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last updated: friday, march 25th, 2005

welcome, welcome everyone to my not-so-humble abode on the 'Net! i guess i am suppposed to use this space to tell you stuff about myself, my friends, links, and etc, right? well, i've made entirely different pages for all those!! so feel free to poke around, don't mind the mess, and try not to break anything, alrite? and if you would sign my "dreambook" on the way out, i would love you forever!! shibby! --erin a.k.a. "korean princess"

yep, haven't been here in well over a year, and my how things have changed!! anyway i'll be updating stuff over the next couple days... I also have a page on so you can check that out too... i'm trying to think of new ideas for new pages on here, so if anyone has any ideas, please let me know!! you can still check out my journal on, but that hasn't been updated for awhile either!! cya lata homies!

song of the moment: "stole" by kelly rowland... not too current, but makes me think of red lake

places to go...
about me--i know you're curious
my faves-some of my favorite things in life updated: march 25, 2005
some cool quotes--feel free to write em down for future reference
friends--some of the coolest people on the earth
pics--some pretty neat pictures i have compiled for all y'all
linx--other places to go when you're done exploring here
poems--far too touching and important to just be thrown in my quotes page... please read them
my story please please please don't read this or click any of the pictures if you're not truly prepared for anything
burnsville people... you know you're from burnsville when...
my jenny--i made this for my asian invasion before she moved back to uwec, summer of 2003
late night--a late night out with me, kelly, and grant... long, but interesting
perkins--you know you're at perkins too much when...
songs... that remind me of certain people and places... i thought it was a cool idea updated: april 2, 2005

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