for The Lord and many photographic pieces.

The works I wrote prior to knowing The Lord reflected the me within me...the person who was without regard to anyone other than me. The works I've written since, even when my face is not fully turned towards Him, reflects His Spirit within. I can not write as I once did...not that I have lost something; rather, I have gained something, something far more than all my hopes and dreams of youth could have prepared me for. If you are Christian, then you may well like the works you read in this site. If you are not a Christian, then you might not like all the works, but I think, if you are a poet, that you will at least appreciate the poetic value of many of the works.

Ultimately, I do not write to try to convince people to "come on over to my way of thinking"; rather, I write what i do as an appreciation of The Lord who saved my wayward soul, as a form of honoring the one who gave me the very talents with which I write, and because to do anything less would be of no value. I am a writer. My purpose, then, is to write. If I do not write, keeping true to that which I believe, standing firm on that which the foundation of my being (my Muse, if you will), then I do not write, merely tending to preamble in delerium...for such [work] would not be writing but simply scratches on a trash-bound page. Believe of my works what you will...but I also ask that you read them at least from the eye of a poet if not a Christian before you dismiss them. As for the value I get from them? If ONE person gains a better understanding of the Lord from all the work I do/have done in my entire life, then no effort will have been in vain. AND, that one person (and more besides) have responded the affirmative after having read the works in this site. That, then, is all the reward I need: I have served The Lord with the very talents He gave me with which to serve Him! That is a true blessing! And, I pray to continue to do so, In Jesus' Name†

Anyway, God Bless!! and thank you for reading these works
which were inspired by our Lord Jesus Christ!!

As I tell many who see my works:
I am merely the person who put pen to paper.
†††Jesus is the Author†††

Your servant in Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior

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This page last updated January 27th, 2002.