Special Feature Story

Special Feature Story

Satan is like a gambler. He uses outward appearances and big talk to make you think he's holding all the cards. He puts on a good show, but the only aces up his sleeves are lies and deceit. Through the years, satan allowed himself to become so puffed up with pride, that he began to think he was above the rules of the house. He used material glitz and flash to draw attention to himself. He became an expert at twisting the truth, and stacking the deck, to get his own way. Engulfed within his false vanity, he began to believe his lies were truth. He allowed pride to rule his heart, and in y carelessness, he challenged Me -- The KING OF KINGS! All Heaven stood in awe, as the blatant, piercing words of challenge thundered through the heavenlies, bouncing off the clouds of My Glory and echoing down throughout the ages. I looked him straight in the eyes, waiting for him to see the Light, and to realize what he had just done -- But, he was so consumed by the darkness of his own lies, that he truly believed he was unbeatable. For the first time, the heavenlies were divided, as satan swayed others to his side with his lies. I had no choice but to call his bluff, and cast him and his followers -- along with his marked cards -- from my Kingdom...In anger he swore revenge.... And now...he was back again, still trying to salvage his foolish pride. He challenged Me a second time! He stood before Me, in stark defiance, as he shuffled the cards and dealt out two hands. He knew he would win, because he had stacked the deck, and had hidden all the aces up his sleeve. There was no doubt in his darkened mind, that he would hold the better hand. He asked how many cards I wished to trade in, and laughed, as I stood firmly with the cards he'd placed before Me, and refused his offers of compromise. The whole kingdom watched in stunned amazement as I calmly bet all that I AM, all that I stand for, without even looking at My cards. Satan swallowed hard, in disbelief. He quickly looked at his cards once again, assuring himself that the four aces were still there. He looked deep into My eyes, as if he was searching for the hidden Truth -- but the same false vanity and foolish pride still blinded him, or he would have never called to see My hand; he would have quietly folded, and walked away. The darkness within him gurgled forth in a twisted, sinister laugh, as he taunted me saying, "You can't kid a kidder." "I know I have you beat this time -- old man!" He cried in insolent rebellion. "I am the greatest . . . I am the best . . . You will no longer rule over life . . . I will be god now!" One third of the angels applauded and cheered him on, while the others stood behind Me, ready to defend My Honor! Satan stood there smirking, as he laid his cards out upon the table -- one card at a time. "The ace of diamonds, " he jeered, "shimmering with my brilliance!" "The ace of hearts," he sneered, "symbolizing the millions of hearts in the world that will soon belong to me!" "The ace of clubs," he chided, "to beat the masses into submission when I become their ruler!" "And finally," he cackled viciously, "The ace of spades -- to dig a hole, in which I plan to bury you!" Satan reached his crooked fingers to the middle of the table to claim My kingdom, but I cleared my throat and once again held him captive with My eyes alone. "Not so fast," I calmly stated. A hush fell over the multitudes as I began to lay my cards out upon the table for all the world to see. "A ten of hearts!" I said, as I continued to hold satan captive with my eyes. "A jack of hearts!" I calmly stated, as the confidence boomed from my voice. "The Queen of hearts!" I stated, as I rose to my feet and stood before my throne. "The King of Hearts!" I spoke with authority, "symbolizing Me, the Great I Am, the one and only God, the only true expression of Pure Love!" The devil interrupted, as he shouted victoriously, "I've got you now! It's not enough!" "You've come up short old man!" "I have already played the ace of hearts!" "There is no way that you can win!" But he forgot that it was I, who created the deck. It was I who laid out the rules -- and the very foundations of the game. My Love and Truth never figured in to his twisted calculations. He was moved only by what he saw before him. I placed my last card face down upon the table, and ordered him to turn it over. The angels standing behind him, looked over his shoulders with nervous expectation, and shook with at what they saw. Satan screamed in anger, and cursed in frustration, as he beheld My final card. It was beyond his wildest imaginations that someone as mighty and as powerful as I AM, would bare his heart and soul before the masses, and lay MYSELF out openly upon the table. I silently stripped Myself of heavenly powers and put all that I AM and stand for, out in plain view -- for the entire world to see -- as I played my wild card: MY ONLY SON! The hushed silence was broken as the heavens exploded in battle. Satan and his followers fled in , realizing they were vastly outnumbered. Satan swore revenge once again. He accused Me of cheating, of pulling the wild card out of My Crown, but there upon the table, for the entire world to see -- was a †ROYAL FLUSH† Satan tried to tip the tables in the confusion. As he fled, he grabbed the wild card, and crumpled it in his sweaty palm, before tearing it into tiny pieces. "You'll be sorry now!" he cried, "I will bury your wild card!" "None will believe you!" "You will have no proof of this game we played!" "I am the master deceiver." "I'll rule the world through lies and deciet!" But, once again, satan was playing right into My hand. As he opened his clenched fist, to taunt Me with the crumpled image of My only Son -- bruised, and broken -- I blew My Breath of Life upon the broken pieces and scattered them around the world -- upon the winds of My Spirit! Ever since that day, satan has been trapped in a nightmare of his own making. Not only is he inferior to Me, and My Son, but now -- he is under the authority of ANYONE who calls upon the Name of My Son to receive Salvation! Is it any wonder, that he fights the Gospel with such fervent persistence? Satan has no real power. He is simply a bankrupt gambler. The only weapons he has to use are the tricks of his trade -- lies and deceit -- along with the materialistic glitz and flash, to impress and deceive the world. When you finally realize that satan is dealing the hands of theft, , and destruction in the world you live in, and truly know who I AM -- and who you are in Me -- then you will have the Faith to call his bluffs -- and simply play My Wild Card with confidence! Only believe! The walls of Jericho fell down, by the songs of praise of My people and by My thoughts carried out in their actions. All walls will fall before you too! There is no earth power. Satan's lies will fall like a fragile house of cards at My miracle working Touch--or by even the slightest whisper of the Breath of My Spirit! Your faith and My power are the only forces necessary to send satan's walls of deceit tumbling to the ground. Just go step by step. My Will shall be revealed as you go! Walk with Me and I will teach you. Listen to Me and I will speak. To the listening ear I speak, to the waiting heart I come. Remember that with God, your Heavenly Father: to hear is to answer. The Divine voice is not always expressed in words. It is often made known as heart-consciousness. Life is really consciousness of Me. In the Spiritual world, there is no empty space. As self, fears, and worries depart out of your lives, the things of the Spirit -- the things that you crave -- will rush in to take their place! All things are yours -- and you are Christ's -- and Christ is mine. What a wonderful cycle -- because through Christ, you are Mine! Keep your Spirit life calm and unruffled. Nothing else really matters. Leave everything else to Me. Your greatest task is to get calm in My Presence, and not let one ruffled feeling take root. No matter what frets you, it is your number one duty to stop all else until absolute calm comes. Any blockage within you will cause My power to be diverted into other channels. Learn to shut yourself away in My Presence. Silence. Be silent before Me! Seek to KNOW and then to DO My Will in ALL things!

This was graciously offered to me by Lynda Redeker. If you'd like to send a response to her, if this work has touched your heart and soul, let her know.

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